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surface and as green as an emerald. On He then informed Hossain that he it lay a number of pearls, each larger considered his destiny crossed the forthan an orange, for the purpose of play- tunes of the native, and proceeded to ing a game more elegant than mandeli. ask him several questions concerning

Motasser invited Gazelle to play one adventures in the previous part of his round with him, and she lifted one of life, all which were truly answered by the pearls with her delicate hand, and Hossain, and that respectable governor began the amusement. Motasser pre- of the prince then retired. sently found, that although ignorant of the Scarcely had he quitted the house of rules of the game, she yet directed her the astrologer when Barrah solicited adpearl with more dexterity than he could: mission, and was conducted by Gules and, dissatisfied with his ill luck, he led into the presence of Astrolab. The sage her from the table to an alcove, where, put to her the same questions that Hosafter being seated, and conversing for sain had answered, and to his amazesome time, he requested her to tell him ment, her answers were precisely in the a story.

same words; and he was a good deal Gazelle was exceedingly simple in all surprised, on looking at Barrah, to see her ideas; but she spoke with such a that she bore a very strong resemblance pretty innocence, that her conversation to Hossain, a circumstance he had not was more engaging to the prince than before noticed. He then dismissed her if it had been wittier and wiser. She courteously, and allowing a few minutes told him a tale of a certain giant among for her to be clear of the portal, he put the ridges of Caucasus, whose eyes were on his richest pelisse, and hurried to the like the sun and the moon, and did not palace, where he came up at the great see well with one of them; and to con- gate with Hossain. vince Motasser of this fact, she said he “ I beseech you,” said Astrolab, as he was hundreds of feet high. Giants, you approached him to protect your young know, are bigger than men, otherwise charge from the fascinations of a beauthey would not be giants; and then she tiful village maiden called Gazelle." told him another tale of a still more gi- “ What do you mean?” cried Hosgantic race, until Motasser began to sain, startled at the intimation, not yawn, and said, he would rather she knowing that the astrologer had ever told him of something else ; but she re- seen or heard of the mysterious beauty, plied with a smile, that she had just one for whom he himself had been so long more story about a giant, a very little bargaining with her grandmother. one, not more than fifty feet high: and 6 Because,” replied Astrolab, “ great Motasser listened to it, and was much things are in his destiny, and that maidpleased at the time with what she re- en's horoscope contains so many simililated; but afterwards, when it was no tudes to his, that she may become the longer garnished with her smiles and dæmon of his fate, mingling his fortunes simplicity, he thought it a very silly with hers.” tale.

Hossain being a faithful subject of the While the prince was thus drinking Caliph, and devoted to Prince Motasser, the sherbet of love with the incompara- was much moved at hearing this, and ble maiden, the aged Barrah, by some instantly quitted Astrolab, and went in unknown entrance, made her appearance search of the Prince in the gardens, that beside them, and without saying a word, he might admonish him to avoid that same wafted as it were away on the wind the Gazelle, whom so short a time before he lovely Gazelle, and left the prince alone, had so earnestly recommended to his afsurprised at their sudden vanishing. fections. Just as Barrah had withdrawn

In the meantime Hossain, as sum- Gazelle from the side of the Prince, moned by Gules, went to the house of Hossain joined them, and after some Astrolab, who received him with an air cursory conversation, consisting more of of great solemnity.

words than of wisdom, he delivered his “ I have,” said the astrologer, “sent admonishment, to which Motasser listenfor you to inquire into some circum- ed with the reverence due to the counstances connected with your own history; selling of an elder. for I find a strange influence operating From that time the worthy Hossain in the horoscope of your young friend, endeavoured to interest the attention of and without knowing from what princi. Motasser in a succession of manly amuseple that influence descends, which in a ments and studies, in order to raise his great measure crosses the lord of the mind, and to fit him for the regal trust, ascendant, there may be great fallacy in to which, in time, by the death of his my calculations as to coming events.” father, he would naturally succeed. But

Motasser was of a soft and sensitive cha- and the sweat of terror stood in large racter, and though he spoke not of Ga- drops on his brow. zelle, yet he remembered her constantly Hossain, a wary and sagacious man, with sentiments of the warmest tender- discerned that there was craft in the ness; for twelve months he expressed no mystery which had been performed, and wish to see her, and Hossain deemed stood comparatively calm. He then bethat she was forgotten.

gan to unfold the roll of horoscope, but At last the night arrived which As- the astrologer stopped him. trolab had appointed for the delivery of “ Read it first alone,” said Astrolab, the horoscopes. Both Hossain and Mo- “and when you have done so, then contasser remembered it well; but, as nei. sider if it be fit to be divulged." ther spoke of it, they each concluded that Motasser in the meanwhile was a good the other had forgotten it, and severally deal shaken; but as soon as the visionary determined to visit the astrologer alone. spectacle he had witnessed was fairly

Hossain went first; and on entering gone, he thought only of the lovely Gathe house, he was directed by Gules to zelle, and the ripened charms of her walk to the end of a long passage, which beauty. she pointed out, then to open a door, Having bestowed a reward on Astroand to draw aside a curtain, and he would lab, Hossain and Motasser returned to find the astrologer waiting to receive the palace, where they separated, and him. He accordingly went forward as went to their respective chambers for the directed, opened the door, drew aside night. But Hossain could not retire to the curtain, and stepped in, but was sur- his couch until he had examined the prised to find himself in darkness, while horoscope. Better it would have been at the same moment he felt the floor for him had he never looked at it,—the sinking down with great rapidity; pre- occult intelligence which it revealed, sently he found himself in a vast cham- made his cheek wan as ashes, and filled ber, awfully illuminated with stars, and his mind with indescribable apprehen. five stupendous figures crowned with sions. stars on the one side of the room, and He took the roll, and held it over the on the other side five ghastly forms, with lamp until it was consumed. gory hands, and white garments stained Next morning, after a troubled and with blood. Between them sat the as- sleepless night, Hossain arose to walk trologer on a lofty seat, and before him in the gardens, in the hope that the cool on a table lay the volumes and instruments morning air would refresh him. On of his art. But before Hossain had descending into the hall which opened time to examine the awful ornaments of into the gardens and overlooked the Tithat solemn chamber, Motasser was ad- gris, he was saluted by three of the Lords mitted by the same machine in which who constantly night and day attended he had been lowered down into the mys- in the antechamber of the Caliph, bearterious abyss. They looked with asto- ing the command of Mollawakkel to nishment at each other, and almost in himself, engraved on a tablet of ivory, the same moment Gazelle and Barrah and sealed with the imperial signet, apcame forward, as if they had been pre- pointing him, as the warrant expressed, viously in the apartment concealed by on account of his prudence, to be Gothe gloom.

vernor of Bagdad, and a member of Astrolab bent from his elevated seat, the Caliph's council of ten,-one of whom and lifting two rolls containing the horo- had died in the course of the preceding scopes of the Prince and Gazelle, deliver- night, at the very crisis of the time, as ed them respectively into the hands of Hossain afterwards ascertained, when Barrah and Hossain. In the same mo- Astrolab delivered into his hands the ment the room was instantly darkened, fatal document. a sound louder than thunder rolled around Hossain had never taken any part them,—the whole house was shaken as either with the factions of the palace, or with an earthquake; Astrolab, in great in the measures of the government. He alarm, cried aloud for lights, and Ğules only knew that the Caliph was not beimmediately entered with a lamp in her loved by his people, that he connived at hand ; but instead of the mystical cham- partiality in the administration of justice, ber, Hossain and Motasser found them- and confiscated the treasures which he selves with Astrolab in a plain house permitted his magistrates and governors hold room, every sign and trace of the corruptly to exact--punishing no misrule mystery having disappeared; the astro- but that which interfered with the scope loger, however, was pale and agitated, of his own tyranny. Hossain sighed as


he received the honours which he could great mosque of Almanzor, hearing not refuse, and retiring back to his cham- complaints and administering justice, ber, wept in secret, over his recollection certain strangers from different parts of of the dreadful omens exhibited in the the empire came to Bagdad with petihoroscope of Motasser.

tions against the extortions in the proBut no passion of the human mind is vinces, the effect of the connivance of long in its paroxsyms. Hossain, reliev- the Caliph Mollawakkel, at the misrule ed by his tears, left his chamber again, of the magistrates and governors. to look after his daily business, and de- On hearing this, Hossain suspended scended down into the Court of the Ele- his business, and went to certain memphant, so called, from a gigantic elephant bers of the council of ten, and representwhich adorned the centre. It was made ed to them the discontents that were of jet, and stood upon an agate pedestal fermenting throughout the empire, and more than fifty cubits high. As he was said to them, that a stop must be put to passing round the corner of the pedestal, the complaints of the people. He then he suddenly met Barrah, and was amazed went to Barrah, and consulted also with to see great improvement in her appear- her respecting the same; and she told

Her two ugly teeth were gone him that unless Mollawakkel were put -her mouth was become like a motherly to death, and Motasser placed upon the old woman's—and the bloom of her ugli- throne, there would be no end to the ness was faded. He made her a cour- public discontent. teous salaam as he passed, and walking Now Hossain owed many obligations along, he reflected on the intelligence of to the Caliph, and reverenced him with her countenance, and thought that he feelings of gratitude. He rejected at would like to have some conversation that time the advice of the demon of his with her on other topics than respecting fate, and returned to see what impression Gazelle; so he turned back and asked the news had made on those members of her, without alluding to her grand-daugh- the council of ten with whom he had ter, if she would take a walk with him previously communicated. It happened into the gardens. To this she readily that they were four in number, and he consented, and they went to the garden found them alone, in their respective of the seven fountains together.

houses, and, strange to say, every one In the meantime Prince Motasser, was of the same opinion as Barrah ; full of his passion for the beautiful Ga- namely, that Mollawakkel should be put zelle, had sent in quest of her; for the to death, and Motasser exalted to the admonishment of Hossain to renounce throne. her, had only served to quicken his de- From these traitors, he went to the sires. But, still anxious to preserve the other five of the council, told them segood opinion of Hossain, when she was verally the news, and asked their advice; found, he directed a suite of chambers but they were, no less than their comin the palace to be prepared for her peers, unanimous, though of a different reception, and kept her there in secret opinion. Hossain was, in consequence, for a long time; none but her attendants much disturbed, and returned to explain and his own, who were all faithful to their his perplexities to the mysterious old wotrust, knew of this arrangement.

When she heard what had passed, The topics which had constituted the she declared to him that the five counconversation of Hossain and Barrah were cillors who adhered so faithfully to the known only to themselves, but it was Caliph, must also be put to death, and observed from that time, that Hossain that Motasser must be made to head the appeared an altered man. If the coun- conspiracy against Mollawakkel, in order tenance of Barrah was changed into that he might not, after the deed was comeliness, the calm and mild expres- done, punish those whom public necession of Hossain's grew severe and some. sity obliged to imbrue their hands in his what morose. The people ascribed this father's blood. alteration to pride and the effect of his Hossain was greatly affected by this new dignities, but some who knew bet- advice. His heart revolted at the idea ter, said that he had turned a magos, of seducing the prince, whom he had and was learning magic from the sor- bred up in every virtue, to commit parceress Barrah, with whom it was known ricide, even though he knew, that by he had many hidden conferences. placing him on the throne, he would him

At last it came to pass, that one day self, by the softness of Motasser's chaas Hossain sat in his capacity of Go- racter, become in fact the sovereign. vernor of Bagdad, on the steps of the But the incitements and the reasonings


of Barrah at last prevailed, and he left the hour arrived that was fixed for his her with the intention of proceeding to father's doom. break the business to the Prince.

When Motasser was thus consigned As Hossain approached the Prince's to the custody of his own and Hossain's chamber, he heard light talking and evil genius, it was arranged among themlaughter within, and on entering, was selves by the five conspirators, that they not a little surprised at beholding Ga- should each assassinate one of the other zelle with the Prince. He had, for some five who were opposed to their machinatime before, often wondered what had tions. Accordingly, they severally sent become of Gazelle, but the hand of fate a special messenger inviting them to come was upon him, and restrained him from to their respective houses with all speed; inquiring. Discerning, however, what and the summons being punctually obeywas the state of matters between her and ed, the unfortunate faithful adherents of the Prince, he said nothing, but making the Caliph were all dead before the hour an apology for disturbing their dalliance, of his fate arrived. returned to Barrah and told her what At the time appointed, the conspihe had discovered; upon which the re- rators assembled in the palace, and with morseless crone advised him to work Motasser, whom they had taken from through the medium of Gazelle, to bring the chamber of Gazelle, at their head, the Prince to his purpose. With this they proceeded to the hall of the guard, again the mercifulness of his nature was through which it was necessary to pass dissatisfied: for he thought with pity of to the entrance of the chamber where the beauty and innocence of Gazelle, and Mollawakkel slept. shuddered at the idea of staining such The guards, seeing so many of the purity with guilt. Barrah, however, wisest councillors with the prince, never convinced him, that without placing Mo- imagined that any harm was intended to tasser on the throne, the evils which af- the Caliph; and thus it took place, that, Aicted the empire could not be removed, upon the order of Motasser, they quietly and she undertook herself to speak with retired from the hall, and went into the Gazelle on the subject. This lessened garden. the horror in the mind of Hossain, and As soon as they quitted the hall, four he consented at once that she should do of the councillors entered the chamber so. Accordingly, that same night, she where Mollawakkel lay asleep. Hoshad a secret conversation with Gazelle, sain stayed in the hall of the guards with the nature of which was only by the re- Motasser; and when a sound was heard sult, which came to pass in this manner : of confusion in the Caliph's chamber,

When Mottaser went to pass the night with stifled shrieks and groans, Hossain in the chamber of Gazelle, he found her threw a shawl over the head and face of pale and dejected, and begging to know Motasser, and prevented him from alarmher grief, she related to him the prevalent ing the guards who were without; for injustice which withered the strength of the dreadful sounds of the tragedy which the empire. She described the miseries was acting at his father's couch, recallof the poor, and the terrors of the rich, ed all his natural affection, and roused and represented the danger in which he him with an energy he had never dishimself stood, if the wrongs of the peo- played before. But the deed was done ple were not redressed. This infected —the four traitors had strangled the his mind, naturally compassionate-he monarch; and they now came forth, with deplored the sufferings of the people, cries of horror, that they had found him and, soft and apprehensive, he dreaded dead of a fit, and they hailed Motasser their exasperation, insomuch that in the as the Caliph. The guards came rushmorning, when Hossain came to him ing in, and beholding the horror of the again to speak of the dangers of the em- Prince and the councillors, ascribed it to pire, he found Motasser already more grief, so that the guilt of the parricide than half converted to his purpose : and was not suspected. that same evening the four councillors Next morning, the ceremony of inwho were of Hossain's party, met Motas- stalling the young Caliph on the throne ser and him, and it was determined that was performed, with all the customary in the course of the same night Molla- magnificence, in the great golden hall of wakkel should be strangled. The better the palace. The nobles and great officers to complete this design, it was agreed of state stood on the right and the left before they separated, that to prevent of the throne. The eunuchs, the slaves, Motasser from yielding to qualms of filial and the guards, in gorgeous array, occucontrition, he should remain with Gazelle pied the two sides of the hall, and a and Barrah, denied to all visitors, until space was left, like an avenue in the




middle, to admit those who had special VARIATION OF THE ROMAN LANGUAGE. homages to perform at the foot of the

Polybius tells us, that the Roman lanthrone. The incense of the worship, of which

guage has been so perpetually changing, Motasser was the object, inflated his made about the middle of the third cen

and so completely changed, that a treaty heart. He looked around with complacency on the splendid and reverential tury of Rome, was unintelligible at the multitude, and the dreadful scene of the beginning of the ninth : and the lan

guage of the Twelve Tables, promulpreceding night was forgotten in the gated in the beginning of the fourth pomp and pride of the moment. Hos, century, had not only become obsolete sain at this time, who had to do special at the commencement of the eighth, but reverence as the Governor of Bagdad, Cicero at that time cites old commenentered the hall. Being an old man, tators as being able to offer conjectures his steps were infirm, and perhaps, too, only on the meaning of a law. he was shaken by the remembrance of what he had done, for, in ascending towards the throne, he walked totteringly: Written on the window of an Inn at the and slow. When he was about to kneel,

head of Windermere Lake. Motassér happened to cast his eyes on

I never eats no meat, nor drinks no beer, the pictures which adorned the walls, But sits and ruminates on Windermere. and beheld in one of them the murders of a Persian king by one of his own sons. Why is Cumberland like ancient It was a life-like limning, and the sight. Rome?— Because its Rome-antique of 'it simote the soul of Motasser with (Romántic). instantaneous torment. Heshrieked with such horror, that Hossain fell dead at his. The man, says Sir T. Overbury, who has feet, and he rushed towards the picture, nothing to boast of but his illustrious anconfessing his crime, and acknowledging cestors, is like a potatoe; the only good himself worthy of perdition. The asto- belonging to him is under ground. nished multitude, in the dread of some

PAINTERS' MISERIES. horrible tumult, fled in confusion; the REQUESTING a lady who is the bearer of a hall was left to the despairing Caliph squint, to oblige you for a moment by and the dead body of Hossain. Three looking at you, in order to catch a pecudays and three nights Motasser sat con- liar expression, when she, half surprised templating the picture, and giving vent half angry, wondering at your stupidity, to wild cries and the most woful lamen- exclaims, “ Why indeed, sir, I have been tations. On the fourth morning he was looking at you this half hour.” Hearing found dead; and though search was made a person say,

“Well, to be sure, if it for Gazelle and Barrah, they were never wasn't for the face, I should think that discovered.

was meant for Miss E.”—it being inWhen Astrolab was consulted con- tended for that identical person. Paintcerning them, and the prodigy which ing an old gentleman, who for the first had taken place, he could only say that hour grins and chuckles you out of all it had been ordained from the beginning patience, and then, by way of making of things; and the decree of fate, pro- amends, falls asleep the second. mulgating the time when it should come to pass, was inscribed with stars on the Ar a camp-meeting in America, a numfirmament.

ber of females continued standing on the Such is the story which is ascribed to benches, 'notwithstanding frequent hints the Camed Astrolab, the famous sooth- from the ministers to sit down. A sayer of Bagdad, and which is written reverend old gentleman, noted for his in choice Arabic, in the seventh volume good humour, arose and said—“I think of the Thousand and One Tales of Con. if those ladies standing on the benches stantinople, collected agreeably to a fir- knew that they had holes in their stockman of the late Sultan Selim.

ings, they would sit down." This adBlackwood's Mag dress had the desired effect—there was

an immediate sinking into seats. A MISCELLANIES.

young minister standing behind him,

and blushing to the temples, said, “0, RATHER HARD!

brother, how could you say that ?" In South Africa, a slave who makes a “Say that,” replied the old gentleman, complaint against his master is himself “it is a fact—if they had n't holes in imprisoned till the owner finds it conve- their stockings, I'd like to know how nient to answer the complaint.

they could get them on.


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