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All this was said by the Baron, the lady Birds of the wilderness !
Edith, and others, in the hearing of Here is your resting place,
Wolmar, while they shed tears at the 'Mid the brown heath where the moun-
foot of Von Deutzberg's statue.

tain-roe dwells.
In due time the lady Edith was de-
livered of a son, the only heir to the

Come then! the heather bloom honours of the houses of Von Deutzberg Woos with its wild perfume, and the old Baron, As soon as the Fragrant and blithesome thy welcome child was capable of understanding, it

shall be; was taken to the statue and taught to Gaily the fountain sheen recognize and venerate the image of its Leaps from the mountain-greennoble father, the Baron Von Deutzberg. Come to our home of the Moorland and But no one knew that the spirit of the lea! real father inhabited the towering mail ! The youth grew up under Wolmar's

STEAM. eye; he was united to a noble lady, and transmitted the name of a detested rival to future times. For three generations Wolmar remained a conscious statue of

I had a dream, which was not all a dream.” the man he had most hated upon earth

Byron. -proudly pointed to as such by his son, “ Modern philosophy anon, and a long line of descendants—till at Will, at ihe rate she's rushing on,

Yoke lightning to her railroad car, length the colossal figure was cast down

And, posting like a shooting star, in a feudal warfare, amidst the ashes of

Swift as a solar radiation the chateau, and the long-suffering and Ride the grand circuit of creation."-Anon. indignant soul of Wolmar was freed from its place of torment.

I have a bilious friend, who is a great R. H. H.

admirer and imitator of Lord Byron; that is, he affects misanthropy, masticates tobacco, has his shirts made without col

lars, calls himself a miserable man, and GROUSE-SHOOTER'S CALL. writes poetry with a glass of gin-and

water before him. His gin, though far

from first-rate, is better than his poetry; Come! where the heather bell,

the latter, indeed, being worse than that Child of the Highland dell,

of many authors of the present day, and Breathes its coy fragrance o’er Moorland scarcely fit for an album ; however, he and lea;

does not think so, and makes a great Gaily the fountain sheen

quantity. At his lodgings, a few evenLeaps from the mountain green

ings ago, among other morbid producCome to our Highland home, blithesome tions, he read me one entitled “Steam,” and free!

written in very blank verse, and evidently

modelled after the noble poet's “ DarkSee! through the gloaming The young Morn is coming,

ness,” in which he takes a bird's-eye view

of the world two or three centuries hence, Like a bridal veil round her the silver describes things in general, and comes to mist curled,

a conclusion with, “ Steam was the uniDeep as the ruby's rays,

verse!” Whether it was the fumes arisBright as the sapphire's blaze, The banner of day in the east is unfurled. ing from this piece of solemn bombast,

or whether I had unconsciously imbibed The red is scattering

more hollands than my temperate habits Dews from his golden wing,

allow of, I cannot say, but I certainly Gemm'd with the radiance that heralds retired to bed like Othello, “perplexed the day;

in the extreme." There was no “dreamPeace in our Highland vales,

less sleep" for me that night, and Queen Health on our mountain gales

Mab drove full gallop through every Who would not hie to the Moorlands nook and cranny of my brain. Strange

and fantastical visions floated before me, away!

till at length came one with all the force Far from the haunts of man

and clearness of reality. Mark the grey ptarmigan,

I thought I stood upon a gentle swell Seek the lone inoorcock, the pride of our of ground, and looked down upon the dells;

scene beneath me. It was a pleasant


sight, and yet a stranger might have love in a hurry; they married, died, and passed it by unheeded; but to me it was were buried in a hurry, and resurrectionas the green spot in the desert, for there men had them out of their graves before I recognized the haunt of my boyhood. they well knew they were in them. There was the wild common on which I Whatever was done, was done upon the had so often scampered “frae mornin' high-pressure principle. No person stopsun till dine,” skirted by the old wood, ped to speak to another in the street ; through which the burn stole tinkling to but as they moved rapidly on their way, the neighbouring river. There was the the men talked faster than women do little ivy-covered church with its modest now, and the women talked twice as spire and immovable weathercock, and fast as ever. Many were bald; and on clustering around lay the village that I asking the reason, I was given to underknew contained so many kind and loving stand that they had been great travellers, hearts. All looked just as it did on the and that the rapidity of modern conveysummer morning when I left it, and went ances literally scalped those who journeya wandering over this weary world. To ed much in them, sweeping whiskers, me the very trees possessed an individu- eye-brows, eye-lashes, in fact, every ality ; the branches of the old oak (there thing in any way movable, from their was but one) seemed to nod familiarly faces. Animal life appeared to be extowards me, the music of the rippling tinct; carts and carriages came rattling water fell pleasantly ou my ear, and the down the highways, horseless and dripassing breeze murmured of “home, verless, and wheelbarrows trundled along sweet home.” The balmy air was laden without any visible agency. Nature was with the hum of unseen insects, and filled out of fashion, and the world seemed to with the fragrance of a thousand common get along tolerably well without her. herbs and Aowers; and to my eyes the At the foot of the street my attention place looked prettier and pleasanter than was attracted by a house they were buildany they have since rested on. As I ing, of prodigious dimensions, being not gazed, the “womanish moisture” made less than seventeen stories high. On dim my sight, and I felt that yearning the top of it several men were at work, of the heart which every man who has a when, dreadful to relate, the foot of one soul feels—let him go where he will, or of them slipped, and he was precipitated reason how he will

on once more be- to the earth with a fearful crash. Judge holding the spot where the only pure, of my horror and indignation on observunsullied part of his existence passed ing the crowd pass unheeding by, scarcely away. Suddenly the scene changed. deigning to cast a look on their fellowThe quiet, smiling village vanished, and creature, who doubtless lay weltering in a busy, crowded city occupied its place. his blood; and the rest of the workmen The wood was gone, the brook dried up, went on with their several avocations and the common cut to pieces and co- without a moment's pause in consequence vered with a kind of iron gangways. I of the accident. On approaching the looked upon the surrounding country, if spot, I heard several in passing murmur country it could be called, where vege- the most incomprehensible observations. table nature had ceased to exist. The “Only a,” said one. “Won't neat, trim gardens, the verdant lawns cost much,” said another. “ His boiler and swelling uplands, the sweet-scented overcharged, I suppose," cried a third ; meadows and waving corn-fields, were “the way in which all these accidents all swept away, and fruit, and flowers, happen!" And true enough, there lay and herbage, appeared to be things un- a man of tin and sheet-iron, weltering cared for and unknown. Houses and in hot water. The superintendent of factories, and turnpikes and railroads, the concern, who was not a, were scattered all around; and along the but made of the present materials, gave latter, as if propelled by some unseen it as his opinion that the springs were infernal power, monstrous machines flew damaged, and the steam-vessels a little with inconceivable swiftness. People ruptured, but not much harm done; and were crowding and jostling each other straightway sent the corpse to the blackon all sides. I mingled with them, but smith's (who was a flesh-and-blood man) they were not like those I had formerly to be repaired. Here was then at once known-they walked, talked, and trans- a new version of the old Greek fable, acted business of all kinds with astonish- and modern Prometheuses were actually ing celerity. Every thing was done in as “plentiful as blackberries.” In fact, a hurry; they ate, drank, and slept in a I found upon inquiry, that society was hurry; they danced, sung, and made now divided into two great classes, living

and “locomotive” men, the latter being

“impart much the better and honester people of An hour's importance to the poor man's heart ?” the two; and a fashionable political Gone! and in its place stood a huge economist of the name of Malthus, a fabric, labelled “ Grand Union Railroad lineal descendant of an ancient, and it Hotel.” But here also it was steam, appears, rather inconsistent system-mon- steam, nothing but steam! The rooms ger, had just published an elaborate were heated by steam, the beds were pamphlet, shewing the manifold advan- made and aired by steam, and instead of tages of propagating those no-provender- a pretty, red-lipped, rosy-cheeked chamconsuming individuals in preference to bermaid, there was an accursed machineany other. So that it appeared, that man smoothing down the pillows and any industrious mechanic might in three bolsters with mathematical precision; months have a full-grown family about the victuals were cooked by steam, yea, him, with the full and comfortable assu- even the meat roasted by steam. Instead rance that, as the man says in Chronon- of the clean-swept hearth hotonthologos, “they were all his own and none of his neighbours.”

“ With aspen boughs, and flowers and fennel

sweet," These things astonished, but they also perplexed and wearied me. My spirit there was a patent steam-stove, and the grew sick, and I longed for the world place was altogether hotter than any again, and its quiet and peaceable modes decent man would ever expect to have of enjoyment. I had no fellowship with any thing to do with. Books and papers the two new races of beings around me, lay scattered on a table. I took up one and nature and her charms were no more. of the former; it was filled with strange All things seemed forced, unnatural, un- new phrases, all more or less relating to real_indeed, little better than barefaced steam, of which I knew nothing, but as impositions. I sought the banks of my far as I could make out the English of the native river; it alone remained un- several items, they ran somewhat thus: changed. The noble stream flowed " Another shocking catastrophe.-As the gently and tranquilly as of yore, but even warranted-safe locomotive smoke-conhere impertinent man had been at work, suming, fuel-providing steam-carriage and pernicious railroads had been formed Lightning, was this morning proceeding to its very verge. I incautiously crossed at its usual three-quarter speed of one one of them, trusting to my preconceived hundred and twenty-seven miles an hour, notions of time and space, the abhorred at the junction of the Hannington and engine being about three-quarters of a Slipsby railroads, it unfortunately came mile from me ; but scarcely had I stepped in contact with the steam-carriage Snail, over, when it flew whizzing past the spot going about one hundred and five miles I had just quitted, and catching me in per hour. Of course, both vehicles with its eddy, spun me round like a top under their passengers were instantaneously the lash. It was laden with passengers, reduced to an impalpable powder. The and went with headlong fury straight friends of the deceased have the consolatoward the river. Its fate seemed in- tion of knowing that no blame can posevitable—another instant and it would sibly attach to the intelligent proprietors be immersed in the waves; when lo! of the Lightning, it having been clearly it suddenly sunk into the bosom of the ascertained that those of the Snail started earth, and in three seconds was ascend- their carriage full two seconds before ing a pependicular hill on the opposite the time agreed on, in order to obviate bank of the river. I was petrified, and in some degree, the delay to which pasgazed around with an air of helpless be- sengers were unavoidably subjected by wilderment, when a gentleman, who the clumsy construction and tedious pace was doubtless astonished at my asto- of their vehicle.” nishment, shouted in passing, “What's “ Melancholy accident.--As a beautiful the fellow staring at ?” and another and accomplished young lady of the asked “if I had never seen a tunnel name of Jimps, passenger in the Swiftbefore ?"

as-thought-locomotive, was endeavourLike Lear, “my wits began to turn.” ing to catch a flying glimpse of the new I wished for some place where I might Steam University, her breathing appahide myself from all around, and turned ratus unfortunately slipped from her instinctively to the spot where the village mouth, and she was a corpse in threeale-house used to stand. But where, quarters of a second. A young gentlealas ! was the neat thatched cottage that man who had been tenderly attached to was wont so often to

her for several days, in the agony of his





feelings withdrew his air-tube and called the hour for stopping and starting the for help; he of course shared a similar several carriages, and no language can fate. Too much praise cannot be given describe the state of the atmosphere. to the rest of the passengers, who, with Steam was generating and evaporating inimitable presence of mind, prudently on all sides--the bright sun was obscurheld their breathing-bladders to their ed—the people looked parboiled, and the mouths during the whole of this trying neighbouring fisherman's lobsters changscene,” &c. &c.

ed colour on the instant; even the steam A Liverpool paper stated that “ The inhabitants appeared uncomfortably hot. stock for the grand Liverpool and Dublin I could scarcely breathe-there was a tunnel under

the Irish channel, is nearly blowing, a roaring, a hissing, a fizzing, filled up.” And a Glasgow one advo- a whizzing going on all around—fires cated the necessity of a floating wooden were blazing, water was bubbling, boilers railroad between Scotland and the Isle were bursting—when lo! I suddenly of Man, in order to do away with the awoke, and found myself in a state of tiresome steamboat navigation. I took profuse perspiration. I started up, ran up a volume of poems, but the similes to the window, and saw several milkand metaphors were all steam ; all their men and bakers' carts, with horses in ideas of strength, and power, and swift- them, trotting merrily along. I was ness, referred to steam only, and a slug- a thankful man. I put on my clothes,

man was compared to a greyhound. and while doing so, made up my mind I looked into a modern dictionary for to read no manuscript poems, and essome light on these subjects, but got none, chew gin and waler for the time to come. except finding hundreds of curious definitions, such as these: “ Horse, s. an animal of which but

BENEFACTORS. little is now known. Old writers affirm that there were at one time several thousands in this country.”

Tree, s. vegetable production; once The home of Lopez was only a cottage; plentiful in these parts and still to be but it was situated beneath the beautiful found in remote districts.”

sky of Andalusia, in the little bishopric Tranquillity, s. obsolete; an unnatu- of Jaen, at the flowery foot of Sierra ral state of existence, to which the an- Morena. His daughter, Inesilla, his cients were very partial. The word is to only child — his gentle, his lovely, his be met with in several old authors,” &c. darling Inesilla-dwelt with him there.

In despair I threw down the book, He regretted riches only on one account. and rushed out of the house. It was His loss of them must interrupt the mid-day, but a large theatre was open, education of his daughter. and the people were pouring in.

6 Inesilla,” said he to her, “I have tered with the rest, and found that what- often rendered services; but no one comes ever changes had taken place, money to render services to me. There is no was still money, They were playing such thing in the world as generosity.” Hamlet by steam, and this was better “ The numbers of the ungrateful would than any other purpose to which I had seem to prove the contrary,” replied seen it applied. The automata really Inesilla. Ingratitude would be less got along wonderfully well, their speak- common, if we knew how to appropriate ing faculties being arranged upon the our benefactions; but the rich and barrel-organ principle, greatly improved, powerful, hemmed in as they are by and they roared, and bellowed, and strut- mercenaries, parasites, and adventurers, ted, and swung their arms to and fro as are intercepted by this mob of slaves, sensibly as many admired actors. Un- from conveying to virtuous indigence the fortunately in the grave scene, owing to noble kindness which may relieve withsome mechanical misconstruction, Ham- out degrading. We should know the let exploded, and in doing so, entirely characters of those whom we oblige, before demolished one of the grave-diggers, we do them services. We listen to our carried away a great part of Laertes, hearts, and are deceived. You have and so injured the rest of the dramatis yourself done this, and more than once. personæ that they went off one after the " I own it. I own it. I was in the other like so many crackers, filling the wrong." house with heated vapour. I made my The conversation was interrupted by escape; but on reaching the street, things a clap of thunder. A rapid storm darkwere ten times worse than ever. It was ened the horizon, Lopez thought no

I en


more of the ungrateful. All resolutions interrupted in her education. Poor darlof future caution vanished. He flew to ing, she has no associates of her own fing open the large gate of his cottage age and sex about her-no one to supyard, that the wayfarer might be shel- ply the place of a mother. The warmest tered beneath bis cart-shed from the affection of a father never can make up tempest, whose roar was now redoubled for wants like these.” by the mountain echoes.

“ I have an aunt,” replied Fernando, A brilliant carriage, drawn by six

" who inhabits Cazorla with her two mules, at once drove in. Don Fernando daughters, both much about the age of descended from it; had his servants and your Inesilla. In this family are blendhis mules placed under the shed, and ed inexhaustible amiableness, enlightpresented himself at the door of the cot- ened religion, deep and varied acquiretage of Lopez. Inesilla opened it, and ments. Deprived of the gifts of fortune, Don Fernando paused with wonder, to they have nothing to live on but a momeet beneath the lowly thatch a form so derate pension, of which their virtues, sylph-like and a face so refined. The the duties of humanity, and the claims of courtly bearing of Lopez seemed to relationship, concur in rendering it imcreate no less surprise; his astonishment, perative on me to force their acceptance. the earnestness of his questions, the in- Cazorla is situated not far hence; just terest he seemed to take in every thing on the skirts of the Vega—a site of surrelating to the old man, stimulated Lo- passing beauty. Go, yourself, in my pez to tell the story of his misfortunes, name. Find


noble relation. Con ending with the moral which his daugh- fide to her your Inesilla. ter had deduced from them.

Lopez, scarcely hearing him out, Fernando heard him with intense at- caught his hands, and bathed them with tention.

tears of gratitude. • By the sword of the Cid!” cried he, It was not long before Inesilla was “that daughter of thine is a philoso- conducted by her father, to the aunt of pher! "We should know the character Fernando, from whom, and from her of those whom we oblige, before we do daughters, she received a most affectionthem services;' and I bless the storm,” ate welcome; while Lopez, disabused of added he, tears starting to his eyes, his prejudices against the world, regained “which has acquainted me with thee and his cottage, satisfied with himself and thine; but we should also bear in mind others, and silently and seriously reanother truth of which thy daughter's solved never more to think slightingly of philosophy seems not to be aware. We human nature, and go often and see his should also know the characters of those daughter. by whom we are obliged, before we let One day he was pondering on his rethem do us services."

collections of Fernando, on his delicate The words of Don Fernando sank liberality, and on his profound proverb, deep into the heart of Lopez. He felt when, casting his eyes unconsciously he had at last found one with whom he around, they rested upon a lowly tree, wished he could exchange situations, where a poor little orphan-dove, left merely that he could render so worthy a alone ere the down had enough thickenman a service.

ed to shield it from the evening chill, Don Fernando seemed to be animated forsaken, as it was, by all nature, filled with a similar yearning towards poor its forlorn nest with feeble wailings. At Lopez.

that moment, from the mighty summit “ But, Lopez,” added he, “it is not of the Sierra Morena, a bird of preyfrom words that characters are to be (it was a vulture!) - outspreading his learned. We must look to actions. From immense wings-pointed his flight downthese I would teach you mine. Lopez, wards toward the lamenting dove, and I am rich, and I am not heartless. You for some time hung hovering above the have bestowed on me the only kindness tree which held her cradle. Lopez was in your power.

Do not be offended. I instantly on the alert for means to rescue must not be numbered among the un- the helpless little victim, when he thought grateful. Your fortune must be restored. he could perceive that at the sight of the Deign, till we can bring that about, to vulture, the infant dove ceased to moan, let me be your banker."

fluttered joyously, and stretched towards “ There is nothing I have to wish for, him her open beak. In truth, he really on my own account,” said Lopez; “ but beheld, ere long, the terrible bird gently my dear girl, though still in the bloom descending, charged with a precious of early youth, has for a long while been booty, towards his baby protégée, and

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