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Come, O God, and help me to overcome Plea. fure by Mortification, Coverousness by Alms, Anger by Meekness, and Lukewarmness by Devotion. O my God! make me prudent in Undertakings

, couragious in Dangers, patient under Disappointments, and humble in Success. Let' me never forget, O Lord, to be fervent in Prayer, tempe

rate in Food, exact in my Employs, and constant in my Resolutions.

Inspire me, O Lord, with a Desire always to have a quiet Conscience, an outward Modesty, an edifying Conversation, and a regular Condu&t. Let me always apply my self to refift Nature, to afsift Grace, to keep thy Commandments, and to deserve to be saved.

My God! Do thou convince me of the Meanness of the Earth, the Greatness of Heaven, the Shortness of Time, and the Length of Eternity. Grant that I may be prepar'd for Death, that I may fear thy Judgment, avoid Hell, and obtain Paradise : through the Merits of our Lord Jefus Chrift. Amen.


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ACTS passed,

Page 273, 303, 329; 331.
Adams, Dr. made Prebendary of Windsor, p. 242.

Address of St. Edmund's-Bury, p. 25. Of the Univer-

fity of Oxford,p. 26. of Cambridge, p. 27. Of the

Lieutenancy of London, p. 29. Of the Dissenting

Ministers, p.31. Of Woodstock, p. 32. Of the

University of Edinburg, p. 33. Of the Disenters in

Ireland, p. 35. Of the City of London, p. 232. Of

the House of Lords, p. 253. Of the Commons, p. 261,

262, 272. Of both Houses, p. 273. Of the Commons

p. 275. Of both Houses for the Queen's Second Mara

riage, p. 286. Of the Commons, p. 288, 296, 298,

304. Of both Houses, about the ensuing Treaty of

Peace, p. 317. Of the Commons, p, 318, 328.

1 Africa, Refolutions about the Trade there, p. 328.

Alicant, Town of, taken by the French, p. 187.

Alnut, Colonel, dies, p. 342.


Arau, Diet there, of the Protestant Cantons, p. 19.

Their Letter to the French Ambasador, ibid.

Artois, great Contributions rais’d there, p. 78, 80.

Asaph, (St.) Bishop of, consecrated, p. 49.
Audiences of Foreign Ministers, p. 231, 274, 335,336.

Augustus, King, comes to the Confederate Army, p. 87.

Auvergne, Prince of, takes St. Venant, p. 146.

Auverquerque, (Monsieur d) dies, p. 136. His Chan

racter, ibid. His Body carried to Holland, p. 143.


BAden, Diet tbere, their Proceedings, p. iz. Breaks

up, p. 17.
Balchin, Capt, tried and acquitted, p. 350;
BANK of England, their proposals to the Commons,

P. 291. Accepted, p. 294. Their Stock doubled in

Four Hours, p.295.

Baffee, la, fortified by the Allies, p. 142. Abandon'd,

p. 155.

Battle of Oudenarde, p. 66. Of Wynendale, 123.


Bavaria, Ele&tor of, his Clandestine Praxtices in the Ne

therlands, p. 57. His Pardon to the Inhabitants of

Ghent, p. 58. His Design upon Brussels, p. 146.

He comes before it, ibib. and Summons the Governor,

ibid. He raises the Siege, p. 150.

Belhaven (Lord) dies, p. 45. His Character, p. 342.
Bellamont, Earl of, Dies, p. 342.
Bergheyck, Count de, his Clandestine Pradices, p.57;
Bern, Canton of, return Thanks to Mr. Stanian, and

infist upon a Neutrality for Neufchatel, p. 16.
Bertie, Lady, Dies, p. 351.
Berwick, Duke of, observes Prince Eugene's Motions,
Beveridge, Dr. Bishop of St. Afaph, Dies, p. 341.
Blow, Dr. John, Dies, p. 351.
Bologna submits to the Imperialists, p. 223.
Boyce, Dr. his Death, p. 342.
Boyle, Mr. Secretary, bis Answers to the Muscovite

Ambassador's Letters, p.237, 238. Moves for the

Demolishing of Dunkirk, p. 316.

Bradford, Earl of, Dies, p. 348.

Bridges, Captain, his Tryal, p. 194.

Brown, Dr. his Death, p. 347.

Bruges surrendred to the French, p. 60. Abandon'd

by them, 165.

Buckinghamshire, their Instruētions to their Knights,

Burroughs, Royal, of Scotland, their Petition, p. 297.

Byng, Sir George, made free of Edinburgh, p. 41.

His Reception at Court, 42. Condu&ts the Queen of

Portugal, 197. Sails for the Mediterranean, 198.


CADOGAN, Major-General, alists in getting

Provisions and Ammunition from Ostend, p. 135.

Cambridge, University of, their Elegiacal Poems on tbe

Prince, p. 274

Campaign in Dauphine, p. 170. In Portugal, 178.

Cardigan, Earl of, Abjures Popery, p. 339.

Cavendish, Lord James, Married, p. 343.

Caulfield, Colonel, commands at Leffinghen, p. 139.

Is taken at Discretion, 140.

Chamillard (Monsieur de) his Letter to Count de la

Motte, p. 160.

CHARLES III. King, his Marriage, p. 181. His

Bride's Journey, ibid. and seqq. His Pretenfions
against the Court of Rome, 217.


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Cholmondley, (Earl of) made Comptroller of the House-

bold, p. 43.

Coléby, Captain, takes several rich Sloops, p. 192.

Commissioners appointed for. Stating King William's

Debts, p. 49.

Commillioners for Holding the Parliament, their

Speech, p. 252, 333.
Commons of Great Britain, their Proceedings in Par-

liament, p. 259, c.

Confederate Army in Flanders, Form'd, p. 54. Raw

view'd, 56. Breaks up from Terbanck, 61. Poffers

themselves of the Camp at Leslines, 63.

Contributions rais'd in Artois, p. 78, 80.

Convocation meets, and is suddenly prorogued, p. 257.
Corbiere, Mr. fent as Secretary to the Emperor of Mo-

rocco, p. 233
Council ( Privy) settled according to the late Aet,

p. 45, 47, 231, 243, 244, 250, 275, 335, 336

Craven, Lord, chofen Lord Palatine of Carolina, p.


Croiffy, Major-General, taken Prisoner, p. 139.

CZAR of Mufcovy, his Letter to the Queen, p. 240.

D Enia taken by the French, p. 187.

Denmark, King of, Threatens to recal his Troops,
p. 199.
Diet: See Arau and Baden.
Dorset, Earl of, made Warden of the Cinque-Ports, B.


Dover, Lord, Dies, p. 341.

Drawbacks allowed to the Scots, p. 298.

Dryden, John, Esq; Dies, p. 339.

Duncomb, Sir Charles, chosen Lord Mayor, p. 244

Sworn without any Solemnity, p. 246.

Duncomb, Mr. Dies, p. 341,



Ennevelin, Castle of, two English Battalions reputed

there, p. 101.

ERLE, General, his Expedition, p. 113.

113. He ar.
rives at Ostend, with bis Forces, 116, retires into

the Outworks of Ostend, 145.
Evans, Brigadier, taken Prisoner, p. 163.
Evelyn, John Esq; made one of the Post-Masters Gt-

neral. p. 348.
EUGENE, Prince, comes to the Hague, p. 50. His

Conferences with the Duke of Marlborough, c. 51.

Goes with bim to Hanover, 53. Thence to Vienna,

54. Arrives in the Confederate Army, 61.


ditious March of his Troops, 77. Besieges Lille, 83,

and seqq. His Orders for the Attacks, 84. His Stra-
tagein, 87, His Answer to the Deputies of Lille, ibid.
Is like to be poison'd, 90. Confers with the Duke of
Marlborough, 95. His Dispositions to attack the
Enemy's Works, 108. He is wounded 112. Rejects
the Counsel of Raising the Siege, ibid. He recovers,
128. Is in Danger, 154. Passes the Scheld, 152.
returns to Lille, 155. Ends his Glorious Campaign,


Exchange of Prisoners agreed on, 145, 162.

Exilles besieged, p. 175. Taken at Discretion, 176.


Enestrelles invested, p. 176. Taken, 178.

Ferrara block'd up, p. 223.,

Fitzharding, Lady, dies, p. 349.
Flanders, Campaign there, p. 54.
Fleetwood, Dr. nominated Bishop of St. Afaph, p.

43, 243,

Fontaine, John de, Esq; dies, p. 342.

Fort-Louis taken, p. 176.
France makes Overtures of Peace, p. 296. Projeät of a

Royal Bank there, comes to nothing, ibib.

French (King) bis Circular Letter about the intended

Invasion, p. 2. His Answer to the Canton of Bern's

Letter, p. Io.

His Letter to the Pope, 215.

French Ambassador, his Answer to the Memorial of the

Protestant Cantons, p. 9. And to the Deputies of the

Canton of Bern, p. II. His Letter to the said Can.

ton, p. 17. His Answer to the Letter of the Prote

ftant Cantons, p. 21.

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