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suffered, bled, and died, of the eternal glory to which he offers to exalt me, surely if one spark of gratitude remains in my breast, here is an object well fitted to call it forth, and to stir up all that is within me “ to bless and magnify his

holy name, who forgiveth all my ini

quities, who healeth all my diseases, « and who redeems my life from de“ struction." Even on earth, with my feeble voice, would I join the new song of the ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousand of thousands of angels, who around the throne of God sing,

Worthy is the Lamb that was slain, to " receive power, and riches, and wisdom, “ and strength, and honour, and glory, * and blessing.”

2. From what has been said on this subject, let us beware of envying the prosperity of the wicked, or estimating the true worth and happiness of men from their outward circumstances in life.

“ As for me,” said the holy Asaph, my feet were almost gone, my steps “ had well nigh slipt, for I was en“ vious at the foolish, when I saw “ the prosperity of the wicked.” But prosperity without grace is a dangerous state; and did we know the whole circumstances of the case, we should rather be disposed to regard them with pity, than, as we are apt at first sight, to court or envy their situation.

Wicked men slide easily down the stream of time, while surrounded by the pleasures of sin and sense, but soon are they “ driven a

way in their wickedness,” and separated for ever from all source of enjoyment. What though now they are clothed in purple and fine linen, and fare sumptuously every day ?>what though now they may live at ease in their sessions, having nothing to disturb their peace ;_yet will all this profit them at that period, when neither wealth, por power, nor friends, will be able to afford relief,--when every earthly prop is tottering and ready to sink under them, -when the world and all that it contains cannot for a moment stay their parting breath,—when all its profits and all its pleasures will be seen to be lighter than air, and more worthless than the chaff which the wind driveth away?

The rich man in the parable before

pospower and

great af

us was possessed of power fluence. For a season he basked in the sunshine of prosperity, while poor Lazarus was doomed to drink the


of affliction, and to languish under poverty and disease. But the longest and clearest day, as well as darkest night, must, have an end; and if we follow the rich man and the beggar to the other world, how awful and striking is the contrast, for “ there the one is comforted, and the 6 other is tormented !” In the present state of things we only see a part, and a small part, of the plan of Providence; but let us not therefore conclude, that the Judge of all the earth will not assuredly do right. " He will judge the world

in righteousness, and the people with “ equity.” Though the wicked may now be in prosperous circumstances, while the faithful servants of God are groaning under a heavy pressure of calamity, yet there is a day fast approaching which will make a full revelation of the righteous judgments of heaven. Instead of coveting the pomp and splendour of riches, or envying the prosperity of ungodly men,-instead of arraigning the dis

pensations of God's Providence, or murmuring at your own lot in the world, let the present unequal distribution of things teach you to look forward with gratitude, composure and joy to the period when the plans of Divine Wisdom shall be completed, when every

crooked thing shall be made strait before the Lord, when order shall be brought out of confusion, and the ways of the Eternal justified before an assembled world, when each one shall exclaim; “ Thou “ art righteous, O Lord, because thou “ hast judged thus ; even so true and

righteous are thy judgments, Lord “ God Almighty."

3. From what has been said let me exhort sinners of every description to fly from hell, or this final misery of the wicked.

Regard it as a signal and wonderful act of mercy, that you are thus fairly warned of your danger, that there is a Saviour still ready to receive you,-a city of refuge provided, the gates of which are set open in the gospel. The fault, brethren, if you despair or perish, lies at your own door. For the same sacred

Book, which reveals “ indignation and “ wrath, tribulation and anguish against

every soal of man that doth evil,” reveals also the blood of the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world, « able to save to the uttermost. Even the greatest sinners that ever existed have obtained forgiveness, and God never did, nor never will shut the door upon any who apply to him for pardon through the great Mediator. Wash in this fountain, and your sins, though as numerous as the sand upon the sea-shore, and deeply aggravated, shall be blotted out. After the thousands and millions that have sat down at the gospel feast and fed upon this heavenly provision, the ministering servants of Christ are still commanded to assure you, that there is room for

for thousands and millions more; yea room for all, if all would come and partake of the fulness that is in Christ. In what language more appropriate can I address you, than in the words of God himself to the Israelites of old ? « I “ have no pleasure in the death of the " wicked, but that the wicked turn from “ his way and live. Turn ye, turn ye,


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