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83. For I am become like a 10th Part. (1)

bottle (n) in the smoke : yet do I 73. Thy hands have made me not forget thy statutes. and fashioned me : 0 give me

84. How many are the days of understanding, that I may learn thy servant : when wilt thou be thy commandments.

avenged of them that persecute 74. They that fear thee will be me ? glad when they see me : because 85. The proud have digged pits I have put my trust in thy word. for me: which (o) are not after thy 75. I know, O Lord, that thy

law. judgements are right : and that 86. All thy commandments are thou of very faithfulness hast true : they persecute me falsely; caused me to be troubled.

O be thou my help: 76. O let thy merciful kindness 87. They had almost made an be my comfort : according to thy end of me upon earth : but I forword unto thy servant.

sook not thy commandments. 77. O let thy loving-mercies 88. O quicken me after thy come unto me, that I may live: loving-kindness : and so shall Î for thy law is my delight.

keep the

the testimonies of thy 78. Let the proud be confound

mouth. ed, for they go wickedly about

12th Part. (p) to destroy me : but I will be oc- 89. O Lord, thy word : encupied in thy commandments. dureth for ever in heaven.

79. Let such as fear thee and 90. Thy truth also remaineth have known thy testimonies : be from one generation to another: turned unto me.

thou hast laid the foundation of 80. O let my heart be sound the earth, and it abideth. in thy statutes : that I be not 91. They (9) continue this day ashamed.

according to thine ordinance : for 11th Part. (K)

all things serve thee. 81. My soul hath longed for 92. If my delight had not been thy salvation (1) : and I have in thy law : I should have perished a good hope, because of thy in my trouble. word. (m)

93. I will never forget thy com82. Nine eyes long sore for thy mandments : for with them thou word : saying, “ O when wilt thou hast quickened me. o comfort me?"

94. I am thine, O save me:

(i) Reflections in trouble, acknow- « liverance at thy hand," " the protection ledging the utmost dependence upon God

" thou canst give." and the justice of his judgments, praying (m) “ Word.” See note on verse 49. earnestly for deliverance, and resolving (n) v. 83. “ A bottle, &c.” Their to keep God's law.

bottles were of skin, or leather, and when (k) Reflections during trouble and per- hung up in the smoke became parched, secution, (probably written whilst David dried up, worn out. was concealed for fear of Saul,) noticing (o) v. 85.“ Which, &c.”i.e. the proud." the dangers he had undergone, and ear- (p) Upon the certainty of the fulfilnestly looking up to God for protec- ment of God's promises, and the comfort tion.

of keeping his commandments. (1) v. 81. “ Thy salvation," i. e. “de. (9) v. 91." They," i. e. “ all things."

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for I have sought thy command- unto my throat : yea, sweeter (6) ments.

than honey unto my mouth! 95. The ungodly laid wait for 104. Through thy commandme to destroy me : but I will ments I get understanding : thereconsider thy testimonies.

fore I hate all evil ways. 96. I see that all things (r) come to an end (s): but thy command

MORNING PRAYER. ment is exceeding broad. (t)

14th Part. (c)
13th Part. (u)
99. LORD, what love have I

105. The word is a lantern unto thy law : all the day long is unto my feet : and a light unto my study in it!

my paths. 98. Thou, through thy com

106. I have sworn, and am mandments, hast made me wiser stedfastly purposed : to keep thy than mine enemies : for they (x) righteous judgements. are ever with me.

107. I am troubled above mea99. I have more understanding sure : quicken me, O Lord, acthan my teachers (y): for thy tes cording to thy word. timonies are my study,

108. Let the free-will offerings 100. I am wiser than the (y) aged: of my mouth please thee, O Lord: because I keep thy command and teach me thy judgements. ments.

109. My soul (d) is alway in 101. I have refrained my feet my hand : yet do I not forget thy from every evil way : that I may

law. keep thy word.

110. The ungodly have laid a 102. I have not shrunk (2) from snare for me : but yet I swerved thy judgements : for thou teachest not from thy commandments. . me. (a)

111. Thy testimonies have I 103. O how sweet are thy words claimed as mine heritage (e) for

(r) v. 96.“ All things," i. e.“ all earthly

6 be desired are they than gold; yea, "things."

“ than much fine gold ; sweeter also than (8) “Come to an end,” i.e.“ fail, perish.” “ honey, and the honeycomb."

(t) “ Broad,”' i. e. “ firm, stable, upon (c) Reflections in great distress, pro"a solid foundation, not” (like earthly fessing a constant adherence to God's law, things) “ coming to an end and perishing. and a firm resolution to continue it. (u) An eulogium upon God's law.

(d) v. 109. “My soul, &c." i. e. my (1) v. 98. “ They," i. e. “thy command- “ life is always in hazard;" probably, a "ments."

proverbial expression. So Judges xii. 3. (y) v. 99, 100.“ Teachers," and " aged." “ I put my life in my hands, and passed These verses imply that the writer was not over against the children of Ammon;" very far advanced in years.

and 1 Sam. xix. 5. “ he did put his life (z) v. 102. “ Not shrunk, &c.” i. e. “ I in his hand, and slew the Philistine." “ have borne my afflictions with patience."

So 1 Sam. xxviii, 21. when the witch of (a) “ Thou teachest me," i. e. (either)

Endor did that for Saul for which she was e not to shrink, &c." or, « thou makest punishable with death, she uses this ex“thy judgments instruments to teach pression, “ I have put my life in my hand,

6 and have hearkened unto thy word.” (b) v. 103. “ Sweeter, &c." So Ps, xix. (e) v. 111. “ Mine heritage,” i. e. my 9, 10. “ The judgments of the Lord are “ estate, possession. The thing above all “ true and righteous altogether : more to

“ others I prefer."

" me.'

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very joy of


my God.

my hope.

ever : and why? they are the is lawful and right : 0 give me


not over unto mine oppressors. 112. I have applied my heart to 122. Make (k) thou thy serfulfil thy statutes alway : even vant to delight in that which is unto the end.

good : that the proud do me no 15th Part. (g)

122. Mine eyes

wasted 113. I hate them, that imagine away (1) with looking for thy evil things : but thy law do I love.

health (m): and for the (n) word 114. Thou art my defence and shield : and my trust is in thy (h)

of thy righteousness.

124. O deal with thy servant word. 115. Away from me, ye wicked: according unto thy loving mercy:

and teach me thy statutes. I will keep the commandments of

125. I am thy servant; O grant 116. O stablish me according know thy testimonies.

me understanding : that I may to thy word, that I may live : and let me not be disappointed of

126. It is time for thee, Lord, to lay (0) to thine hand : for they

have destroyed (P) thy law. 117. Hold thou me up, and I shall be safe : yea, my delight

127. For I love thy command

ments : above gold and precious shall be ever in thy statutes.

stone. 118. Thou hast trodden down all them that depart from thy all thy commandments : and all

128. Therefore bold I straight statutes :. for they imagine but deceit.

false ways I utterly abhor. 119. Thou puttest away all the

17th Part. (9) ungodly of the earth like dross :

129. The testimonies are wontherefore I love thy testimonies.

derful : therefore doth my soul 120. My flesh trembleth for fear of thee : and I am afraid of thy keep them.

130. When thy word goeth judgements.

forth it giveth light and under16th Part. (i)

standing unto the simple. 121. I deal with the thing that 131. I opened my mouth, and (g) A profession of confidence in God, (1) v. 123. “ Wasted away, &c.” i. e. and attachment to his laws; a prayer for “ from the earnestness and anxiety with protection, and an assurance that God " which I have looked.” does and will put down the wicked.

(m) " Health," i. e. "protection," “ de(h) v. 114. “ Thy word,” i. e. (proba- “ liverance by thee." bly) “ thy promises ;" either, what thou (n) “ The word, &c." i. e. (probably) hast promised in particular to me; or, what “ thy promises of protection." thou hast promised generally to all who (0) v. 126. “ To lay to thine hand," " to trust in thee.

66 take

vengeance upon the wicked.” (i) A protestation of innocence and (p)“ Destroyed, &c.” by disregarding trust in God, and a prayer for protection ; it themselves, and making others hold it written, (apparently) after long continuance

in contempt. in distress.

(9) A profession of delight in God's (k) v. 122. “ Make, &c." or, “be surety law, and a prayer for his guidance and “to thy servant for good (B.T.);" which protection. seems to agree better with the context.

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drew in my breath (r) : for my 138. The testimonies that thou delight was in thy commandments. hast commanded : are exceeding

132. O look thou upon me, righteous and true. and be merciful unto me : as thou 139. My zeal (u) hath even usest to do unto those that love consumed me : because mine thy Name.

enemies have forgotten thy (x) 133. Order my steps in thy words. word : and so shall no wickedness 140. Thy word is tried to the uthave dominion over me.

termost: and thy servant loveth it. 134. O deliver me from the 141. I am small (y) and of no wrongful dealings of men : and reputation : yet do I not forget so shall I keep thy commandments. thy commandments.

135. Shew the light of thy 142. Thy righteousness is an countenance upon thy servant : everlasting righteousness : and and teach me thy statutes. thy law is the truth.

136. Mine eyes gush out with 143. Trouble and heaviness water (s) : because men keep not have taken hold upon me : yet is thy law.

my delight in thy commandments. 18th Part. (t)

144. The righteousness of thy 137. RIGHTEOUS art thou, O testimonies is everlasting: 0 Lord : and true is thy judge- grant me understanding, and I ment!

shall live.

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(u) v. 139. “ My zeal, &c." i. e. “ such “ is my reverence and attachment to thy “ law, that it has preyed upon my health " to see it disregarded." See post, verse 158.

(1) “ Words," i. e. “ commandments ;" so unrestrained are they by any fear of thee,

(y) v. 141. “ Small, &c.”. This implies that if David was the author, this part was written before he was upon the throne.

lxii. 2.

(s) v. 136. “ Water," i. e. o tears.”

(t) An eulogium upon God's commandments, fidelity and righteousness.

Lessons for the Twenty-sixth Day of the Month throughout the Year.

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Lessons for the Twenty-sixth Day of the Month, continued.

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my trust.

20th Part. (c) EVENING PRAYER.

153. O CONSIDER mine adver19th Part. (z) 145. I CALL with

sity, and deliver me : for I do CALL with my whole

not forget thy law. heart : hear me, O Lord, I will

154. Avenge thou my cause, keep thy statutes.

and deliver me : quicken me ac146. Yea, even unto thee do I cording to thy word. call : help me, and I shall keep

155. Health is far from the unthy testimonies. 147. Early in the morning do I godly : for they regard not thy

statutes. cry unto thee : for in thy word is 156. Great is thy mercy, O

Lord : quicken me, as thou art 148. Mine eyes prevent (a) the wont. night-watches : that I might be

157. Many there are that trouoccupied in thy words.

ble me and persecute me : yet do 149. Hear my voice, O Lord, I not

swerve from thy testi. according unto thy loving-kind- monies. ness : quicken me according as

158. It grieveth me when I see thou art wont.

the transgressors : because they 150. They draw nigh that of keep not thy law. malice persecute me: and are far

159. Consider, O Lord, how I from thy law. 151. Be thou nigh at hand, o quicken' me according to thy

love thy commandments : 0 Lord : for all thy command

loving-kindness. ments (b) are true.

160. Thy word is true from 152. As concerning thy testi- everlasting : all the judgements monies, I have known long since: of thy righteousness endure for that thou hast grounded them for



(z) A protestation of earnestness and constancy in prayer, and a supplication for being heard.

(a) v. 148. “ Prevent, &c.” i.e. “ I am “ awake before the night watches come " round." See Ps. lvii. 9. - xcii. 2. and CXXX. 6.

(6) v. 151. “Commandments," i. e. « Promises." Dr. Lowth on Isaiah viii. 16.

(c) A prayer for protection and deliverance, professing a constant observance of God's commandments.

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