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come the head stone in the cor- ye that are of the house of the ner. (e)

Lord. 23. This is the Lord's doing : 27. God (h) is the Lord who and it is marvellous in our eyes. hath shewed us light : bind (i)

24. This is the day which the the sacrifice with cords, yea, even Lord hath made: we will rejoice unto the horns of the altar. and be glad in it.

28. Thou art my God, and I 25. Help me now, O Lord : 0 will thank thee: thou art my God, Lord, send us now prosperity. and I will praise thee. 26. Blessed be he that cometh

29. O give thanks unto the in the Name of the Lord : we Lord, for he is gracious : and his have wished (?) you good luck, mercy endureth for ever.


referred to under the figure of “ a corner stone,” (Isaiah xxviii. 16.)

16 thus “ saith the Lord God, Behold I lay in " Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried

stone, a precious corner-stone, a sure “ foundation." And St. Paul speaks of Jesus Christ under the same figure, (Ephes. ii. 19, 20.) “ Ye" (i. e. the Gentile converts at Ephesus)

strangers and foreigners, but of the “ household of God, and are built upon “ the foundation of the apostles and pro

“phets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner-stone." Ante, 39. 40.

(e) “ The corner," “ uniting Jew and “ Gentile. - Jerome."

(g) v. 26. • Wished you good luck,"

" blessed you.” The verb is the same as in the first division of the verse.

(h) v. 27. “ God, &c." or " Jehovah is “ God, and hath shined upon us.” Hebr.

“ Bind, &c.Perhaps at this part of the Psalm a victim to be offered was bound, &c.





Lessons for the Twenty-fourth Day of the Month throughout the Year.

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September 24.

October 24.

November 24.

December 24.

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man cleanse his way : even by

ruling himself after thy word. Psalm cxix. (k)

10. With my whole heart have BLESSED are those that are un- I sought thee : 0) let me not go defiled in the way : and walk in wrong out of thy commandthe law of the Lord.

ments. 2. Blessed are they that keep 11. Thy words have I hid (n) his testimonies : and seek him within my heart : that I should with their whole heart.

not sin against thee. 3. (1) For they who do no wick- 12. Blessed art thou, O Lord : edness : walk in his ways.

O teach me thy statutes. 4. Thou hast charged: that we 13. With my lips have I been shall diligently keep thy com- telling; of all the judgements of mandments.

thy mouth. 5. O that my ways were made 14. I have had as great delight so direct : that I might keep thy in the way of thy testimonies : statutes !

as in all manner of riches. 6. So shall I not be con- 15. I will talk of thy commandfounded : while I have respect ments : and have respect unto unto all thy commandments.

thy ways. 7. I will thank thee with an 16. My delight shall be in thy unfeigned heart : when I shall statutes : and I will not forget thy have learned the judgments of word. thy righteousness.

3d Part. (o) 8. I will keep thy ceremonies : O forsake me not utterly!

17. O do well unto thy ser

vant : that I may live, and keep 2d Part. (m)

thy word. 9. Wherewithal shall a young 18. Open thou mine eyes : that


(k) An alphabetical Psalm, divided into

great promise, ) and the comfort they had twenty-two parts, of eight verses each : the afforded him in his afflictions. The first parts begin with the letters of the He

part is upon the blessedness of acting up brew alphabet in succession ; and each to God's commands, with an earnest verse in each part begins with the same prayer

power so to do. letter ; so that every verse in the first part (l) v. 3. The reading should probably begins with the first letter of the Hebrew be, “ who do no wickedness, and walk in alphabet, every verse in the second part

« his ways." with the second letter, and so on. This (m) Considerations for the young ; prowas probably done to assist the memory testing an adherence to and delight in in getting it by heart and remembering it, God's commandments, and praying for there being no particular connection be- further instruction therein. tween the parts or

(n) v. 11. “ Hid," i. e. "treasured up." statutes, and judgments of God (including o) A prayer for God's protection probably the great promise of the Messiah) and for further knowledge of his laws ; are the chief subjects, there being scarce a perhaps written when David was comverse which does not mention them. pelled to keep himself concealed for fear David is considered as the author ; and he of Saul; whilst he might well say (25 is supposed to have written it during his in verse 19.) that he was a stranger persecutions by Saul, but at intervals, upon earth, and (as in verse 23.) that whilst he had leisure to reflect upon the princes (i. e. Saul's courtiers) did sit and excellence of God's law, the happiness of speak against him. them who kept it, (the nature of God's

The law,


I may see the wondrous things, timonies : O Lord, confound me I of thy law.

not. 19. I am a stranger upon earth : 32. I will run the way of thy O hide not thy commandments commandments : when thou hast s from me.

set my heart at liberty. 20. My soul breaketh out for the very fervent desire : that

MORNING PRAYER. it hath alway unto thy judgements.

5th Part. (9) 21. Thou hast rebuked the 33. Teach me, O Lord, the proud : and cursed are they that way of thy statutes : and I shall do err from thy commandments, keep it unto the end. 22. O turn from me me

34. Give me understanding, and rebuke : for I have kept thy and I shall keep thy law : yea, testimonies.

I shall keep it with my whole 23. Princes also did sit and heart. speak against me : but thy ser- 35. Make me to go in the path vant is occupied in thy statutes. of thy commandments : for therein

24. For thy testimonies are my is my desire. delight : and

36. Incline my heart unto thy 4th Part. (p)

testimonies : and not to covet25. My soul cleaveth to the

ousness. (r)

37. Oturn away mine eyes dust : ( quicken thou me ac

lest they behold (s) vanity : and cording to thy word. 26. I have acknowledged my

quicken thou me in thy way.

38. O stablish thy word in thy ways, and thou heardest me : 0

servant : that I may fear thee. teach me thy statutes.

39. Take away the rebuke that 27. Make me to understand the

I am afraid of : for thy judgway of thy commandments : and

ments are good. so shall I talk of thy wondrous

40. Behold my delight is in works. 28. My soul melteth away for

thy commandments : 0 quicken

me in thy righteousness. very heaviness: comfort thou me according unto thy word.

6th Part. (t) 29. Take from me the way of

41. Let thy loving.mercy come lying : and cause thou me to also unto me, O Lord : even make much of thy law.

thy salvation, according unto thy 30. I have chosen the way of word. truth : and thy judgments have 42. So shall I make answer I laid before me.

unto my blasphemers (u) : for 21. I have stuck unto thy tes- my trust is in thy word.

my counsellors.

(o) Reflections, resolutions, and prayers, during great distress.

(9) A prayer to be instructed and kept in the ways of goodness.

(r) 0.36. “ Covetousness," i. e. (perhaps) " inordinate desire of whatever kind.”

(s) u. 37. “ Lest they behold," i, e. " that they may not behold.”

(t) A prayer for protection, and resolutions to keep God's laws, and speak courageously of his testimonies.

(u) v. 42. “Blasphemers," i.e."scoffers,

43. O take not the word of 53. I am horribly afraid : for thy truth (r) utterly out of my the ungodly that forsake thy law. mouth : for my hope is in thy 54. Thy statutes have been my judgements.

songs : in the house of my pil44. So shall I alway keep thy grimage. (d) law: yea, for ever and ever. .

55. I have thought upon thy 45. And I will (y) walk at li- Name, O Lord, in the night-seaberty : for I seek thy command- son : and have kept thy law. ments.

56. This I had : because I kept 46. I will speak of thy testimo- thy commandments. nies also, even before kings (%):

8th Part. (e) and will not be ashamed.

57. Thou art my portion, 0 47. And my delight shall be in Lord : I have promised to keep thy commandments : which I have thy law. loved.

58. I made my humble petition 48. My hands (a) also will I lift in thy presence with my whole

commandments, heart': O be merciful unto me which I have loved : and my according to thy word. study shall be in thy statutes. 59. I called mine own ways to 7th Part. (6)

remembrance : and turned my 49. O THINK upon thy ser- feet unto thy testimonies. vant, as concerning thy word (c): 60. I made haste, and prolonged wherein thou hast caused me to not the time : to keep thy comput my trust.

mandments. 50. The same is my comfort in 61. The congregations of the my trouble : for thy word hath ungodly have robbed me : but I quickened me.

have not forgotten thy law. 51. The proud have had me 62. At midnight I will rise to exceedingly in derision : yet have give thanks unto thee : because of I not shrinked from thy law; thy righteous judgements.

52. For I remembered thine 63. I am a companion of all everlasting judgements, O Lord : them that fear thee : and keep and received comfort.

thy commandments.

up unto


“ those who ridicule my dependence upon " thee.”

(.*) v. 43. “ The word of thy truth,” i.e. either, generally, thy promise of pro“ tection to those wlio trust in thee;" or, “some particular promise to David, like " that mentioned 2 Sam. v. 2." See note on v. 49.

(y) v. 45. “ Will,” or “ shall."

(z) v. 46. Before kings." This implies that the Psalm was written before David was on the throne : afterwards he would not have used this expression.

(a) v. 48. “ My hands, &c." i. e. either, “ I will adhere vigorously to thy com“ mandments ;" or, " I will swear solemnly

“ to follow them :" one of the Jewish modes of swearing was by lifting up the hand to heaven. See note on Ps. xliv. 21.

(6) A prayer for protection.

(c) v. 49. “ Thy word, &c." referring perhaps to some special promise God had made David, probably that mentioned 2 Sam. v. 2. “ Thou shalt feed my people “ Israel, and thou shalt be a captain over « Israel."

(d) v. 54.“ House of my pilgrimage, i. e. (perhaps) “ the places where he had “ concealed himself from fear of Saul."

(e) Reflections and resolutions after prayer and self-examination.

64. The earth, O Lord, is full 68. Thou art good and graciof thy mercy : 0 teach me thy ous : 0 teach me thy statutes. statutes.

69. The proud have imagined 9th Part. (g)

a lie against me : but I will keep

thy commandments with my whole 65. O Lord, thou hast dealt heart. graciously with thy servant : ac- 70. Their heart is as fat (h) cording unto thy word.

as brawn : but my delight hath 66. O learn me true under- been in thy law. standing and knowledge : for I 71. It is good for me that I have believed thy command have been in trouble : that I may ments.

learn thy statutes. 67. Before I was troubled, I 72. The law of thy mouth is went wrong : but now have Idearer unto me : than thousands kept thy word.

of gold and silver.

(g) A thanksgiving after deliverance from trouble, praying for further know. ledge, and resolving to walk after God's commandments.

(h) v. 7." Fat, &c." An expression to de. note their arrogance.

So Ps. xvii. 10.

“ They are inclosed in their own fat, and “ their mouth speaketh proud things;" and Ps. lxxiii. 7. “ Their eyes swell with

fatness, and they do even what they « Just.”

Lessons for the Twenty-fifth Day of the Month throughout the Year.

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