Sources concerning the hospitallers of St John in the Netherlands: 14th-18th centuries

J. M. Van Winter
BRILL, 1998 - 821 sider
This source collection brings for the first time records from foreign archives concerning the Dutch commanderies of the Order of the Hospital of St. John or of Malta and their place within the Order's international organization. The book presents bulls and letters from and to the Grandmaster and the Prior of Germany; a 14th-century rent-roll of St. Catherine's Convent at Utrecht; visitations and inquiries 1373-1732; and a list of pamphlets concerning the regaining of the Order's confiscated property in the Dutch Republic. All sources are given in their original language: Latin, French, Italian, German or Dutch. Because of the long period (14th-18th centuries) and the broad variety of subjects they are important for researchers of political as well as economic history from medieval to early modern times.

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Aquis menbrum in Mechelen fol 177v178r
Treveris preceptoria fol 178v180v
Traiectum preceptoria camera prioralis fol 198v204r
Aldenwater menbrum preceptorie Traiectensis fol 210r210v
Wemenlinghen menbrum preceptorie Traiectensis fol 213r214r
Sneck menbrum preceptorie Traiectensis fol 216v219v
Visitatio Commendarum Superioris et Inferioris Alemaniae
Harlem preceptoria subiecta priori Almanie fol 220r223v
Horreyn preceptoria fol 1r3v
Nideck membrum dependens a Velden fol 123r124r

Om forfatteren (1998)

Johanna Maria van Winter, studied History at Groningen and Ghent, Doctor of Arts (1962), University of Utrecht; retired 1989 as Professor of Medieval history at this University. She has published on knighthood and nobility, and on medieval food habits.

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