Die Culturländer des alten America: Bd. Beiträge zu geschichtelichen Vorarbeiten auf Westlicher Hemisphäre


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Side 603 - Hay calle de herbolarios, donde hay todas las raíces y yerbas medicinales que en la tierra se hallan. Hay casas como de boticarios donde se venden las medicinas hechas, así potables como ungüentos y emplastos.
Side 250 - En esta provincia supe y hube relación ansí de los señores como de mercaderes, e intérpretes, que ellos tenían de toda la costa, de todo lo que después se ha visto hasta el Cuzco particularmente de cada provincia la manera y gente della porque estos alcanzaban por vía de mercaduría mucha tierra...
Side 863 - El que procura contar las estrellas, no sabiendo aún contar los tantos y nudos de las cuentas, digno es de risa".
Side 816 - Buffaloes, it is known, are a sort of roaming creatures, congregating occasionally in huge masses, and strolling away about the country from east to west, or from north to south, or just where their whims or strange fancies may lead them ; and the Mandans are sometimes, by this means, most unceremoniously left without...
Side 909 - In one might be seen a conch shell, suspended from the roof in a basket made of cinnet network ; and this the god was supposed to blow when he wished the people to rise to war. In another, two stones were kept. In another, something resembling the head of a man, with white streamers flying, was raised on a pole at the door of the temple, on the usual day of worship. In another, a cocoa-nut shell drinking-cup was suspended from the roof, and before it prayers were addressed and offerings presented.
Side 922 - Exactly so ; that I understand. But the original grain does not rise again ; it rots like the dead man, and is ended; the fruit produced is not the same grain that we buried, but the production of that grain: so it is with man,—I die, and decay, and am ended; but my children grow up like the fruit of the grain.
Side 572 - Their faith concerning a future life is this : When a Hidatsa dies, his shade lingers four nights around the camp or village in which he died, and then goes to the lodge of his departed kindred in the Village of the Dead. When he has arrived there, he is rewarded for his valor, self-denial, and ambition on earth by receiving the same regard in the one place as in the other; for there, as here, the brave man is honored and the coward despised. Some say that the ghosts of those who commit suicide occupy...
Side 877 - Tampoco se daban vendidos ni arrendados, porque ni supieron arrendar ni comprar ni vender, porque no tuvieron moneda. Trocaban unas cosas por otras, esto es, las cosas del comer, y no más, que no vendían los vestidos ni las casas ni heredades.
Side 903 - Comleroy tribe were slain ; they were buried at a very pretty spot in the following manner. The bodies of the men were placed on their backs in the form of a cross, head to head, each bound to a pole by bandages round the neck, middle, knees, and ancles, the pole being behind the body; the two women had their knees bent up and tied to the neck, while their hands were bound to their knees; they were then placed so as to have their faces downwards...
Side xxxii - O (this question is missing in some manuscripts, but seems to be authentic): "ad aliud dico, quod universalia et intentiones secundae causantur naturaliter sine omni activitate intellectus et voluntatis a notitiis incomplexis terminorum per istam viam: Quia primo cognosco aliqua singularia in particulari intuitive vel abstractive; et hoc causatur ab obiecto vel habitu derelicto ex primo actu; et habita notitia statim ad eius praesentiam...

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