We Are Our Brother's Keeper

Xulon Press, 2008 - 162 sider
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"...Am I my brother's keeper?" (Genesis 4:9) God expects you to be ambassadors. Take a stand and proclaim God's truth to others. Designed to assist with your quest, this dynamic innovative guide encourages you to cultivate: - Self-Improvement - Spiritual Guidance - Soul Winning Make a significant endeavor toward these attributes necessary to nurture personal growth, while contributing toward the transformation of your life and the life of others. "We Are Our BROTHER'S KEEPER", is laid out in a format that encompasses a year long journey. It is composed of 2 sets of alphabets 'A to Z', followed by inspirational quotes. Through-out the year, you may chose a weekly alphabet with its quote, featuring Biblical Scriptures and a blank journaling NOTE page for reflections. Also, included in the guide is God's 5-Step Plan for Salvation. Talking facilitates learning. Converse with others, share the thoughts and gain biblical insights. Reading will help you know God more deeply as you savor moment through-out the scriptures. Think about what God is revealing about Himself and what He is telling you to do. God wants to transform you. This guide is friendly and very appealing. Excellent for: - Prison ministry, along with other ministries - Hotels, assisted living and convalescence facilities - Small groups, retreats and study cadres - Individuals, family members, friends and gift shops 'Think on This' Bernitha Ann Washington is a retired Elementary Teacher, with a Master's degree from Nova University, currently residing in Florida

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J j Jesus Christ is GOD of all
KkKindness in words creates confidence
MmMAN is not from EVOLUTION
NnNothing ruins the truth more than stretching it out of proportion OoOne members pain is every members pain
RrReal joy is having Christ first in our lives Others 2 and YOU LAST
SsSoul Winning for CHRIST

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