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therefrom, while the fault that and so to increase the number of springs from a wrong conviction, open professors of the creed, that and is sustained by early instruc- there should be less necessity for tion, is certain to be augmented in concealing the practice. Vice loves the individual and to multiply in companionship, and the more there the community.

to adopt a certain course, Bad doctrines are far more dan- the less is the difficulty of pursugerous than bad deeds.

In bis ing it. acts Julian the Apostate was a bet- There is in every human being a ter man than Constantine, but Ju- disposition to err. Some, by falian's good deeds affected only his vorable circumstances and religious own circle and age. The bad deeds education, escape important aberof Constantine were inoperative ration from the line of rectitude, in their example beyond his own but all seem disposed to listen to time, while the great Christian doc- suggestions that may lead to great trines which he favored and assist- evil, especially when those suggesed to promulgate permeated society tions are apposite to their peculiar and influenced for good all succeed. circumstances. But all do not eming generations. It is not neces- brace, though, by their endurance, sary to inquire what would have they facilitate the progress of, the been the condition of the world had bad doctrine which they do not the apostasy of Julian served to mean to adopt. subvert entirely the doctrine which More than fifty years ago, men Constantine embraced.*

and women preached the doctrine We are contemplating, at pres- tonching the sanctity of the marent, a state of things that owes its riage contract, which is now deexistence far less to the evil prac- veloped into the creed and practice tices which we condemn than to of free love. Thousands before, the promulgation of doctrines that of both sexes, bad violated their excuse, authorize, promote, and marriage contract, and were conperpetuate what, though it be now demned by nearly all, less, perhaps, a scandal, may soon, from its ex- by public outcry than by that suptent, be tolerated and approved. pressed tone of recognition which

The promulgation of the moral is the quiet, eflicient condemuation heresy through the press and from which virtue passos on vice. The the rostrum first seemed to be re. evils continued and increased with ceived with a sort of permission the increased population, but it was that implied the probability that only when there arose those who its fallacious doctrines needed only openly propounded, advocated, and the light to insure condemnation. justified the wrong, that it was But, unfortunately, there were so found that the doctrine had fixed many whose practices were so in- the practice, and bad worked out consistent with Christian morality, in those who knew and ought to that they gladly adopted a doctrine have done better, a development of which, if it did not place them in what must destroy the peace of a the right, served marvellously to family, that unit of society, and by justify to themselves the wrong, the destruction of the peace of the

unit, the whole sum of social hap* The illustration of the idea, perhaps the idea itself, is certainly expressed, and perhaps bitterly piness must be jeoparded. expressed. by some other writer.' Whe, it is not

At the present moment the recollected, but it certainly sounds like Bulwer, who was fond of illustrations that showed exten: polygamy of the Mormons is sive reading, and none of the writers of the present generation have been able to enrichtheir bringing the morals of Utah into pages and illustrate their views from ancient allnors with the success that is manifested by Lord tional interference. There is a law

a bad repute, and calling for na


of Congress, indeed, which declares every virtuous observer of the ineligible to the place of delegate times must greatly fear. to the national legislature any man Is there no remedy? Must this who practices polygamy. It is often moral disease go ou and increase? asked whether the two houses of There is a remedy, but will it be Congress do not contain members applied ? Sterner voices must be who live irregular lives, and out- raised; something more than ridirage the decency of domestic re- cule, more than half condemnation lations by entertaining some fe- is required. The demands of somale besides the lawful wife. No ciety should be listened to, and doubt the question could be an- reformation be commenced in swered affirmatively, and all those earnest. No half way measures who do the wrong deserve censure. will answer, but the doctrine and But note the difference: the im- the practice must be put down, moral man at Washington, while whoever may be personally reached. he has no idea of correcting his Those it is likely are to suffer most course, has no idea of defending it. who have scarcely gone beyond The impurity of the Mormon habit toleration, because the very feeling is a public evil, augmented by of virtue which kept them from the fact that it is sustained by the open practice and approval, will creed as well as the practice of make them more sensitive to the the people of Utah. This is an condemnation that is now to be instance to sustain our theory, that pronounced against the frightful the bad acts of people are not so doctrines which have by practice generally and permanently injuri- disturbed society. ous as are bad doctrines.

The work of reformation must We have asserted that the scan- be thorough. It must include the dal which has disturbed society in actors and it must involve their New York, whatever may be the oundings. Men and women innocence of some of the parties must be taught to keep clear, not implicated, owes its extent, if not only of the doctrines which have its existence, to the tenderness proved so injurious, but they must. with which a part of the press avoid all those foolish discussions, treated the doctrine of those who those delicate propositions, and advocated free love. The failure those unusual affections and friendto denounce, in clear and explicit ships, and that miserable toleration terms, the theory that really was of error that allows it to grow into created to excuse or sanction the crime, that nurtures it into the practice of impurity, was treason means of public calamity. to morals and to good govern

When the fire desolated such a ment.

large portion of the business part Meetings were called under pre- of Boston, a few years ago, a resotence of promoting female suffrage, lution was adopted that, as ordiand speeches were made advocat- nary fires would not crumble graning female licentiousness, and over ite into dust, and melt hard bricks these meetings presided, and at into solid masses, and, as they had these meetings spake, men whose such phenomena in the ruins of callings should have taught them their warehouses, they would reprudence, at least in such matters. move the means of such conflagraThese and private meetings, soro- tions. The business part of the ses, and combinations of mixed city was rebuilt with none of the genders, vitiated public taste, dead surroundings of combustible buildened public sensibility, and led to ings that served to kindle and conwhat we now see, and to what duct the fire that took hold and


melted down their fireproof stores. forth with the cry is, “ Americans And as they carried out their pur- must rule America ;" and to the poses of safety no conflagration excited clique that promulges that has since marked the burnt district. political apothegm immediately

Chicago had an even worse fire gathers fragmentary portions of than that of Boston. It began in citizens with various other curious a frame building, and the flames ideas, and on the nucleus of Nativism fed upon the wooden tenements is wound all manner of heresies, around till, gathering power, they and to “the Natives" are gathered licked up the finest and richest the foolishly ambitious, who hope portions of that great city. But to share in a triumph which they the energy that built could rebuild, could not expect to achieve alone. and Chicago rose with new claim It would not be difficult to collect to the admiration of the world at a goodly array of experiments like the enterprise of the people, but Nativism, and its grand result, with equal power to astonislı at the Knownothingism; but that inthoughtless way which allowed of stance shows how heresies arise, almost innumerable small frame and how the heretics strengthen buildings, shanties, and shops that their ranks. seemed to insure another confia- Could any reasoning man bare gration. That insurance proved imagined that in Christian United safer than the policies against fire. States” the doctrine of " free love” Another conflagration came, and could have acquired a promulgation the former cause produced like ef- and defence that could have reachfect.

ed the interest, and persons, which Had the cause been removed, it is now seen it has influenced ? certainly the effect would not have We believe that nakedly and pribeen felt. Chicago owed the ex- marily proposed it never would tent of the second conflagration to have gone beyond the “nasty" a toleration, an encouragement of and ridiculous circle in which it that which made or greatly aggra- appeared to originate. But there vated the first.

was a sentiment that had long been Will the people learn from the operating in various parts of the scandal that has disturbed society country, and which was operating for some months past to avoid the in promoting those infamous laws persons, connections, and opinions in some of the Western States, that have caused all the disturb- that allowed of the divorce of man ance ? Probably not.

and wife upon the most trivial plea; People seem to think that by so that a woman, at home in the changing the name of the cause Eastern city, awaiting the return of they are to lessen the effect. But her husband from a collecting tour after all, perhaps, it is proper to in the West, was startled almost say that it is not the same people into insanity hy a notice that within that cause one esclandre who are a few weeks the man whom she had accountable for another. Different married, had lawfully slipped his temperaments and different views neck out of the matrimonial yoke and intentions are variously affect which rested in part upon her ed. One day somebody wakes up shoulders, and had shown his love to the danger of foreigners, and a of domestic happiness by getting certain class of people are terribly married to another woman. excited over the assertion that ar- It has more than once bappened bitrary governments are sending that a wife has taken the lead in this hither their population to undermine mode of procedure, and in two our republican institutions, and months would assume her maiden

name and be endowed with another doctrine. Morbid desire for notoby a second marriage.

riety, unbalanced minds, prurient Now this is not “free love," but appetites, but mostly a love of imit is one mode of promoting it. mediate personal flattery, led many They have lately, by some legisla- persons of learning and influence tive enactments, made it a little to give these convocations of infamy more difficult to procure divorces the benefit of their presence, and in the West. Parties of either sex, the disease which had been lurking to save time and money, have found in their system for a long time was a means of gratifying their feelings made apparent and operative, and without divorce. They adopt the our country receives the infliction doctrine, or, at any rate, they adopt and disgrace which, considering the the practice of the doctrine of object, the location, and the charfree love, and try to make so- acter of its influence, is one of the ciety confess that the affections worst visitations that it has ever and passions, being the gift of God, endured. they are right in using those gifts. Will not somebody see, in what With them “to enjoy is to obey." has been presented in the case to

It is not our object to present which we have referred, motives the doctrine of the Catholic Church for avoiding associations which as it regards the indissoluble char- have for their end and means someacter of the marriage contract. thing that good sense must conWe hold it, of course; but we place demn; a sort of attempt to imour objection to the doctrines which prove society by means that are have led to the Brooklyn scandals proclaimed to be a little better than upon the opinion and practice of those. allowed by God, or which most all Christendom. "The glory are recommended by Christianity ? and beauty of womanhood are Will not people hesitate to embrace found in its purity. The honors liberty that is inconsistent with and dignity of the wife are in the what the Church bas taught and chastity with which she makes her generations approved? Will peohousehold the home of undivided ple never see that the efforts to affection. She who pauses to cal- change sexual relations without a culate the danger or the reward of change of sexual circumstances is infidelity is unfaithful; and the

so contrary to nature that it can be woman who sits in counsel upon productive only of evil, and that conthe question of female purity ex- tinually? Because a part of those poses her cause, even if she advo- who advocate a change in the relacates the right. The participation tions of man or woman do not, in such a contest, however it may from some cause, otherwise grossly result to the wrong, will not close violate the proprieties of social life, without injury to the opponents of and have art to conceal their aberthat wrong.

There are certain ration, it does not follow that the animals so offensive that a victory heresy does not lead directly to the over them is almost death to the abomination, and it is painful evivictor.

dence that the abominations, which Two or three women openly es- are preached and practiced by some, ponsed the doctrine of “free love." and more than tolerated by all of Others, who had ideas of woman's them, are either the direct motives, wrongs and woman's rights, came or the natural consequence of their to hear the argument; few ventured doctrine. to avow themselves converts, but Some people, indeed, will say many were not unwilling to submit that they have listened to the public themselves to the influence of the defence of the doctrines and works


of the strongminded women and secrets, and unto their assembly, their male advocates, and they have mine honor, be not thou united.” also heard the less public esposi- It is scarcely necessary, though tion and defence of its practices, perhaps not inappropriate, to say and yet have felt no inclination to that it is not the object of this rank themselves as professors of paper nor the wish of the writer to the creed. Perhaps not; but has take any part in the opinions that not their tolerance towards these divide so many people, as it regards admitted disturbances of public the individual criminality of permorals assisted to check the hos- sons whose names have been the tility of the virtuous, and prepare most involved in the unhappy the minds of the weak to entertain affair that has occupied so much the heresy? There are times when of public attention, centring in the forbearance of censure is trea- Brooklyn and New York, but exson to virtue.

tending in all directions, gratifying “ Freedom of thought” and “lib- the prurient tastes of some, afforderty of expression," advanced ideas ing pleasure to many who see in in social relation, and "enlargement the errors of professed Christians of domestic proprieties," are phrases some excuse for the faults of those which cover up

multitude of who neither profess nor possess reheresies; and if people who depend ligion, and everywhere and among on the public press or the public all correct persons occasioning pulpit for guidance were to hear deep regret and mortification. Our certain new doctrines announced business is rather with the proxiby tilles which their inevitable con- mate cause of this terrible scandal sequences suggest, we should hear than with those now most distinctly less of free love, less of spiritual- and personally involved in it. It ism, less of woman's rights; we should be the duty of the good should learn that “their paths lead everywhere, it should be the office down to death and their feet take of the pulpit and the press, to dehold on hell."

nounce the beginning of the miserLet the young and the suscepti. able work of disturbing society by ble of both sexes avoid the associa- corrupting doctrines. Without tions, secret or public, that seem some terrible results, some great in any way to weaken the estab- exposures, it is not easy to bring lished babits of society; habits that the public mind to a proper judyare founded on the wisdom of God, ment of these impure and impolitic who directed them at first, and are doctrines. Why await the convulchastened and strengthened by sion? Why not openly condemn at Christian doctrines and Christian once and boldly, the teachers and practices. In the arcana of that their teachings, and stop both association is found the secret of the promulgation and the practice? the means to lessen the love and Stop them at once. Stop them in destroy the practice of social order the beginning. and domestic purity and peace. "Principiis obsta, sero medecina paratur, The young man or young woman

Cum mala per longas in valuere moras.' who hears of these soroses, these The advice of the author of the communities, should at once avoid above classical quotation is goodtheir members and defenders, and good morally, physically, as it was while each looks away to the Church, first intended; good morally and the pillar and ground of truth, the politically as it is generally applied. asserter and supporter of purity Had the promulgation of "free and piety, let the cry be, “Oh my love" doctrines and the exhibition soul, come not thou unto their of pretended spiritualism been

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