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deration of this party, in Favour of Peace, encourages Attempts in Fazour
of Peaceable Loyalists.-Sévere Decrees against this Class of Loyalists, new-
modelled and mitigated


CH A P. V...

C H A P. VI.

Arrestation of national Representatives.

-Message from the Directory to the
two Councils, on this Subject. --And Address on the fame, to the People of
France.--Forty Resolutions, adapted to the present Juncture, proposed by a
Committee of pullic Safety.-Adopted by the Council, and passed into Lax's.

- Transactions of the primary Communes and electoral Ajemblies, in fifty
Departments, declared illegal.-Upwards of fixty Perfons, Members of the
Directory and Councils, and others, fentenced to Transportation.--- Address
from the Council of Five Hundred to the Departments and the Armies.-

Imputing the most iniquitous and atrocious Designs to the Royalists.- Pro-

clamation by the French Government, annoucing a second Expedition against

Ireland.-Singular Expedition of a Body of French Troops into Wales.-

These surrendered themselves, without Refrance, Prisoners of War to a

Force, raised and headed, on the Emergency, by Lord Cawdor.--The Spanish

Irland of Trinidad taken by the English


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. Expedition of the English against the Spanish Island of Porto-
Rico. Transactions in the Wes Indies.Favourable to the English, both
by Sea and Land.-Great Preparations against England, in the Ports of
Holland and Spain. - Spanish Fleet defeated by an English Squadron,
greatly inferior, in Strength and Numbers, under the Command of Ada
miral Sir John Jeruis.Other Gallant Exploits of this Syuadron-Unform
tunate Attempt of the English on the Inand of Dutch Arman
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Causes of Discontents in the British Navy and Army.-Notices giren of

these Discontents.-Mutinous Combinction among all the Ships in ihe Channel Fleet.- Organization of this Naval Democracy.--Petitions from the Mutineers to the Admiralty and the House of Commons:-General Alarm.---The Board of Admirulty transferred to Portsmouth.--Conciliatory Terms of a Return to Subordinetion and Duty proposed to the Seamen. --Demands of the Seamen. Complied with.-In consequence of a Miftruft of Government, a fresh Muliny.--Zealous, prudent, and succesful, Exertions of the Earl Howe. --The Affairs of the Nary, with the Epimates of the additional Expences noro become necessary, brought into the House of Commons. - Minifry accused of Procraftination and fcandalous Neglect of Duty. --Motion for a Pole of Cenfire.--- Negatired. A Mutiny, more alarming fiill than that in the Channel Fleet, breaks out at the Nore.A Board of Admiralty held at Sheerness. --- Audacious Behaviour of the Mutineers. The Lords of the Admirally return from Sheerness to Toren, without the least Success in their Endeavours for the Reforation of Order:- Transactions in the Fleet at the Nore.-Condemned by the Divisions of the Fleet ai Plymouth and Portsmouth. - As well as hy the Nation at large.--Intelligence of this produces, in the Ships Creus, at the Nore, Divisions, Terror, and Despair. The principal Conductor of the Mutiny seized, condemned to Death, and executed. -Bill for preventing the Seduction of Soldiers and Sailors



State of Ireland, in its Relations, external and internal, u Subject in Debate

in both Houses of Parliament.--Motion, by Mr. II hitbread, in the House of Commons, relative to the Invasion of Ireland.--Negatired.--Motion relative to the internal State and Discontents of Ireland, in the llouse of Peers, by the Eart of Moira.---Negatived.--Motion on the fume Subject, in the House of Commons, by Mr. Fox.---Negatired



Petitions for the Dismission of Minifers.--Motion to that effect in the

House of Lords. And in the House of Commons.--Motion in the House of Commons for a Reform of Parliament.--Motion in the House of Peers for confdering the State of the Nation--Prorogation of Parliament, 219

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London Gazette, January 17

70 London Gazette Extraordinary, February 27

72 The like, March 3

73 The like, O&ober 16

75 Articles of the Capitulation of the Ijland of Trinidad

78 Account of the Royal Procession to St. Paul's

80 Petition of the City of London to the King for Peace, and the Dismissal of his Minifiers

84 Refolutions passed in Common Hall, May 11

ibid. Petition for Peace, to the King, from the County of Middle fer , ,

86 The like, from the City of Wefimnfier

87 The like, from the County of Down, in Ireland Account of the Advances made for the Service of the Emperor, fince Decem'ber 13, 1796, and also of the Securities for Ropayment of the fame .

90 Report of the secret Committee to inquire into the Financial State of the

Nation Report from the Committee of Secrecy, appointed, tij the Houje of Lords, to

by examine and State the total Amount of outstanding Demands on the Bank of

England, and likerife of the Funds for discharging the same, &c. Account of all Bills drawn on the Treasury, from the Ipand of St. Domingo,

during the War, together with a Return of the Deaths and Casualites which t" have taken Place in the British Forces there

110 Account of all Additions made to the Annual Charge of the Public Debt, by the Interest or Annuities of any Loan made, or Annuities created, subsc

quent to January 1, 1793, and also the Produce of the Duties granted for defraying the Charge, in respect of the same, in the Year ended Jan. 5, 1797,

11-1 Copies of the Resolutions of the Court of Directors of the Bank of England, with the Anfwers of the Chancellor of the Exchequor thereto

118 Copies of all Communications between the Directors of the Bank and Chancellor me of the Exchequer, respeding Advances to Government, firice Nov. 1, 1794,

119 Summary of the Report of the Secret Committee of the Irish House of Commons, appointed to consider of the Papers feixcd at Belfaft

> 145 Subsance


Subpance of the Infructions relative to the Baggage and Marches of the Army.
in Cafe of Invasion

Abftract of the Will of the late 11r. Thelliffon

Pelition of the Irish Roman Catholics to the Lord-Lieutenant

Trial at the Old Bailey of Mrs. Phipoe for the Murder of Mary Car 152
Average Prices of Corn for the Year 1797

A general Bill for Christenings and Burials for 1797

Account of the Nett Produce of Taxes for 1797

Account of the Number of Persons who pay Alleled Taxes

Account of the Amount of Bills accepted by the Treasury during 1797, ibid.
Amount of the Sums paid, during 1797, for Bounties for Corn imported 160
Satement of Services and Grants from 1722 to 1797 .

Prices of Stock for, the Year 1797

Principal Public Aas passed in the first Session of the eighteenth Parliament
of Great Britain

* 163
Meteorological Table for 1797

Supplies granted by Parliament for 1797



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Message from the King to the House of Commons) Februry 27

Lord Oxford's Proteft, March 23

Metage from the King to the House of Commons, April 3

The like, April 29

Protep of the Duke of Bedford and Lord Chedworth, May 20

Message from the King to the House of Commons, Jure i

The like, July 6

His Majesty's Speech on closing the Session. July 20

Copy of the whole Proceedings relative to the Negociation betwocen Lord Malme,
bury and the Minifiers of the French Republic, at Life

Declaration published by Command of his Majesly, Ollober 25

His Majesty's Speech on opening the Sefion November 2

His Majesty's Answer to the Address of both Houfes of Parliament 230
Protes of Earl Fitzwillium, November 2


Infructions to the Commanders of Ships of War and Privateers,
Nov. 20

Letter from the Elector of Hanover to his Imperial Majesy, Feh. 17,

Letter from the King of Great Britain to the King of Prusia, Feb. 17, 236
Plan of Parochial Associations in Great Britain

Copies of all the Papers relating to the Mutiny of the Seamen

Mesage from the Lord-Lieutenant to both llouses of the Irish Parliament,
Jan. 16

The like, March 18
The likc, April 11

The like, April 29

Proclamation, by General Lake, March 13


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