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Comparative l'iew of the Confederacy and the French Republic, at the Close

of 1796.-Spuir; drawn inio an Alliance with France, declares War againg England.--Conjoined Efforts of the French, Spanish, and Dutch, Fleets, for overthrowing the naval Dominalion of England. War in Italy. --Capture of Mantua.--Political Conduct and military Preparations of the Court of Rome. Letters from Buonaparte to the Cardinal Mattæi. The Cardinals Anfier. -The Court of Madrid refuses its Mediation, in Behalf of the Pope, with the French Republic.- Republican Party in Rome, and other Purts of the Ecclefiaftical States.-Buonaparle declares War againt the Pope.- A French Army enters the Papal Dominions. The Papal Troopis completely routed.---Buonaparte, by Promises, and Threats, induces the Romans to submit to the French, without the Effufion of Blood.--Tales Pollejion of leveral Prozinces in the Ecclefiaftical States, ---Advances touards Rome. - Treaty of Peace with the Pope



Means for preventing the future Power of the Roiran Pontiffs.-- And that of

Arufiria over the Countries composing the Republics on the North and South of the P0.-.:Moderation and Leniiy of the French Republic to the Non-pring Clergy.-- At the fame Time that their Bigotry and Superfition are exposed to ridicule.--Exceffive Rejoicings and Exultations of the French at the Succeffes of their Arms in Italy.-Jealousy, Ery; and Refentment, against Buonaparte.--I ho uses Precautions for warding of the Effects of these, and gaining Popularity and Confidence, not only in France but Ilalu. Voderation and Priidence of the Inhabitants of St. Mari 10.--Munificence of Buonaparte to that small Republic.Prevalence of Republican Principles in Italy.-Honour paid

there to the French and BroVoci XXXIX. Kk


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-Preparations of Austria, for disputing with the French the Eme pire of Italy.--The Imperial Army in Italy, commanded by the Archduke Charles Attacked by the French, and forced to retreat.-Capture of Gradisca and Goritz.--Municipal Governments settied in both thefe Towns, on the Republican Plan.-The Auftrians defeated with severe Lofs near Tarvis.-Audacious Spirit of the French Prisoners of War.--The Infeétion of this Spirit dreaded by the Imperial Ministry.--A Divison of the French Army, under Joubert, penetrates into the Tyrol.- Reduces most of the strong Forts of that Country.--And gains other fignal Ado vantages. The French obtain Pofeffion of Brixen. Proclamations of Buonaparte, addre/fed to the Subjects of the Emperor.-The Anfrians obliged to abandon their Head-Quarters at Clagenfurth. -The French cross the Drave ---Farther Successes of the French, under Joubert, in the Tyrol. Remarkable Engagement between the Austrians and French, in the Defiles leading to Netomarck.--The Aufrians continually defeated, but not dif couraged.Confternation at Vienna.-But invincible Courage of the Auftrian and Hungarian Nobles.---Interesting Letter from Buonaparte to the Archduke Charles.--Arid the Archduke's Answer.- Armistice between the Auflrians and French.-Honours and Praises befiowed by the French Directory on the Army.-Reflections



Preliminary Articles of Peace between the French and Anfrians.--Succelles

of French Armies on the Rhine. Progress of the Negociation for Peace.Hatred of the Venetians to the French, and partiality for the Auftrians. The French Army takes Poffeffion of Bergamo.-Refentment, Rage, and Attempts of the Venetians at Refstance. --The French Troops over-run and reduce all the Venetian Territories.-Fall of the Fenetian Republic universally deplored.---- A Revolution introduced by the French into Ve nice.-The Auftrian Troops invade Inria.-Treaty of Campo-Formio, 37

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Principle or Spirit of the Treaty of Campo-Fornio.Stri&ures thereon.-Es

altation of the French.--Parties in France.Theit mutual Abhorrence of each other. Their Reciprocal

Animonty, influenced by new Jealoufes and Apa prehenfons.-Conspiracy of Loyalists discovered. - Address of Lewis, called by the Royalists the XVIII.--And resolute Exertions of his Party through. out France. -Decree, obliging the Public Functionaries to swear Hatred te Royalty.-

Return of new Members to the French Repriblican Legislature. French Troops fent to St. Domingo.--Excesive Profufion of the French Executive Government. Frauds and Cottusons, detrimental to the Public Revenue. Enormous encrease of the Public Debt. Various Mifmanagements. Strictures of many Members of both Councils, and others on the Continuance of War, and Extension of Conquesis The Lenity and Mo


deration of this party, in Favour of Peace, encourages Attempts in Fazour
of Peaceable Loyalists.-Sévere Decrees against this Class of Loyalists, new-
modelled and mitigated


CH A P. V...

C H A P. VI.

Arrestation of national Representatives.

-Message from the Directory to the
two Councils, on this Subject. --And Address on the fame, to the People of
France.--Forty Resolutions, adapted to the present Juncture, proposed by a
Committee of pullic Safety.-Adopted by the Council, and passed into Lax's.

- Transactions of the primary Communes and electoral Ajemblies, in fifty
Departments, declared illegal.-Upwards of fixty Perfons, Members of the
Directory and Councils, and others, fentenced to Transportation.--- Address
from the Council of Five Hundred to the Departments and the Armies.-

Imputing the most iniquitous and atrocious Designs to the Royalists.- Pro-

clamation by the French Government, annoucing a second Expedition against

Ireland.-Singular Expedition of a Body of French Troops into Wales.-

These surrendered themselves, without Refrance, Prisoners of War to a

Force, raised and headed, on the Emergency, by Lord Cawdor.--The Spanish

Irland of Trinidad taken by the English


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. Expedition of the English against the Spanish Island of Porto-
Rico. Transactions in the Wes Indies.Favourable to the English, both
by Sea and Land.-Great Preparations against England, in the Ports of
Holland and Spain. - Spanish Fleet defeated by an English Squadron,
greatly inferior, in Strength and Numbers, under the Command of Ada
miral Sir John Jeruis.Other Gallant Exploits of this Syuadron-Unform
tunate Attempt of the English on the Inand of Dutch Arman
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CH A P. X.



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Causes of Discontents in the British Navy and Army.-Notices giren of

these Discontents.-Mutinous Combinction among all the Ships in ihe
Channel Fleet.- Organization of this Naval Democracy.--Petitions from
the Mutineers to the Admiralty and the House of Commons:-General
Alarm.---The Board of Admirulty transferred to Portsmouth.--Con-
ciliatory Terms of a Return to Subordinetion and Duty proposed to the
Seamen. --Demands of the Seamen. Complied with.-In consequence of
a Miftruft of Government, a fresh Muliny.--Zealous, prudent, and succes-
ful, Exertions of the Earl Howe. --The Affairs of the Nary, with the

Epimates of the additional Expences noro become necessary, brought into

the House of Commons. - Minifry accused of Procraftination and fcandal-

ous Neglect of Duty. --Motion for a Pole of Cenfire.--- Negatired. -

A Mutiny, more alarming fiill than that in the Channel Fleet, breaks out

at the Nore.A Board of Admiralty held at Sheerness. --- Audacious

Behaviour of the Mutineers. The Lords of the Admirally return from

Sheerness to Toren, without the least Success in their Endeavours for the

Reforation of Order:- Transactions in the Fleet at the Nore.-Condemned

by the Divisions of the Fleet ai Plymouth and Portsmouth. - As well as hy the

Nation at large.--Intelligence of this produces, in the Ships Creus, at the

Nore, Divisions, Terror, and Despair. The principal Conductor of the

Mutiny seized, condemned to Death, and executed. -Bill for preventing the

Seduction of Soldiers and Sailors



State of Ireland, in its Relations, external and internal, u Subject in Debate

in both Houses of Parliament.--Motion, by Mr. II hitbread, in the House
of Commons, relative to the Invasion of Ireland.--Negatired.--Motion

relative to the internal State and Discontents of Ireland, in the llouse of

Peers, by the Eart of Moira.---Negatived.--Motion on the fume Subject,

in the House of Commons, by Mr. Fox.---Negatired



Petitions for the Dismission of Minifers.--Motion to that effect in the

House of Lords. And in the House of Commons.--Motion in the House
of Commons for a Reform of Parliament.--Motion in the House of Peers
for confdering the State of the Nation--Prorogation of Parliament, 219

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