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Printed by T. Burton, No. 31, Little Queen-ftreet, for the Proprietors of Dodsley's Annual Register, WOTRIDGE AND SON; R. FAULDER; J. CUTHELL; OGILVY AND SON; KLEA; J. NUNN; J. WALKER; LACKINGTON, ALLEN, AND CO. E, JEFFERY; AND VERNOR AXD HOOD.

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HERE is a disposition, not only in individuals,

but in nations of men, to magnify all things relating to themselves beyond their just dimensions and proportions. The Chinese, in their delineations of the world, were wont to represent their own empire as one vast square, occupying the greater part, by far, of the earth; and, all other nations as forming only insignificant specks, here and there, around it, The enlargement of knowledge is accompanied by the enlargement of candour. It is in the nature of science to quell the extravagant suggestions of vanity and self-love, to embrace a wider and wider sphere of observation, to view events in relations' and

A growing intercourse with other parts of the world, and particularly the late interferences, on the Chinese frontier, of the Russians, and our East-India Company, has begun, we presume, somewhat to abate this ridiculous prejudice.



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