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ty has so frequently expressed, that, Serene Highness has long been conto all appearances, there would be vinced, that, had the French goproposed plans for secularizing fe- vernment succeeded, agreeable to veral ecclesiastical states of the em- the tenor and the views of the trea. pire as fundamental terms of peace, ty of Bafil, to force the Imperial have been confirmed by the nego- court on the banks of the Danube tiations lately entered into at Pa- to make peace, the consequence ris; and the ecclesiastical states of would have been the overthrow of the empire cannot but have remark- the Germanic conftitution, which ed his Majesty's total aversion to must have been subscribed to in consent to a plan so destructive that case; the ecclefiaftical elective to the empire, and to an indemnity states would also have fallen, and at the expence of his patriotic co- by their fall that of other states estates; and that his Imperial Majesty would have been prepared. would rather venture every extreme His Serene Highness has never than suffer such conditions to be sanctioned


unconstitutional forced upon him.

measure with his consent; he has His Majesty, therefore, expects, supported at all times the common on the other hand, that as the dan- cause with all his power, and will ger becomes hourly more imminent, also strive in future to prove his the states of the empire will most unchangeable attachment to the speedily unite, and by exerting House of Austria. No arrears for their utmost efforts, procure all pol Roman months are therefore due fible aid and support, in order to from his Highness. And in order second his Imperial Majesty in the to complete his quintuple contin. generous resolution of defending, gent, a considerable levy of rein the most efficient manner, the cruits has already been ordered, cause of the ecclesiastic states of the and will take the field, provided empire, both in war and at the con- with all necessaries, at the beginclusion of peace. To attain, how- ning of this campaign. His Highever, this falutary end, the fur- nefs has supplied the Imperial ar nishing of the quintuple contingent my with fruits, to the amount of is an object of immediate necessity. 648,205 forins: with wood, worth

BARON VON THUGOT. 31,131 florins; waggons, at the Vienna, Feb. 6, 1797.

rate of 20,753; which, including

some other articles of expenditure, Declaration of the Prince Bishop of will occasion a loss of 300,000 floWurtzburgh, in Aufwer to the imké- rins for the diocese of Wurtzburgh

alone. rial Refeript.

In other respects, his Highness HIS Serene Highness the Prince the Prince Bishop is convinced, Bishop of Wurtzburgh entered in- that there actually exists in Germato the present war on the principle ny a powerful confederation of the of exerting all his powers to satisfy protestant princes, who have re. in the most scrupulous manner the solved beforehand, to do nothing conclusa of the empire respe&ting more to serve the common cause; the furnishing of the contingents but his Highness has no doubt that, and of the koman months. His on the other hand, all the Catholic,


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especially the ecclesiastical elective supreme head, those duties which
princes, unanimously agree in the the constitution has prescribed, and
main point of doing every thing on which the falvation and traña
for the common cause, and are al- quillity of the empire depends.
ready united with the Imperial Jan. 11, 1797.
court; his Highness, at least, owns
such a connexion for his own part, Letter of Convocation addressed to the
and is prepared to suffer all the vi- Plenipotentiary Envoys of the Asociates
cissitudes which this covenant may States of Northern Germany, by Vors
hereafter produce, and which can- Dohm, the Prufian Minister.
not but turn out to be consolatory
and remunerating to the fortitude THE undersigned is charged, by
and the pure policy of the Imperial the express command of the King
court. His Highness, with the rest of Prussia, his most gracious Sove-
of his ecclesiastical co-states, is rea- reign, to make the following over-
dy to enter into a more explícit and tures to all their Excellencies the
confidential engagement with his Plenipotentiaries of the Associated
Imperial Majesty upon that subject, States of Northern Germany, dele-
which he expects with gratitude.

gated to assemble in convention at Wurtzburgħ, Feb. 15, 1797.

Hildersheim. The general concerns

of Germany, with regard to the Note delivered by M. de Weckasovich, continuance of the war, still remain

Chargé d'Affaires of Russia to the in a most undecided condition, and
Electoral Circle, and that of the Un- the consolitary hope of a general

peace, so devoutly to be wished, re

mains as yet uncertain and remote ALTHOUGH, in the actual to the last degree, since the negocircumstances, the Emperor, my tiations entered upon for that puraugust master, thinks it not necef. pose may, alas! produce a farther fary to put the resolution of the late and more obstinate war, rather Empress, his auguft mother, into than bring about its final conclusion. execution,-his Imperial Majesty In this perplexing situation, it cerwill nevertheless not remain less tainly is a happinefs which Norfaithful and inviolably attached to thern Germany cannot fufficiently the alliances and obligations enter- praife, to see itself entirely freed, ed into in respect to the present not only from the miseries of this war; and his Majesty is firmly re- ravaging war, but also from all the folved to support them in all their inconveniences connected with it, integrity.

such as the requisitions of the belliThe considerations, the interest, gerent powers, the passage and and folicitude which the Emperor marches of troops, and many other will not cease to take for the well- fimilar burdens. It needs but a being of the German empire, can flight comparative glance at the but determine his Majesty to exhort most piteous state of the countries the ftates and members composing of Southern Germany, formerly that body, to act in common con- flourishing, and now ruined for a cert with his Majesty the Roman long time to come, in order to feel, Emperor, and to fulfil, towards their in its whole extent, the happiness

per Rhine,

of the nortlernt parts, which have, each and every demand of military, for the two laft campaigns, enjoyed requisitions, of whatever sort, and the most perfect tranquillity. the levying of those requisitions

The King is fully convinced, that which might be attempted by exeit can be unknown to none of his cution, and against all similar burco-states, who participate in this dens of war; likewise to screen blefling, that it is the mere result them by his most forcible interpoof the indefatigable exertions of fition, during the period of this his Majesty, by which he has laid neutrality, from all the subsequent a iafe foundation for the neutrality demands of supplies for the war of of Northern Germany, and most the empire. effectively protected it by a corps The undersigned is expressly inof his own troops, and of those of structed to give once more these the two allied courts. His Ma- definite and explicit assurances. It jefty has further consolidated this affords infinite pleasure to his Maneutrality, by the formal accession jesty to have thus secured the invaof his Serene Highness the Eletor luable benefits of the neutrality to of Saxony, in virtue of a supple- all his co-states, connected with mentary article added to the con- his dominions by their topographivention of the 5th of August, 1796, cal locality; in the same manner as by which a line of demarcation, ex- it has been done to his own territotending from the utmost coasts of ries, and to have thus given them the North Sea to the Lower Rhine, so strong a proof of his friendly and from thence to Silesia, encom- sentiments. Besides the gratifying paffed the whole north of Germa- consciousness of having hitherto ny. The two affociations in this accomplished this happy end, his vaft extent of territory must re- Majesty requires no other proof of main separate, with respect to the gratitude on the part of his comaintenance of the troops drawn states, than that they should conout to cover their neutrality, which tinue, as heretofore, to co-operate is done in Upper Saxony by a corps in the maintenance of the troops. belonging to the Elector himself; The King flatters himself the more but with regard to their coninon to find the most perfect readiness on design, they join hands, and by this their part, since the burden which enlargement, effected by his Majesty, will arise from this measure to the the neutrality of Northern Germany countries thus protected, does not receives a new and manifest im- bear the most distant comparison portance.

with the manifold evils, and the The King is likewise firmly re- probable and entire ruin averted solved to secure farther, and until from them, especially since the two the conclusion of the war, the full courts allied with his Majesty, and enjoyment of the neutrality to all furnishing troops in a like inanner, the associated states, to protect them make the major part of the sacrifiand their territories against every ces required for that end.. This power, and to defend them in par: latter circumstance must strike ali ticular, at all times, and in the most the affociated states with the moft effectual and powerful manner, a- perfect conviction that the continue gainst the incursions of the troops ance of those measures will not be of the belligerent powers, against prolonged a fingle moment beyond



the period of their indispensable gain to the adoption of fimilar meaneceflity. But the underligned has sures; and the undersigned is ou his Majesty's direct commands to bliged to announce before-hand, declare, in the most positive man- that his Majesty will at no rate intener, that his Majesty deems the rest himself again in the fate of continuance of those measures ab- those of his co-states who shall not folutely necessary for the present, now accept of the friendly proffer as he will only find himself enabled of protection, made with so much by the corps of troops which is friendship, and so many personal drawn out, covering the line of sacrifices. demarcation, maintaining farther, The coldness which has for some in the most efficacious manner, the time past been manifefted from vaneutrality of the countries situate rious quarters, respecting the mainwithin their precincts, to fulfil the tenance of the troops, has induced promises previously given. Yet in his Majesty to authorise the underthis he will not commit himself signed to make this frank and exrespecting those very possible e. plicit declaration, and to give the vents which accompany the vicisli- well-meant warning not to suffer tudes of the fortune of war. But themselves to be deceived by the whereas the King is under the ne- hope of a speedy peace, but rather cessity of setting boundaries to the to rely upon the fufficiently publicgreat facrifices he has already made; fpirited and patriotic sentiments of and whereas the concurrence far- the King, and his Majesty's knowther demanded of the protected ledge of the general fituation of countries for the maintenance of public affairs, and to entertain the the troops who defend them, is so firm confidence that his Majesty extremely just and equitable, the would certainly, and with great undersigned has also express orders pleasure to his co-states, save the herewith to declare, that in the un- burdens required by the mainteexpected case of the majority of the nance of the troops, if there was ftates not displaying the necessary the least possibility of securing tom zeal and alacrity, his Majesty will their territories the benefits of the forthwith withdraw his troops, re- neutrality, and all the advantages nounce entirely all the obligations which have hitherto accrued from which he has voluntarily taken up- it, without such a measure. on him from motives of patriotism; That, however, the saving of supprefs totally the convention the burdens occasioned by the mainmade for that purpose with the tenance of the troops, according to French Republic, and confine him- the general situation of affairs, beself solely to the defence of his own ing impossible, and his Majesty dominions, abandoning all the rest deeming it absolutely necessary to to their own means and resources, preserve the corps of obfervation and making known his intention to till the conclusion of a peace, if the the belligerent powers. Should tranquillity and neutrality of Norsuch a resolution once be taken, and thern Gerinany are to be maintaiırthe corps be withdrawn, no circum ed, his Majesty doubts not but all ftance, of what complexion foever, his associated co-states will fhew Thall induce his Majesty to recur' aa their readiness for that purpose, in


the maintenance of the troops, not to waste time in sending for display proper zeal in a measure so new ones, but that the necessary reclosely connected with self-preser- solutions may be taken, not only vation, and render practicable the for the farther substantial regulation farther execution of the beneficent of the maintenance, but for the designs of his Majesty.

obligatory assent to the same to the With this confidence, the under- end of the war. figned, by supreme command, has The undersigned has it likewise the honour to make known to you, in command to request, that their &c. &c.

Excellencies the Plenipotentiaries [Here follow two articles, fpeci- may arrange matters in such a manfying the supplies to be granted, ner as not to quit the convention for three months longer, in flour, till the state of affairs shall permit oats, hay, and straw, for the Prus- its suspension or conclufion, since fian, Hanoverian, and Brunswick the gradual departure of many Pletroops, at two different periods, nipotentiaries has formerly occaviz. the 15th instant, and the 1st of fioned a precipitate suspension of April. In order to secure the sub. the first convention, which has fiftence of the troops in future, been highly prejudicial to the difthe states of Northern Germany patching of business. His Majesty are to meet in convention at Hi- will also consider the fulfilment of delsheim on the 20th instant, or to this wish, and the infallible meeting send Plenipotentiaries to regulate of the convention, according as it the quotas of supplies, in neceffa- is expected to meet, as a gratifying ries or in money, for as long as the proof that his serene co-states wis laft.]

to do justice to his efforts and saAs those deliberations (in con- crifices. vention at Hidelsheim) will pre- And the undersigned also looks clude all subjects not essentially and forward for the desired answer refdirectly relating to the maintenance pecting the fourth sending of supof the troops, the undersigned will plies, before the expiration of the lose no time to terminate them present month; and hopes to have with the utmost speed, and not to the honour and pleasure to see again detain the Plenipotentiaries a mo- their Excellencies the Plenipotenment longer than shall be necessary tiaries at the second opening of the from following their other affairs. convention, on February 20. The flattering confidence with

(Signed) Dohm. which the undersigned has hitherto Halberstadt, Jan. 4, 1797. been honoured in the late negotiations, makes him equally confident that his zeal and activity will be Cleves, 14 Nivole (Jan. 3). entirely depended upon in that businefs. 'He has only most urgently The Administrators of the Cantons of

Cleves and Xanten to the Inhabitants to request that, for the sake of dit patch, the states may furnish their

of the fard Cantons. Plenipotentiaries with full instruc

Citizens, tions for the purpoft which has THEn director-general of the


war may

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