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on the effects, rights, and revenues and in general all the çi-devant Ve of individuals residing in their re- netian establishments in Albanys spective territories, and the coun- which are situated lower than the tries reunited to them, as well as up-Gulph of Lodrino. on the public establishments; they VI. The French Republic con. fhall be bound to pay all debts for sents that his Majesty the Emperor funds supplied to them by the said and King shall possess, in entire soindividuals or public establishments, vereignty and property, the counand to repay all rents settled for tries hereafter mentioned; Istria, their profit.

Dalmatia, the ci-devant Venetian The present article is declared ifles in the Adriatic, the mouths of common to the Cisalpine Republic. Cattaro, the city of Venice, the

III. His Majesty the Emperor, channels and the countries comKing of Hungary and Bohemia, re- prised between the hereditary states nounces for himself and his success of his Majesty the Emperor and lors, in favour of the French Re- King, the Adriatic Sea, and a line public, all his rights and titles to the which, issuing from the Tyrol, shall ci-devant Belgic provinces, known follow thc torrent in front of Garby the name of the Austrian Pays dola, and traverse the lake of Garda, Bas. The French Republic shall as far as Lacise, whence a military poffefs these countries in perpetuity, line, offering equal advantages to in entire sovereignty and property, both parties, ihall be marked out by and with all the territorial effects officers of engineers, named on both which belong to them.

fides, before the exchange of the raIV. All the debts for which the tification of the present treaty. The soil of the said countries shall have line of limitation shall afterwards pass been mortgaged before the war, the Adige at Langiacomo, and fol and the contracts for which shall low the left bank of that river to the fubfift in the customary forms, shall mouth of the Canal-Blanc, combe adopted by the French Repub- prising that part of Porto-Legnago lic. The Plenipotentiaries of his which is on the left bank of the Majesty the Emperor shall give an Adige, with a circular district of account of them as soon as possible, three thousand toises diameter. The and before the exchange of the ra- line fhall proceed by the left bank tifications, in order that, previous of the Canal-Blanc, by the left bank to the exchange, the Plenipotentia- of the Tartaro, by the left bank of ries of the two powers may agree the canal called Polisella, as far as upon the additional articles expla- its entrance into the Po, and by the natory of the present, and may lignleft bank of the Great Po, as far as them.

the sea. V. His Majesty the Emperor and VII. His Majesty the Emperor King consents that the French Re. and King renounces for ever, with public shall possess, in entire fove- respect to himself and his successors, reignty, the çi-devant Venetian Ifles all the rights, and titles arising out in the Levant, called Corfou, Zante, of those rights, which his faid MaCephalonia, St. Maure, Cerigo, and jesty might affert over the countries the other ifles depending upon them, poffeffed by him before the war, as well as Batrinto, Larta, Vonizza, that now make part of the Cisalpine

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Republic, which Republic shall pof- as limits between the territories of sess them in entire sovereignty, his Majesty and those of the Cifal. with all the territorial effects be- pine Republic shall be free, so that longing to them.

neither party can establish any toll, VIII. His Majesty the Emperor or maintain any vessel armed for and King acknowledges the Cifal- war; but this article does not expine Republic as an independent clude the precautions necessary to power. This Republic compre- the safety of the fortress of Portohends the ci-devant Austrian Lom- Legnago. bardy, the Bergamasque, the Bref. XII. All sales and alienations fan, the Cremafque, the city and made, and all engagements confortress of Mantua, Peschiera, that tracted, either by the cities or by part of the ci-devant Venetian states the government, or by the civil and which is to the west and south of administrative authorities, of the the line pointed out in Article VI, çi-devant Venetian countries, for for the frontier of the states of his the maintenance of the German Majesty the Emperor in Italy ; the and French armies, up to the date Modenois, the principality of Mar- of the figning of the present treafa and Carara, and the three lega- ty, shall be confirmed and regardtions of Bologna, Ferrara, and Ro- ed as valid. magna.

XIII. The titles and archives of IX. In all the countries ceded, the different countries ceded or exacquired, or exchanged by the pre- changed by the present treaty, fhall fent treaty, there shall be granted be delivered within three months to all the inhabitants and proprie- from the exchange of the ratificators of every fort a removal of the tions, to the powers which have sequestrations laid upon their pro- acquired the property of them. perty, effects, and revenues, on ac- The plans and charts of the forcount of the war between his Im- tresses, cities, and countries, which perial and Royal Majesty and the the contracting parties acquire by French Republic, and they shall not the present treaty, shall be also be difturbed, with refpect to it, in faithfully delivered to them. The their effects or persons. Those who military papers and registers taken may with to quit, for the future, the in the present war, shall be deliverfaid countries, shall be obliged to ed to the Etat-Majors of the respectmake a declaration to that effect ive armies. three months after the publication XIV. The two contracting parof the said treaty: They shall then ties, equally animated with the dehave the term of three years to fell fire of removing whatsoever might their effets, moveable or immove. injure the good intelligence happily able, or to dispose of them at their established between them, engage pleasure.

themselves, in the most folemn X. Debts for which the foil of manner, to contribute every thing. the countries ceded, acquired, or in their power to maintain the inexchanged by this treaty shall be terior tranquillity of their respectmortgaged, are the debts of those to ive states. whom the countries remain.

XV. A treaty of commerce fhall XI. The navigation of those parts be fpeedily concluded upon an of the rivers and canals which ferve equitable basis, and su

as shall af.


fure to his Majesty and the French nipotentiaries of the Germanic EmRepublic, advantages equal to those pire, and of the French Republic, enjoyed in their respective states by to conclude a pacification between the most favoured nations. In the those powers. This congress shall mean time all the communications be opened within one month after and commercial relations fhall be the conclusion of the present treaty, re-established upon the footing on or sooner if possible. which they were before the war. XXI. All the prisoners of war

XVI. No inhabitant of the coun- made on either side, and the hoftries octupied by the Austrian or tages taken or given during the French armies can be prosecuted, war, and which have not yet been either in his person or his property, restored, Mall be given up within for his opinions, or his civil, mili- forty days from the signature of the tary, or commercial actions, during present treaty. the war between the two powers.

XXII. The contributions, delive. XVII. His Majesty the Emperor ries, furnishments, and seizures of and King cannot, consistently with every hostile description, which the principles of neutrality, receive have taken place in the respective in any of his ports, during the pre- states of the contracting powers, fent war, more than fix vesels of shall cease from the day the ratifiwar belonging to either of the bel- cations of the present treaty fall ligerent powers.

be exchanged. XVIII. His Majesty the Emperor

XXIII. His Majesty the Emperor, and King obliges himself to cede to King of Hungary and Bohemia, and the Duke of Modena, as an indem- the French Republic, shall preserve nity for the countries hitherto be- between them the same ceremonial, longing to that prince and his heirs as to rank and other etiquettes, as was in Italy, the Brisgaw, which he shall constantly observed before the war. possess under the same conditions His aforesaid Majesty and the Cisalas those in virtue of which he pof- pine Republic, shall observe the fessed the Modenois.

same ceremonial as prevailed be. XIX. The landed and personal tween his Majesty aforesaid and the property of their Royal Highnesses Republic of Venice. the Archduke Charles and the Arch- XXIV. The present treaty of duchess Christina, not previously peace is declared to be in common alienated, and which are situate in with, and to be extended to the Ba. the territory ceded to the Republic, tavian Republic. shall be restored to them, on the XXV. The present treaty shall condition that they fhall be sold be ratified by his Majesty the Emwithin three years.

peror and the French Republic, The same terms shall be observed within the space of thirty days from with respect to the landed and per- the present day, or fooner, if poffifonal property of his Royal High-ble, and the acts of ratification, in nefs the Archduke Ferdinand, in due form, shall be exchanged at the territory of the Cisalpine Re- Rastadt. public.

Concluded and signed at Campo XX. A Congress shall be held at Formia, near Udina, on the Rastadt, composed solely of the Ple- 17th of October, 1797, (the 26th Vendemiaire) in the danger had plainly enough mani i fixth year of the French Re- fested itself, when one of the most

public, one and indivisible. powerful states of the empire aban(Signed) BUONAPARTE, the Mar- doned the common cause, to con

quis D. GALLO, Louis clude with the enemy a peace which, Compte COBENZEL, as it is conjectured, contains secret the Compt De Mer conventions that cannot but be far YELDT, General Major; from favourable to the integrity of and the Baron De De. the Germanic empire.

These apprehensions and alarms GELMANN. The Executive Directory decrees feveral Protestant princes and states

gained an additional weight when and signs the present treaty of peace of the empire, following the aforemade with his Majesty the Emperor, faid example, and, in the midst of King of Hungary and Bohemia, ne

a war deliberated by one common gotiated in the name of the French accord, did not hesitate to cease coRepublic by the Citizen Buonaparte, operating in the defence of the GerCommander in Chief of the army manic empire, their country, by of Italy, provided with powers by acknowledging and admitting the the Executive Directory, and charg- line of demarcation and neutrality, ed with their instructions for this The danger becoming greater every purpose.

day, his Majesty several times apprised the states of the empire of it,

and above all the ecclefiaftical states: Refcript adiirefled to his Excellency their farther exiftence was threaten

he strove to persuade them, that M. de Fahenberg, Direttorial Minij- ed; that there were forging secretter of Austria at Ratisbon, on the Part ly plans of secularization; and that, of his Majesty the Emperor and King, according to appearances, it was indared Feb. 7, 1797.

tended not to allign any sort of inCIS Majesty the Emperor and demnity to the ecclesiastical states, gious efforts of an enemy who, ac- divided and incapable of defending cording to his irreligious and artful itself, to accept this facrifice as the system, permits himself all possible principal basis of the conditions of means to ensure success, and con- peace, with the concurrence of the fidering the hazards attending the French forces, united with the Profate of arms, has always endeavour. teftant power dependent on Pruflia. ed to make the states understand Notwithstanding the accuracy of how impossible it would be for him, these representations on the part without the most efficacious afsift. of his Majesty, they did not how. ance of the whole empire, to resist ever wish to own and be convinced alone the danger which threatens of them till now; and by a mistaken the constitution of the Germanic æconomy they would not recur to body with its ruii., and the indivi. the only means of salvation propofdual members of the empire with ed by his Majesty, which were to the entire loss of their poffeffions. oppose the enemy with all the poffiȚhe existence of this impending ble forces of the state, At present,


since the projects which the enemies rous resolution of defending with themselves have manifested, have vigour, both during the war and at transpired by the negotiations of the conclusion of peace, the rights peace entered upon at Paris and and the cause of the ecclesiastical rendered public, no person will states and the country. doubt the apprehensions of his Ma- In this confident expectation, the jesty having been perfectly well- Directorial Archducal embassy of founded, that the fecularization of Austria fhall positively demand, that the different ecclefiaftical states of the contingents of all the states of the the empire still continues to make empire which expect any farther afpart of the enemy's destructive plan; fiftance from the imperial and royal and that, in consequence, the ad- court, be furnifhed as fpeedily as monitions of his Majesty, and his possible, complete, according to the proclamation, particularly to the quintuple proportion, and providecclesiastical states, to unite them- ed with all the military stores, as felves as closely as possible with him, likewise the discharge of the arrears were well worthy of their taking the still due in Roman months, &c. in trouble to reflect upon them in timę. order that, at the opening of the

The ecclefiaftical states cannot ensuing campaign, where it will be have failed to observe, after an at- required to act with all possible vitentive examination of the nego- gour, we may ascertain in due seatiations for peace opened at Paris, on the effective amount of the that his Majesty would not acqui- troops that will be employed, as esce in the plans prejudicial to the well as the other auxiliary means empire; that he has each time con- for the vigorous prosecution of the Itantly rejected them, and that he war. has manifested that he would not accept of indemnities at the ex- Imperial Refeript to the Diet of Ratisbon, pence of the faithful and patriotic

respecting the furnishing of the QuinItates of the empire; that, on the

tuple Contingents. contrary, he was resolved rather to hazard all, and to make his last ef- HIS Majesty, the Emperor and forts, than be forced to it. King, has not ceased to endea.

His Majesty expects that, in the vour to convince the states of the face of the imminent and pressing empire during the present war, danger which menaces the ecclefi- that the vigorous support of the uaftical Atates, the electorales, the nited empire is required to avert principalities, and the other states the danger which threatens the of the empire, they will have no. Germanic constitution with total thing more at heart than to delibe. subversion. This danger became rate among themselves


the the more manifest, since several means of forming a close union princes of the empire entered into with the august house of Austria, feparate negotiations with the and of giving fuccour to his Majer- French republic, and by so doing ty in every possible manner, by uf- exempted themselves from all furing all the forces, all the means, ther active co-operation for the dewhich are in their power, and to fence of Germany. The appréstrengthen his Majesty in the gene- henfions which his Imperial Majef


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