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tons to the south of the said river, on other provisions and merchanbeing prevented from using it free-dises of the fame kind imported by ly, and without being subject to the other nations. duties of entrance, course, and wa- 3d. That nevertheless the French ter-duty,

Republic not being able to offer to IX. The subjects of Her Most Portugal but a price extremely low Faithful Majesty who are settled to for its wines, and being unable to the north of the frontier line above compensate by the introduction of marked, shall be free to remain there, French cloths into that kingdom, obeying the laws of the Republic, things shall reciprocally remain, or to withdraw with their effects, with respect to those two articles, or to sell the lands belonging to in their present state. them. The facuity of retiring and 4th. That the duties of custom selling their moveable or immove- and others upon provisions and able effects, is reciprocally reserved merchandise of the soil and manuto the French who may be settled factures of the two powers, shall be to the south of the said frontier line. reciprocally regulated upon the fame The exercite of the said faculty is footing as with regard to other moft limited to one, and the other to favoured nations. two years, reckoning from the ex- 5th. That out of the duties thus change of the ratifications of the regulated, there shall be allowed a French treaty:

drawback in favour of merchandises X. There shall be negotiated and the produce of the soil or manufac concluded as soon as possible be- tures of the states of each of the tween the two powers, a treaty of two powers, provided they are imcommerce founded upon equitable ported in national vessels on account basis, and reciprocally advantage of the merchants to whom they be

Until it is concluded, it is long, and sent in right of the ports agreed,

of Europe, on the one hand, to the ist. That the commercial relations ports of Europe on the other. The shall be re-established immediately amount of these drawbacks, as well after the exchange of the ratifica- as the kinds of merchandises to tion, and that the citizens or sub- which they shall apply, to be regujects of each of the two powers shall lated by the treaty of commerce to enjoy in the territories of the other be concluded between the two all the rights, immunities, and pre- powers. rogatives enjoyed by the most fa- 6th. That further, all the stipulavoured nations.

tions relative to commerce inserted 2d. That the provisions and mer. in preceding treaties concluded béchandises, the produce of their foil tween the two powers shall be

proor their manufactures, shall be re- visionally executed, wherein they spectively admitted, if the provi- are not contrary to the present sions and merchandise of the same treaty. kind of other nations are, or shall ·

Xí. Her Most Faithful Majesty afterwards be admitted ; and that shall admit into her ports the French the said provisions and merchan- frips of war and merchantmen, undises shall not be subject to any pro- der the same conditions as the ships hibition which shall not equally fall of the most favoured na:ions are ad1



mitted. The Portuguese vessels XVI. The peace and good friendThall enjoy in France the most exact fhip re-established by the present reciprocity.

treaty between the French RepubXII. The French consuls and lic and Her Most Faithful Majesty, vice-consuls Thall enjoy privileges, are deelared to extend in common immunities, prerogatives, and juris- to the Batavian Republic. dictions, as they enjoyed them be- XVII. The prefent treaty shall fore the war, and as they are enjoy- be ratified, and the ratification exed by the most favoured nations. changed in two months, reckoning

XIII. The ambassador or minif- from this day. ter of the French Republic at the Done, performed, concluded, court of Portugal, shall enjoy the signed, and confirmed, to wit, fame immunities, prerogatives, and by me Charles Delacroix, by privileges as French anballadors the seal for foreign affairs, and enjoyed previous to the war.

by me the Chevalier d'AranXIV. All the French citizens, as jo, by the seal of my arms, at well as the individuals composing Paris, the 23d Thermidor, the establishment of the ambassador fifth year of the French Reor minister of the councils, and public, answering to the 10th other agents accredited and ac- of August, old style. knowledged by the French Repub- (Signed) lic, fhall enjoy in the states of Her CHARLES DELACROIX. Most Faithful Majesty the same li- ANT.D'ARANJO DAZEVEDO. berty of worship as is enjoyed by the moft favoured nations in this The Executive Directory agrees to respect.

sign this present treaty between Her The present, and two preceding Most Faithful Majesty the Queen articles, shall be reciprocally observe of Portugal, negotiated in the name ed by the French Republic with re- of the Republic by citizen Charles gard to the ambasadors, ministers, Delacroix, Minister Plenipotentiaconsuls, and other agents of Her ry, invested with powers to that efMost Faithful Majefty.

feet by a decree of the 30th last XV. All the prisoners made on Metlidor, and charged by his inboth sides, including marines and structions. failors, shall be given up in a month, Done at the national palace of reckoning from the exchange of the the Executive Directory, the ratification of the present treaty, on

24th Thermidor, 5th year payment of the debts they shall have of the Republic, one and incontracted during their captivity.

divisible. For the sake of The sick and wounded shall conti- expedition, nue to be taken care of in the re- (Signed) REVELLIERE LEPAUX, spective hospitals : they shall be

President. given up immediately after they By the Executive Directory, are cured.

LAGARDE, Sec. Gen. *

Convention * The Executive Directory, however, by a decree of the 26th O&tober, declar

a ed this treaty null and void.The following is a copy of the decree :

" Tha

Convention concluded between General power in Europe, which is the

Buonaparte and the Marquis of Men- French Republic: in fine, whereas fredini, on Behalf of the Grand Duke these infringements of the neutralof Tuscany.

ity display a tendency hostile to the

French Republic, and contrary to ist. THE Grand Duke shall pay the good understanding which ought 800,000 livres, as an indemnity for to fubfist with Lombardy, the Gethe expences of the French garri- neral Administration resolves as fola son at Leghorn.

lows : 2d. General Buonaparte promises

ist. All the inhabitants of the to withdraw that garrison, confift- bailiwicks of Belinzona and Lugaing of 1600 men, and on whose de


who shall parture the Grand Duke will pay tory of Lombardy unprovided with

appear on the terri1,200,000 livres more to the French passports of the Lombard constitutRepublic.

ed authorities, fhall immediately be

arrested as suspected persons, conDeclaration of the General Administration ducted beyond the frontiers, and, of Lombardy.

should they return again, be treated

as spies of the hostile WHEREAS, notwithstanding the


powers, declaration of neutrality of the Hel. judged by martial law.

2d. All the Swiss barges, on Vetic Republic, the inhabitants of board of which Austrian deferters the bailiwicks of Lugano and Be- shall be found, are to be confiscated, linzona have openly favoured the and their masters judged by militadesertion of the Austrian prisoners; whereas money, boats, and clothes ry law as persons recruiting for the

enemy. are procured, and roads pointed out

3. As long as the agents of Aufto them to join their armies; where

tria, especially one Andreazzi, callas the magistrates permit Austrian and English emiffaries to refide in ing himself an imperial commision

er, shall not be banished from those those bailiwicks, from whence they countries, the importation of corn endeavour to disturb the internal from Lombardy thall be prohibited. tranquillity of Lombardy; whereas the principal magistrate at Lugano has dared to compel by force lome

Ratisbon, February 19th, 1797. Lombards who resided in that town THE impending new campaign to lay aside the cockade of the first has been officially announced to the


“ The Executive Directory, considering that the Queen of Portugal, instead of fending a pure and simple ratification of the treaty of peace concluded with the Executive Directory, in the name of the French Republic, on the 23d Thermidor, 5th year, within the two months allowed by that treaty, has put her principal strong places into the hands of the English army, decrees as follows:

“ The treaty between the French Republic and the Queen of Portugal,concluded on the 23d Thermidor, 5th year, and not ratified on the part of her faid Majefty, is declared to be of no effect.

“ The minister for foreign affairs is charged to notify to M. Aranjo Dazeredo, Minister Plenipotentiary of the Queen of Portugal, to quit the territory of the Rea public without delay.

(Signed) “LA REVELLIERE LEPAUX, President,".

diet of the empire. The declara. Buonaparte, General in Chief of the tion made on the 14th instant, on Army of Italy, to the People of Cathe part of the Emperor, to the rinthia. three colleges of the empire, con- General Quarters at Clagenfurt, tains, amongst others, the following paffage :

April ift. The states must have acquired the THE French army does not most perfect conviction from many come into your country to conquer events, especially from the hoftile it, nor to effect any change in your sentiments expressed by the enemy religion, manners, or customs. It against the integrity of the empire, is the friend of all nations, and parthat it is become unavoidably ne- ticularly of the brave people of cessary to make greater efforts, and Germany. to lose no time in straining every The Executive Directory of the nerve to support his Imperial Ma- French Republic have spared no jesty in the generous patriotic re- pains to bring to a termination the solution of employing all his forces calamities which defolate the Confor the welfare of the Germanic tinent. Resolved to be foremost empire, and the preservation of its in the accomplishment of this plan, constitution, with all possible vigour, they fent General Clarke to Vienand with farther sacrifices of his re- na, as a Plenipotentiary, to comsources.

mence negotiations for peace; but The Emperor then demands of the court of Vienna refused to all those states who wish for the hearken to them : it has ever been farther protection of the imperial declared at Vicenze, through the arms, the speedy furnishing of their medium of M. St. Vincent, that it. quintuple contingent of troops, who did not acknowledge the French are to join the army of the empire Republic. General Clarke de- . without delay ; to furnish allo the manded a passport, to go to speak contingents in money, and the ar- to the Emperor himself; but the rears of the Roman months, in or- ministers of the court of Vienna der that the effective force may be dreaded, with reason, that the moseasonably known before the open- deration of the propositions which ing of the impending campaign, he was charged to make, would inwhich is to be carried on with the fluence the Emperor to conclude a greatest energy

peace. These ministers, corrupted The Emperor concludes his de- by EngliMh gold, betrayed Germany claration by itating,

and their prince, and are as reluctHis Majesty the Emperor and ant to negotiation as the perfidious King, considering the immense ef-islanders who are the horror of all forts of the enemy, and the vicissi- Europe. tudes of the war which have hither- Inhabitants of Carinthia! I to taken place, will find it impossi- know it, you detest, as much as us, ble to avert the hostile dangers both the English, who are the only which threaten the Germanic con- gainers by the existing warfare, and stitution, and the prosperity of cer- your minister, who is fold to them. tain districts of Germany, unless his If we have been at war for fix co-states will grant him the most ac- years, it is contrary to the wishes tive support.

of the brave Hungarians, of the



we are

enlightened citizens of Vienna, are attributed to the Proveditori and of the fimple but honest citi- Battagia, the Republic of Venice zens of Carinthia.

fees itself under the necessity of No matter! In spite of England, declaring that proclamation forged, and the ministers of the court of and of warning all its faithful lubVienna,

friends, The jects not to be deceived by such French Republic assures to you the fianders, or induced to suppofe that rights of conquest; let them disap- its friendship towards the Republic pear before the contract by which of France is in the least changed, we are reciprocally bound. You The Senate entertains no doubt will not join in a contest which is that the French nation will treat contrary to your sentiments. You such.calumnies with the contempt will furnish the provisions which they deferve, and repose that conwe may want. On my part, I shall fidence in the Republic of Venice protect your religion, your man- which it has merited by its irreners, and your property. I shall proachable conduct. not exact from you any contribution. Is not the war of itself horri. Manifesto of General Buonaparte against ble enough? Have you not already

Venice. suffered too much, you who are the innocent victims of others folly?

Head Quarters, Palma Nova, The impositions which you have

14 Floreal (May 13). been accustomed to pay to the Em

WHILST the French army was peror, will indemnify you for the engaged in the defiles of Styria, inevitable losses attending the march and left far behind them Italy and of an army, and the provisions with the principal establishments of the which you will furnish us.

army, where only a small number

of battalions remained, this was the Proclamation relative to the Disturbances nice:-1. They profited of Passion

conduct of
the government of

Vein the Venetian Territory.

week, to arm 40,000 pealants, unitTHE conduct of the Republic ing them with ten regiments of of Venice, during the commotions Sclavonians, organised them into in Europe, has always been, and different corps, and sent them to still remains, so perfectly neutral different points, to intercept all and friendly towards all the bellige- kind of communication between rent powers, that the Senate did the army and the places in the not imagine it necessary to give the rear.-2. Extraordinary commissaleast attention to the evil-disposed ries, guns, ammunition of all kinds, who pretended to question their and a great quantity of cannon, sincerity; but, as these malignant were sent from Venice even to enemies of the Republic have dif- complete the organization of differseminated the vileft anders against ent corps of the army.-3. All perthe fincerity of the peaceable dispo- sons in the Terra Firma a ho had fition of the Republic, in a fabri- received us favourably, were arcated proclamation, dated Verona, rested; benefits and the confidence March 22, in which expressions of the government were heaped injurious to the French Republic upon all those who possessed a Vol. XXXIX.




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