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charged with the office of massacring hopes with which foreign natio the Directory, and the deputies were inspired, the so much with faithful to the cause of the people. conclusion of peace

with our exte A great number of emigrants, cut- nal foes, honourable and solid, wo throats of Lyons, and brigands of thy of the triumph of the Frenc La Vendee, attracted hither by the people, and of their generosity intrigues of royalism, and the ten- No, you will not lose the fruits o der interest publicly lavished upon your long facrifices, you will rise them without fear, attacked the indignantly against those base emi posts which surrounded the Exe- grants, the authors of our calamicutive Directory; but the vigilance ties, of all our agitations, of all our of the government, and the chiefs sufferings. You will arm yourselves of the armed force, frustrated their to stop their designs, and to defend criminal efforts. The Executive against their attacks your persons, Directory is about to lay before the your property, and your rights. nation the authentic documents But beware of agitations :--do not which it has collected concerning disgrace the most glorious of causes the manæuvres of the royalists. by the excesses of an anarchy justly You will fhudder with horror, citi- abhorred. Respect property. Let zens, at the plots entered into against not an ill-directed patriotic impulse the safety of every one of you, throw you into a fatal confusion. against your property, against your Obey no voice but that of the dearest rights, against your most fa- avowed chiefs appointed by the gocred poffeflions; and you may cal. vernment. Rely upon the vigiculate the extent of the calamities lance of your magistrates, and upon from which in future you can alone the exertions of your legiflators, be preserved by the maintenance who have remained faithful to the of the constitution. So many tri- cause of the people. Patriotism umphs had already crowned the will resume all'its energy, the conestablishment of this conftitution ; ftitution all its force, the nation all your Generals and your intrepid de- its glory, and every citizen will enfenders, had surrounded it with joy, in their fullest extent, liberty, their immortal trophies. At the happiness, and tranquillity. fame of their victories, agriculture and commerce resumed their acti.

Arrêt of the Executive Directory of the vity, public credit by degrees reco

12th Ventose. vered, confidence and security began to spring up in every heart, THE Executive Directory hayand this is the moment which has ing consulted the law of the 9th been pitched upon to rekindle your March, 1793, considering that the animofities, to propagate supersti- flags of neutral powers being no tion, to reorganize the power of fa- longer respected by the enemies of naticism, to sow doubts and alarms the French Republic, and all the in every breast, by opening new rights of men being violated to avenues for the return of the emi- their prejudice, it is no longer pergrants, to flrake the guarantee of mitted to the French people to fulpublic contracts, to give the signal fil towards those powers in general of civil war, and to retard, by the that with which they have so often


manifested, and which they will of the Republic to respect and 00constantly entertain for the full and serve in all their dispositions the entire freedom of commerce and treaties which unite France to the navigation, directs, among other neutral powers of the continent, dispositions,

and to the United States of Ameriift. That ships of war and priva- ca; considering that this last law is teers may stop, and bring into the derogatory to the law of the 9th of ports of the Republic, neutral ships May, 1793, refolves as follows: which shall be charged, in whale or Art. 1. The commissaries of the in part, with merchandise belong- Executive Directory with the civil ing to the enemy;

tribunals of the department, shall 2d. That merchandise belonging take care that, in the contefts upon to the enemy shall Le declared good the validity of marine prizes, no and lawful prize, and be confiscated decision shall be founded upon the to the profit of the captors.

7th article of the law of the 13th 3d. That in all cases neutral ships Nivose, without the minister of shall be released the moment that justice having been previously conthe merchandise seized is discharg- sulted, conformably to the third ared; that the freight of it fhall be ticle of the law of the 8th Floreal, paid at the rate which shall have fourth year, relative to the treaties, been ftipulated by the consigners; in virtue of which neutral persons and that a juft indemnity shall be pretend to withdraw themselves, sy granted on account of their deten- means of the first of these laws, from tion by the tribunals competent to the execution of that of the 9th of decide

upon the validity of prizes. March, 1793. 4th. That these tribunals shall be 2d. The minister of justice shall directed besides to send, three days examine whether the treaties still after the decision, a double invento- subsist, or whether they have been ry of the merchandise to the mi- modified since the conclusion of nister of marine, an! another to the them. There shall be furnished to minister for foreign affairs. them by the minister for foreign

5th. That the present law, ap- affairs, all the documents of which plicable to all the captures that they mall stand in need; and refehave been made since the declara- rence shall be made to the Execution of war, shall cease to have ef- tive Directory, as it is prescribed by fect as soon as the enemy shall have the law of the 8th Floreal, fourth declared non-feizable, although def- year. tined for the ports of the Republic, Sd. The Directory remind all the merchandise laden on board French citizens, that the treaty neutral ships, which shall belong to concluded on the 6th of February, the government, or to French citi. 1778, between France and the zens,

United States, has been, on the Having seen the law of the 27th terms of the second article, modifiof July, 1793, which directs the ed of full right by that which has foregoing law to be fully executed; been concluded at London on the having also seen the 7th article of 19th November, 1794, between the law of the 13th Nivose, third the United States of America and year, which enjoins all the agents England : in consequence,

ist. After

ist. After the article 17th of the the 14th February, 1793, the regutreaty of London, of the 19th Nov- lations of the 21st October, 1794, ember, 1794, all merchandise of the and of the 26th July, shall be comenemy's, or merchandise not suffi- plied with, according to their form ciently ascertained to be neutral, and tenor. conveyed under American flags, Every American ship shall there., shall be confiscated: but the ship fore be deemed a lawful prize which on board of which such merchandise shall not have on board a bill of shall be found, shall be released and lading in due form, according to the given to the proprietor. The com- plan annexed to the treaty of the missaries of the Directory are en- 6th of February, 1778, the execujoined to accelerate, by all the tion of which is enjoined by the means in their power, the decision 25th and 27th articles of that treaty. of the contests which shall arife ei- 5th. The commissioners of the ther upon the validity of the cap- Executive Directory are required to tures of the cargoes, or upon freights carry into effect the penalties that and insurances.

attach on all clandestine attempts, 2d. According to the 18th arti- that may be made by American, or cle of the treaty of London, dated vessels belonging to any other nathe 19th of November, 1794, rela- tion, to pass as neutral, on board tive to articles declared contraband the vessel where the fraud is at. by the 24th article of the treaty, tempted to be practised, in the mandated February 6th, 1778, are add- ner that these penalties have been ed the following:

repeatedly carried into effect during Ship-timber;

the present war. The penalty shall Oakum, pitch, and rosin; attach where the blanks in the con. Copper for sheathing vessels ; signments and envoices are not fill

Sails, hemp, and cordage; ed up, though signed and sealed, and every thing which serves di- where the papers are in the form of rectly or indirectly to the arming letters, containing fictitious fignaand equipping of vessels, excepting tures; where are double pasiports bar iron, and fir in planks. These or policies, specifying different defarticles shall be confiscated as often tinations; where consignment is as they shall be destined, or attempt- made to two or more factors, and ed to be carried to the enemy.

where there are different receipts 3d. According to the 21st article or papers of any kind which conof the treaty of London of the above fign the whole or part of the same date, every American who shall goods to different owners or diffehold a commission from the enemies rent destinations. of France, as well as every

seaman 6th. By this article, provisions of of that nation composing the crew the treaty of the 9th Frimaire last, of the flips and veffeis, fhall, by relative to freight and insurance, this act alone be declared piratical, are repealed, as far as they apply to and treated as such, without suffer- insurance. ing the party to establish that the 7th. The present treaty shall be act was the contequence of threats published in the bulletin of the laws. or violence.

The ministers of the marine and of 4th. In pursuance of the law of the colonies, of justice, and for foreign affairs, are charged with the to conclude a peace with the emexecution of it in their respective pire. Citizens, every thing predepartments.

sages that in a short time you shall (Signed) REWBELL, President.

gather the fruit of so many facriLAGARDE, Sec. Gen. fices. The peace of the continent

will soon be fixed on an immovable Proclamation of the Executive Directory base. to the French People.

It only remains to you to punish

the perfídy of the cabinet of LonCitizens, 5th Brumaire.

don, which is still so blinded as to THE proclamation of the 4th think of making other nations the Complementary Day in the 5th Naves of their maritime tyranny, year, had for its object to put the and who deceive the English themFrench armies in a condition to felves by extorting from them the march on the 15th Vendemiaire, means of prolonging on the ocean (Otober 6th)..

the calamities of war, the effusion The defenders of their country of human blood, the destruction of have listened to the voice of the commerce, and all the horror in Executive Directory. From every which it traffics, and for which it part they have rejoined their re- pays. These, however, will shortly spective armies, and the minister at be retorted on themselves. It is war has returned on this head the at London that all the miseries of most satisfactory accounts. In this Europe have been fabricated, and generous ardour, in this eager zeal it is there that they must be termifor the maintenance of liberty, the nated. Citizens, under these cirfpirit of Frenchmen was recognised. cumstances the end very nearly ap

Their warlike attitude has al- proaches of those milftary efforts ready overthrown the obstacles which the government is still to which the cabinet of St. James has expect from French valour. But so long opposed to the conclusion until this objeét be attained, be of a peace with the Emperor. On your guard : do not lay down those viewing your position, Austria re- arms which make you fo terrible to turned to her true interests, and on the enemies of your independence; the 26th Vendemiaire, the treaty do not listen to the perfidious fugwhich was suspended for more than gestions of those who would wish to fix months, was concluded at San destroy the effect of your triumph; Formio, near Udina, between the they are about to repeat to you Commander in Chief, Buonaparte, that, peace being concluded, you Plenipotentiary of the French Re- Mould now return to your homes : public, and four Plenipotentiaries yes, the Directory has undoubtedly of the Emperor, King of Bohemia signed for you a glorious peace; and Hungary. You will learn with but, in order to enjoy its happiness, pleasure that several millions of it is necessary that you should finish men have been restored to liberty, your work; that you Mould enforce and that the French nation is the the execution of those articles which benefactress of these


have been agreed upon between the But this is not all. A congress Emperor and France ;-you should is about to be assembled, in order aid the prompt decision of those


which are still pending with the em- innumerable battles, where victory pire; and, in fine, you must crown always rested on your side, you are your exploits by the invasion of that called on to subdue the first

, the island where your ancestors carried most intractable, and the most cunslavery under" William the Con- ning of your enemies. .

. queror, and carry thither again the The Executive Directory is desigenius of liberty, which will disem- rous of a general. peace. It wishes bark at the same time with the such a peace for you and for Europe. French.

It is now one year or more fince Citizens, be assured that govern- a faithless enemy, restless and buzment is desirous of accelerating that zing, has disturbed all the cabinets, happy moment when, in concert loudly proposing peace, and secret. with the legislature, they can re- ly blowing up the embers of war. duce their armies to the footing They affect to extinguish with one of a peace establishment, recom- hand the torch which they are repense those heroes who compose kindling with the other. They them, and, after having consecrated send out with pomp their pacifica their valour by feasts and monu- tor, yet they stifle every overture ments worthy of their triumphs, which has any tendency towards spread through every canton that a pacification. This enemy your republican spirit with which the indignation can at once point out armies have been animated, by. and name; it is the cabinet of Tending to their homes those of St. James, the most corrupting and their defenders who have a right corrupted of the governments of to return.

Europe; it is the English governBut of this you shall judge your- ment. selves. The hour has not yet struck: It is not only against French lia few instants more, and the French berty that this government had diRepublic, triumphantly established, rected its conspiracy: it is against and everywhere acknowledged, will the whole world. This perfidious enjoy that repose which it is to pro- government wishes to trouble, subcure to the world.

jugate, or desolate every part of the The Executive Directory decrees globe. Say, Americans, who were that the above proclamation shall directly or indirectly your real rulbe printed, and sent into all the de- ers: - Unfortunate Indians, speak partments and to the armies; and by what detestable arts this

gothat the arret annexed to the de- vernment has founded its tyranny cree of the 4th Complementary amongst ye? - And you, ye Eu

Day shall continue to be executed ropeans, still more unfortunate, according to its form and tenor. innocent inhabitants of Franconia.

and of the Northern Alps; ye Proclamation of the French Directory to

numerous victims of the scourge Frenchmen.

of war, say who have been the most

ardent instigators of the scourge Frimaire, Nov. 21. of war, where immense treasures Citizens,

have been engulphed where THE interest of the republic calls more than a million of men have on you for a new triumph. After been slain and where the eye

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