American Geology: Letter on Some Points of the Geology of Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, and Nebraska; Adressed [sic] to Messrs. F. B. Meek and F. V. Hayden

The author, 1858 - 16 sider
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Side 10 - Pormian in the Paleozoic; but I think the old classification a better one; and more, I think the term Permian, at least as given by Murchison for the strata of the government of Perm, a very improper one. There are strong suspicions that Murchison has put in his Permian of Russia a part, if not the whole, of the Trias; and I am...
Side 5 - Descriptions of new organic remains collected in Nebraska Territory in the year 1857, by Dr. FV Hayden, geologist to the exploring expedition under the command of Lieut. GK Warren, Top. Engr. US Army, together with some remarks on the geology of the Black Hills and portions of the surrounding country.
Side 8 - Explanations of a Second Edition of a Geological Map of Nebraska and Kansas, based upon Information obtained in an Expedition to the Black Hills, under the Command of Lieut. GK Warren.
Side 12 - ... of the parasitic corals. The ferns are abundant in the rock at this point, and many of them unbroken, and evidently not far or long transported, which, had they been, would have given support to the supposition of this bcdy being coral. I have referred this species to the Glossopteris Phillipsii, as being the only description and fig-ure accessible to me*, to which? this fossil bears any near resemblance.
Side 10 - ... later papers. Although the evidence that it is of lower cretaceous age was perfectly satisfactory to us, some writers have considered it triassic, while others have regarded it as Jurassic and even miocene tertiary. In a late publication addressed to Mr. Meek and the writer, Professor Marcou says: " Allow me respectfully to suggest to you that I cannot see anything of cretaceous in what you call No. 1 of your Nebraska section. It appears to me that you put in your No. 1, or lower cretaceous,...
Side 16 - Kansas and Nebraska. Our object being! « simply to announce our conclusions derived from the study! «of fossils collected from these rocks in the West, we did! « not refer to their supposed prior discovery in Pennsylvania and! « on the Atlantic coast, nor were we able to judge of the evi-t «dence of their existence in those localities, it being based,!
Side 5 - By these remarks we do not wish — to withhold from « Mr. Marcou the credit justly due him for having first suggested the existence of Jurassic rocks in this region...
Side 5 - Shumard at Fort Washita , Texas, where they «appear to hold the same geological position, and are asso« ciated with Ammonites vespertinus Morton.

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