Correlation Papers ; Eocene

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1891 - 173 sider
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Side 35 - His Report on the Geology and Agriculture of the State of Mississippi appeared in 1860.
Side 151 - Virginia ; a Geographical and Political Summary, embracing a description of the State, its geology, soils, minerals, and climate ; its animal and vegetable productions ; manufacturing and commercial facilities ; religious and educational advantages ; internal improvements and form of government.
Side 154 - Report of the progress of the Geological Survey of the State of Virginia for the year 1840.
Side 157 - Notes on the Geology of the Survey for the Extension of the Union Pacific Railway, ED, from the Smoky Hill River, Kansas, to the Rio Grande; Phila., 1868, pp.
Side 27 - ... exist. The conclusions at which he arrived from his extensive survey are given briefly as follows : (1) The only Tertiary formations which the author saw agree well in their geological types with the Eocene and Miocene beds of England and France ; (2) he found no secondary fossils in those rocks which have been called Upper Secondary and supposed to constitute a link between the Cretaceous and Tertiary formations.
Side 63 - Ferruginous sand, holding vast numbers of comminuted as well as well preserved shells. Near the center of this there are in places thin bands of lignite, and along the ferry road the upper part of it is composed of laminated gray clays filled with leaf impressions.
Side 149 - THE ANNUAL REPORT of Prof. Geo. H. Cook, State Geologist, to His Excellency Joel Parker, President of the Board of Managers of the Geological Survey of New Jersey, for the year 1864.
Side 121 - The boundary line between the Cretaceous and Tertiary in the region of the Rocky Mountains has been much in dispute during the last few years, mainly in consequence of the uncertain geological bearings of the fossil plants found near this horizon. The accompanying invertebrate fossils have thrown little light on the question, which is essentially, whether the great Lignite series of the West is uppermost Cretaceous, or lowest Eocene. The evidence of the numerous vertebrate remains is, in my judgment,...
Side 125 - Dinosaurians. and that the barrier which separated those faunae was removed by some one of the various surface movements connected with the evolution of the continent. The climate and other physical conditions which were essential to the existence of the Dinosaurians of the Laramie period having evidently been continued into the Tertiary epochs that are represented by the Wasatch, Green...
Side 157 - Notes explanatory of a map and section, illustrating the geological structure of the country bordering on the Missouri river, from the mouth of the Platte to Fort Benton in latitude 47° 30' N., longitude 110° 30

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