The Spanish Ulcer: A History of the Penisular War

Birlinn, Limited, 31. jul. 2002 - 572 sider
By July 1807 Napoleon dominated most of Europe, the only gap in his continental system was the Iberian Peninsula. This text provides a history of the savage war which Napoleon considered insignificant, yet which ended in defeat for the French.

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This is the best one volume treatment of the Peninsular War I've read. The sketches, (I can't call them maps), are numerous and useful. The text is clearly written. The reader gets a relatively open ... Læs hele anmeldelsen

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The Peninsular War is a unique part of the broader Napoleonic Wars. The author, David Gates, research of this theater is impressive and meticulous. He writes in great detail, about every battle and ... Læs hele anmeldelsen

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