Denial of the Denial, Or the Battle of Auschwitz: The Demography and Geopolitics of the Holocaust : the View from the Twenty-first Century

Academic Studies Press, 2012 - 345 sider
Over the decades, the Holocaust has remained a critical issue both historically and politically. This is due to the modernization of anti-Semitism in the West, where accusations of ritual murder have long been passé and claims that the Holocaust was a hoax are de riguer, and to the government sanctions of anti-Semitism in the East in countries such as Iran. The purely scholarly problem of determining the number of victims, like other aspects of demography related to the Holocaust, have suddenly become closely embroiled in geopolitics and the phenomenon of Holocaust denial, which is now a context that has been forced upon it. This book is imbued with these connections and interrelationships. Avraham, Wolfgang Benz, Sergio Della Pergola, Mark Kupovetsky, Dieter Pohl, Aron Shneer, and the editors contribute their voices to the topic.

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Alfred Kokh (PhD St. Petersburg School of Economics) is an economist, politician, businessman and journalist. From 1987 to 1990 he worked as a professor of economics, and then in 1990-1997 joined government service as a member of the cabinet from 1993-1997. He led the election company for the liberal block in 2003. After leaving the state service, he was the head of a few major companies, including the NTV television company and Gazprom-Media. Kokh is the author of The Selling of the Soviet Empire: Politics & Economics of Russia's Privatization-Revelations of the Principal Insider (1998), Privatization in a Russian Way (in Russian, with A. Chubais, M. Boiko, D. Vasiliev and others, 1999), Case of Vodka (with Igor Svinarenko, 2003-2005), and many articles in Russian periodicals.Pavel Polian (PhD Moscow University) is a geographer, historian and literary scholar (publishing under the pseudonym Pavel Nerler). His interests range from the history of forced migration and Jewish immigration and emigration to the history of captivity during the Second World War and the history of the Holocaust. Polian graduated from the faculty of geography of Moscow University, where he later defended two dissertations (1980 and 1998) and where he has been a professor since 2008. He is also a researcher at the University of Freiburg, Germany. Polian is the author of Victims of Two Dictatorships: Life, Labor, Humiliation and Death of Soviet War Prisoners and Ostarbeiters Abroad and in Their Motherland (1996), Deportiert nach Hause (2001), Against their Will: the History and Geography of Forced Migrations in the USSR (2003) and many others.

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