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ABBADIE (A, d'), the Remarkable Sunsets, 132

Algeria, Sinking of Earth at Bona, 460
Abney (Capt., F.R.S.), Wave-lengths of A, a, and Lines in Algiers, Earthquake in, 415
Infra-red of Visible Spectrum, 190

Almanac, the Nautical, 89
Abyssinia, Dr. Stecker's Travels in, 347

Alpine Clubs, German, 462 ; Austrian, 462 ; French, 488
Achard's Continuous Electric Brake, 245

Alps of New Zealand, Green's, Prof. Bonney, F.R.S., 281
Affinity, Chemical, Oswald's Studies of, 391 ; Flavitsky's Theory Aluminium, Peculiar Absorption of lodic Acid by, Dr. G. Gore,
of, 392

F.R.S., 254
Africa : Exploration of Stanley's Congo Expedition, 15; Portu- Amambara Creek, Flegel's Map of, 585

guese Expedition to West, 64, 245 ; Dr. Holub's Expedition, Amazons (Upper Regions), Topography and Ethnography of,
135, 346; Russian Expedition to West, 296 ; Dr. Emin-Bey's

Colini, 272
Explorations, 160 ; Dr. Richard Böhm's and P. Reichardt's America : Co-education of the Sexes in, 158 ; November Meet-
Explorations, 272; Races of Western Tropical, H. H. John ing of National Academy of Sciences, 161 ; Clifford Richard-
ston, 303 ; Junker's Expedition, 318 ; O'Neill's Explorations, son on American Wheat, Prof. J. Wrightson, 173 ; American
346 ; Dr. Chavanne's Expedition, 346 ; Sketch of the Modern Geology, F. V. Hayden, A. Geikie, F.R.S., 233; an Ameri-
Languages of Africa, Robt. Needham Cust, Prof. A. H. can Rothamsted, Prof. W. Fream, 238; American Naturalist,
Keane, 377 ; Geology of Central Africa, H. Drummond, 551; 165, 375; American Journal of Science, 141, 252, 397, 466, 540,
African Spiders, 408 ; Dr. Junker's Discoveries in the Wellé 613; American Association for the Advancement of Science,
Region, 584

87; Recent Low Temperatures in America, Dr. John Rae,
Agardh (Dr.), on Algæ, Mary P. Merrifield, 340

F.R.S., 287
Agassiz (Prof. Alex.), Embryological Monographs, 16; the Por- Amu-Daria, Russian Explorers on the Old Bed of the, 416, 557
pitidæ and Velellidæ, 262

Amur, Changes of Level of, 15
Agates, Prof. M. Forster Heddle, 419

Anatomy for Artists, John Marshall, 30, 56, 123
Agriculture, an American Rothamsted, Prof. W. Fream, 238 Anderson's Handbook of Archæological Collections in Indian
Agriculture in Sussex, 575

Museum, 27 ; Guide to Calcutta Zoological Gardens, 426
Agricultural Society, Royal, Journal of, 75

Anemometer, a New, Prof. Börnstein, 280
Air, Velocity of Sound in, D. J. Blaikley, 148

Animal Body, Nuclein in, Prof. Kossel, 352
Air, Dusty, on the Formation of Small Clear Spaces in, John Animal Intelligence, J. M. Hayward, 357

Aitken, 322 ; Phenomena exhibited by, in the Neighbourhood | Animals : Mental Evolution in, F. J. Faraday, 335, 381, 428 ;
of Strongly-Illuminated Bodies, Profs. Oliver J. Lodge and G. J. Romanes, F.R.S., 330, 336, 404, 428
J. W. Clark, 417

Animals, Teaching, to Converse, Sir J. Lubbock, F.R.S., 216,
Air-Wave, the Krakatoa, General Strachey, F.R.S., 181

237, 547 ; Col. H. Stuart Wortley, 261
Air-Waves, Earthquakes and, General Strachey, F.R.S., and Annalen der Physik und Chemie, 94, 253, 276, 495
Maxwell Hall, 427

Annals of Mathematics (Magazine), 135
Airy (Sir G. B., F.R.S.), on Chepstow Railway Bridge, 75 Annelida of the North Atlantic, 25
Aitken (John), on the Formation of Small Clear Spaces in Anthropology : Anthropological Institute, 119, 166, 254, 303,
Dusty Air, 322

351, 446, 542; the Study of, Prof. Flower, F.R.S., 319, 388 ;
Alaska : Zoology and Botany ot, 362 ; the Volcanic Eruption

Foundation of an Anthropological Society at Bordeaux, 389;
of Mount St. Augustin, Geo. Davidson, 441

Anthropological Society of Paris, 414 ; Anthropological Notes
Albany (Duke of), Death of, 534

in Solomon Islands, Surgeon Guppy, 429 ; Anthropological
Alexander (Thos.), Protection by Mimicry—a Problem in Results of Dr. Finsch's Journey to the Pacific, 462 ; Erkert's
Mathematical Zoology, 405

Anthropological Measurements in Caucasus, 557 ; at the
Alexeyeff's Theory of Solutions, 391

British Association Meeting at Montreal, 582
Alfta, Remarkable Meteor and Aurora at, 159

Aphides, British, G. B. Buckston, F.R.S., 288
Algæ, Drs. Agardh and Rabenhorst on, Mary P. Merrifield, Arabia, Geology of, Prof. T. G. Bonney, F.R.S., 350

Arabin Gums, C. O'Sullivan, 253

A 2

Archæological Collections of the Indian Museum, 27

Bamboo in Transcaucasia, Proposed Cultivation of, Woeikoff,
Archibald (E. D.), the Remarkable Sunsets, 176

Archives, Italiennes, de Biologie, 23, 142

Barlow (Capt.), Sea covered with Pumice, 488
Archives of the Physical and Natural Sciences, Geneva, 277, Barlow (W.), Internal Symmetry of Crystals, 186, 205 ; Pro-

bable Nature of the Internal Symmetry of Crystals, 404
Arctic Expedition (Dijmphna), New, 88

Barometer, the Ear a, Dr. W. H. Stone and Geo. Rayleigh
Arctic Expedition, another attempt to rescue the Greely, 415 Vicars, 356 ; C. V. Boys, 333
Argentine Republic, Splenic Fever in, Dr. Roy, 91

Barometrical Sympathy with Earthquakes, Dr. Hector, F.R.S.,
Argyll (the Duke of), the Unity of Nature, 474, 524

Aristotelian Society, 45

Barometro Araucano, Baron Maclay, 303
Arizona, Geological Survey of, H. M. Wilson, 272

Barrett (Prof. W. F.), on a Magnetic Sense, 476
Arlberg Tunnel, Completion of, 64, 87

Barrington (R. M.), the Remarkable Sunsets, 153; on the
Artists, Anatomy for, 30, 56, 123

Absence of Earthworms from Canadian North-West Prairies,
Ascidiæ Compositæ, Classification of the, Prof. Herdman, 429 237
Ash (Volcanic), Analysis by Dr. Reusch of Krakatoa, 388 Barytes from Chirbury, H. A. Miers, 29; C. J. Woodward,
Ash of Grain grown at Rothamsted, Analysis of, Lawes and 77 ; H. A. Miers, 124
Gilbert, 445

Bashfo: th (Rev. F.), On a Method of Estimating the Steadiness
Ashes (Volcanic), Analysis of Krakatoa, Renard, 134

of Elongated Shot when Fired from Large Guns, 527
Asia (Central), Dr. Regal's Explorations in, 416

Bathymetrical Survey of Scottish Lochs, 487
Asia Minor, Earthquakes in, 437

Batteries, New Elements for Primary, Lalande and Chaperon,
Asian Explorations, Dr. Riebeck's, 417

Asiatic Society of Bengal, Centenary of, 316

Bead Ornaments of Palæolithic Man, Worthington G. Smith,
Association of German Naturalists and Physicians, 18

Association, Scientifique de France, 272

Beadon (Robert), the Remarkable Sunsets, 225
Astronomical Column, 45, 69, 88, 112, 135, 159, 185, 246, 273, Bealby (J. P.), Java Eruption and Earthquake Waves, 30
296, 345, 367, 390, 415, 536, 558, 606

Beardmore (N. B.), the Green Sun, 28
Astronomische Gesellschaft, 558

Becquerel (H.), Researches on Infra-red Rays of the Spectrum,
Astronomical Station on Pic du Midi, Studies made for establish 227
ment of permanent, MM. Thollon and Trépied, 7

Beddard (F. E.), the New Prosector of the Zoological Society,
Atlantic (North), Norwegian Expedition : Zoology, 25

Atlantic Soundings, 188

Bees, Habits of, Isabella Herschel, 104
Atlantic, Relative Level of Mediterranean and, Tillo and Behm (Dr.), Death of, 487
Bourdalou, 185

Beketoff (Prof.), on Dr. Sachs' Theory of the Relations between
Atlantic, Greatest Depth of, 319

the Increase and Segmentation of Cells in the Embryonal
Atmosphere, the Upper Currents of the, 154

Parts of Plants, 461
Atmosphere of China, Dust, Prof. J. P. O'Reilly, 260

Bengal Dyes and Tans, H. W. McCann, 147
Atomic Weight of Tellurium, Brauner, 391

Bengal Asiatic Society, Centenary of, 316
Atomic Weights, Redeterminations of, 391

Bennett (A. W.), on the Reproduction of the Zygnemaceæ, 142
Atti dell'Accademia Reale dei Lincei, 47, 95, 443, 466, 565, Ben Nevis Observatory, 14, 86, 134; a Christmas Visit to,

Prof. G. Chrystal, 219; Ascent of, 365; Weather on, T.
Attraction et Gravitation d'après Newton, Mme. Clémence Royer, Sington, 261; Meteorological Observations from, 342

Berghaus (Prof. H. K.), Death of, 437
Audebert (J.), Wild Tribes of Madagascar, 347

Berlin : Cremation Society, 461; Physiological Society, 72, 144,
Auricular Sensations, Subjective, Prof. Lucæ, 568

168, 255, 280, 352, 448, 543; Physical Society, 48, 168, 192,
Aurora and Meteor at Alfta, 159

279, 304, 400, 472, 498, 568; Geographical Society, 160
Aurora Borealis : Prof. Lemström's Observations of the, III; Berly's Electrical Directory,.524

on the Height of the, Adam Paulsen, 337 ; Measuring the, Bermuda, Earthquake in, 15
Dr. Sophus Tromholt, 409; in Iceland, Dr. Sophus Trom Bernstein (Dr. R.), Death of, 415
holt, 537

Berwick-on-Tweed, Remarkable Meteor seen at, 272
Austral Judgment, the, 49

Beryllium, Spectrum of, 90; Hartley on, 391
Australia : Initiation Ceremonies, A.W. Howitt, 254 ; Geological Beyerinck (Dr.), the Remarkable Sunsets, 175, 308

Exploration in Western, E. T. Hardman, 294 ; Water in, Bittleston (Lieut. G. H.), the Remarkable Sunsets, 152
F. T. Mott, 311 ; Exploration by Winnické of unknown in Bias in Walking, Unconscious: G. H. Darwin ; Thos. Hawks-
terior of, 346; Volcanic Eruption in Western, 388 ; Australian ley, 286 ; Sara S. Owen, 336; Dr. J. Rae, F.R.S., 311, 384;
Observatories, 390

W. G. Simpson, 356 ; Dr. Garson, 310; R. McLachlan,
Austrian Polar Expedition, Results of, Lieut. Wohlgemuth, F.R.S., F. M. Campbell, Stephen A. Marshall, 311
246; Botanical Expedition to Azerbijan, 316

Bibliography : Scientific, Quaritch's Catalogue, 212; Meteoro-
Austro-Hungary, Ornithological Observatories in, 246

logical, C. J. Symons, F.R.S., 550
Axioms of Geometry, Edward Geoghegan, 551; Prof. O. Bickmore's (Prof.), Lectures on Natural History to School
Henrici, F.R.S., 573

Teachers, 184
Azerbijan, Austrian Botanical Expedition to, 316

Bicycles and Tricycles, C. V. Boys, 478
Biddulph (Sir R., C.B.), the Cedar Forests of Cyprus, 597
Bidwell (Shelford), on an Explanation of Hall's Phenomenon,

Bacas (Dario) Determinants, 378

Biological Notes, 16
Bacillus of Typhoid fever, Prize offered for Essay on, 583

Biological Laboratory on the English Coast, a, 473.
Backhouse (T. w.), Pons’ Comet, 7; the Quadrantids, 104; Biological Investigation of the British Coasts, Society for, 533
the Remarkable Sunsets, 251.

Birds, Towering of, Sir J. Fayrer, F.R.S., 55
Bacteria, 559; Bicentenary of, Ferdinand Cohn, 154

Birds' Eggs, the Structure of, Prof. Tarkhanoff, 461
Bacterioscopic Measurements of Neva Water, Dr. Pehl, 557

Birds of Japan, New List of, 604
Bailey (Prof. W. W.), Sprengel on Fertilisation of Flowers, 171; Birmingham Philosophical Society, 254
Ravens in United States, 478

Birvari, Earthquake at, 415
Baker (J. G.) Review of Tuber-bearing Solanums, 328

Bishop (S. E.), Remarkable Sunsets, 259, 549, 573
Balance, Delicate, Suggestions for facilitating the use of a, Blaikley (D. J.), Velocity of Sound in Air, 148

Lord Rayleigh, F.R.S., 91 ; Hughes' New Magnetic, 263 Blake (Jas.), on the Incubation Period of Scientific Links, 168
Balfour (Prof. J. Hutton) Death of, 365; Obituary Notice of,

Blake (Prof. J. G.), Volcanic Group of St. David's, 303

Blakiston (Capt. T.), Protection by Mimicry—a Problem in
Baltic Scientific Researches, Finnish Government Steamer for,

Mathematical Zoology, 405 ; List of the Birds of Japan, 604

Bleaching, Dyeing, and Calico Printing, John Gardner, 425



Bles (E. J.), the Remarkable Sunsets, 427

Budge (E.), New Inscription of Nebuchadnezzar, 375
Blue Sun, a, E. Metzger, 252

Bubla, Prehistoric Burial Ground near, 460
Blyth (A. W.), Poisons, Dr. Thos. Stevenson, 451

Buildings, Earthquakes and, Dr. A. Ernst, 595
Bock's (Carl) Siam, Prof. A. H. Keane, 258

Bulletin de la Société de Géographie, 160
Bogies, Mr. Ruskin's, Rev. W. Clement Ley, 353

Bulletin of the American Geographical Society, 161
Böhn's (Dr. R.) African Explorations, 272

Bulletin of the Belgian Royal Academy, 190
Bolletino della Societa Italiana Geografica, 346

Bulletins de la Société d'Anthropologie de Paris, 277
Bona, Subsidence of Naiba Mountain, near, 15

Bulletin de l'Académie Imperiale des Sciences de St.
Bone Caves of Ojcow, Prof. Dr. F. Römer, 449

Pétersbourg, 422
Bonney (Prof. F.R.S.), Geology of South Devon Coast, 119; Bulletin de la Société des Naturalistes de Moscou, 300

Cambrian Conglomerates, 208; the Alps of New Zealand, Bulletin de l'Académie Belgique, 142, 421, 466, 565
W. S. Green, 281; Geology of Arabia, 350

Bunge (Dr.), Lena Polar Meteorological Station, 318
Bordeaux, Foundation of Anthropological Society at, 389 Bunkofer (Prof. W.), Determinants, 378
Borgen (Prof.), Nordenskjöld's Theories in connection with his Burder (George F.), Remarkable Sunsets, 251, 525
Greenland Expedition, 14

Burial Ground at Cobern, Discovery of Franconian, 246
Borneo Commercial Development, 462

Burial Ground at Buhla, Prehistoric, 460
Börnstein (Prof.), a New Anemometer, 280

Burnett Lectures, On Light, G. G. Stokes, Prof. P. G. Tait,
Bosnia, Earthquake in, 159

Boston (U.S.A.), Water-Supply, Contamination by Spongilla Burnham's (Mr.) Double-Star Measures, 409
fluviatilis of, 391

Burton (F. M.), the Remarkable Sunsets, 225
Botanic Garden Board, Report of New Zealand, 206

Bushel of Corn, a (A. S. Wilson), Prof. Wrightson, 26
Botanical Work in China, Chas. Ford, 134

Busley (Carl), Die Schiffsmaschine, 426
Botanical Expedition to Azerbijan, Austrian, 316
Botanico-Physiological Station in North Sweden, Proposed,

Botany in India, Progress of, in

Cable-Protection Convention, 487
Botany of Alaska, Zoology and, 362

Cadell (H. M.), Geognosy of the Harz Mountains, 303, 447.
Botany : Relations between the Increase and Segmentation of Calcutta Zoological Gardens, Guide to, 426

Cells in the Embryonal Parts of Plants, Prof. Beketoff on Callorhynchus antarcticus, on some Embryos of, T. J. Parker,

Dr. Sachs' Theory, 461
Botany, Economic, the Kew Museums of, 581

Cambrian Conglomerates, H. Hicks, M.D., and Prof. Bonney,
Bourdalou, Relative Level of Mediterranean and Atlantic, 185 F.R.S., 208
Boulenger (G.A.), the Ophidian Genus Simotes, 149

Cambridge: Fellowship Examinations, Independent Work
Bournemouth Natural Science Society, 64

at,., 43 ;, Natural Science at, Local Examinations, 63 ;
Bovey (Prof.), Applied Mechanics, A. R. Willis, 122

Philosophical Society, 96, 143, 166, 357, 470, 543
Bower (F. O.), Rhyncopetalus montanum, 230

Cameron (Donald), Meteors, 56, 123, 287
Bows, Circular Cloud, E. H, L. Firmstone, 406

Campbell (Prof. Lewis), the Remarkable Sunsets, 196
Boys (C. V.), the Ear a Barometer, 333; Bicycles and Campbell (F. M), Unconscious Bias in Walking, 311
Tricycles, 478

Canadian North-West Prairies, Absence of Earthworins from,
Bozward (J. LI.), the Remarkable Sunsets, 131, 178

R. M. Christy, 213; R. M. Barrington, 237 ; Timothy E.
Brain, Tourguénief's, 389

Wilcox, 486
Brake, Achard's Continuous Electric, 245

Cannibalism among Cave-Dwellers, Prof. Nehring, 366
Brauner (B.), the Remarkable Sunsets, 223

Canoe unearthed at Pulborough, 15
Brauner, Atomic Weight of Tellurium, 391

Cape Horn, Report of French Mission to, Dr. Hyades, 191
Brazil, Pale Sun in, 87

Carniola, Discovery by Prof. Linhart of Great Ice Cavern in,
Bremen Geographical Journal, 161

Bremen, Geographical Society of, 535, 585

Carpenter (W. Lant), Energy in Nature, 74; Science Teaching
Breguet (M.), Death of, 14

in Elementary Schools, 317
Bridge, on Chepstow Railway, Sir G. B. Airy, F.R.S., 75 Carpineto-Romano, Meteorological Observatory, 556
Brioschi (Prof. Francesco), Appointed President of the Casey (J., F.R.S.), Sequel to the First Six Books of Euclid,
Academy of the Lincei, 582

British Association, Montreal Meeting, 435, 459 ; Arrange Cats, Heredity in, E. B. Poulton, 20; Deafness in White,
ments for Section F, 534 ; Anthropology at, 582.

237, 312 ; a Colony of, Geo. Rayleigh Vicars, 551; Cats on
British Islands, Origin of the Scenery of the, A. Geikie, F.R.S., the District Railway, E. de M. Malan, 573 ; Rooke Penning.
325, 347, 396, 419, 442

ton, 596
British Noblemen during last three Generations, Weights of, Caucasus, Science in the, 488 ; Erkert's Anthropological
Fras. Galton, F.R.S., 266

Measurements in, 557 ; the Population of, 605
Brodhurst (B. E.), the Remarkable Sunsets, 153

Cave-Dwellers, Cannibalism among, Prof. Nehring, 366
Bronn (Dr. H. G.), Klassen und Ordnungen des Thier. Cecil (Henry), the Remarkable Sunsets, 132, 334
reichs, 5

Cedar Forest of Cyprus, Sir R. Biddulph, C.B., 597
Brooks' Comet, W. T. Sampson, 3357

Cell, Reynier's Maximum, 227
Brorsen's Comet, 88

Ceratodus forsteri, Morton, 16
Brounoft's Researches into Variations of Temperature in conse Cetacea, Evolution of the, S. V. Wood, 147; Prof. W. H.
quence of Cyclones, 414

Flower, F.R.S., 170
Brown (E.), the Remarkable Sunsets, 132

Challenger (H.M.S.), Zoological Reports of Voyage of, vols.
Brown (Dr. J. C.), Finland : Its Forests and Forest Manage v. vi. vii., I, 521; Zoological Reports, F. B. White, 29
ment, Prof. W. Fream, 101

Chapman (E., M.A.), Physiology in Oxford, 76
Brown (Prof. W. G.), the Remarkable Sunsets, 309

Chavanne (Dr.), Antwerp, 296 ; African Expedition, 346
Brown (Wm.), Instinct, 428

Chemistry : Chemical Society, 76, 95, 239, 253, 302, 399, 445,
Browne (Walter R.), Science and Engineering, 57

469, 541, 566, 591, 616; Chemical Notes, 391 ; Oswald's
Browne (Lennox), Voice, Song, and Speech, Dr. W. H. Studies of Chemical Affinity, 391; Flavitsky's Theory of
Stone, 570

Chemical Affinity, 392 ; Refracting Power of Solid Chemical
Brugnone (Abbé), Death of, 436

Compounds, Kanonnikoff, 391 ; Thermal Chemistry, Julius
Brussa, Earthquake near, 272

Thomsen, M. M. P. Muir, 209 ; Ira Remsen's Principles of
Bryce's Bill to secure Access to Mountains and Moorlands in Theoretical Chemistry, 283 ; General Principles of Chemistry,
Scotland, 487

M. M. P. Muir, 317
Brydone- Jack (W.), the Remarkable Sunsets, 250

Chenery (Thomas) Death of, 364
Buckston (G. B., F.R.S.), British Aphides, 288

Chepstow Railway Bridge, on, Sir G. B. Airy, F.R.S., 75
Budde (Dr.), the Remarkable Sunsets, 177

Chester, Proposed Museum for, 88

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