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Granted between the 20th of November and 22nd of December, 1833.

useful purposes.

John Cooper Douglas, 5, Great Ormond also of their colouring matter and essential Street, Esq., for certain improvements in oils. Six months; November 21. the construction of furnaces for generating Henry Hardingham Leggett, of Fulham, heat, and also in the construction of appa gent., for certain improvements in the art ratus or vessels for applying heat to various of printing in colours. Six months; No

Six months ; Novem vember 23. ber 19.

Thomas Parsons, of Newport, gent., for John Cooper Douglas, 5, Great Ormond certain improvements in locks for fastenStreet, Esq., for certain improvements which ings. Six months; December 3. prevent either the explosion or the collapse John Hall, of Breezes Hill, Ratcliffe of steam and other boilers from an excess Highway, sugar refiner, for certain imof internal or external pressure.


provements in filters for sugar and other months; November 19.

liquids. Six months; December 6. Marcel Roman, of St. Michael's Alley, Joshua Wordsworth, of Leeds, machine Cornbill

, merchant, for certain improve maker, for certain improvements in machiments in or additions to apparatus or me

nery or apparatus for heckling flax, hemp, thods employed in throwing or winding and other fibrous substances requiring such silk or other threads. Four months; No

process. Six months; December 6. vember 19.

Ernst Wolff, late of Leeds, merchant, Barthelemy Richard Comte de Prêdaval, but now of Stamford Hill, Middlesex, gent., of Leicester Place, Leicester Square, engi- for a mode or modes of supplying stoves neer, for an engine for producing motive with heated air, without bellows or blowpower, applicable to various purposes. Six pipe, being a communication from a months; November 19.

foreigner residing abroad. Six months; Stephen Perry, of Wilmington Square, December 7. Clerkenwell, gentleman, Edward Massey, John Baptiste Constantine Forassa, of sen. of 20, King Street, watchmaker, and Newington Causeway, Surrey, gent.; Paul Paul Joseph Gauci, of 10, Charles Street, Isaac Muston, of Austin Friars, merchant; Middlesex Hospital, artist, for certain im and Henry Walker Wood, of the same provements in pens and penholders. Six place, merchant, for certain improvements in months; November 19.

making or producing the pigment, comDaniel Ledsam and William Jones, both monly known by the name of white lead, of Birmingham, screw manufacturers, for or carbonate of lead. Six months; Decertain improvements in machinery to be

cember 11. used in the manufacture of pins and nee

Thomas Affleck, of Dumfries, merchant, dles. Six months; November 21. for certain improvements in the means and

John Cooper Douglas, 5, Great Ormond machinery for deepening and excavating Street, Esq., for certain improvements for the beds of rivers, removing sand-banks, depriving vegetable juices and fermented bars, and other obstructions to navigation. and distilled liquids of their acid qualities, Six months; December 11.

Riley Carr, of Sheffield, manufacturer, Louis Quaintin, of the Sabloniere Hotel, for certain improvements in machinery for Leicester Square, carriage builder, for cercutting, cropping, and dressing woollen and tain improvements in the construction of cotton cloths. Six months; December 11. carriages. Six months; December 20.

Robert Stephenson, the younger, of St. James Hamilton, of Threadneedle Street, Mary's Cottage, Downshire Hill, Hamp London, civil engineer, for certain improvestead, civil engineer, for an improvement ments in machinery for sawing, boring, and in the mode of supporting the iron rails for manufacturing wood applicable to various edge railways. Six months; December 11.

purposes. Six months; December 20. John Wisher, of Vauxhall, Surrey, pot Thomas, Earl of Dundonald, for certer, for certain improvements in machinery tain improvements in the construction and or apparatus for grinding covers or stoppers operation of rotary engines and apparatus for jars, bottles, and other vessels made of connected therewith. Six months; Dechina, stone, or other earthenware. Six cember 20. months; December 11.

Josiah Gilbert Pierson, of New York, Lemuel William Wright, of the London United States, but now residing in LudRoad, Southwark, for a certain improve- gate Hill, London, merchant, for certain ment or certain improvements in the com improvements in the constructions of bolts bination and arrangement of machinery, or and latches, to be attached to doors and in apparatus whereby certain well-known other situations where a secure fastening agents may be employed in producing may be required. Six months; Decempower, and in the mode of effecting the

ber 20. same, applicable to various useful pur John Paul Newman, of Cornhill, Lonposes. Six months; December 16. don, merchant, for certain improvements

Thomas Sunderland, of Blackheath, Esq., in making or producing leather from hides for certain improvements in propelling ves and skins, being a communication from a sels. Six months; December 19.

foreigner residing abroad.

Six months; Charles Chubb, of St. Paul's Church December 21. yard, London, patent detector lock ma John Howard Kyan, of Upper Baker nufacturer, and Ebenezer Hunter, of Street, Esq., for a new combination of maWolverhampton, locksmith, for certain im chinery to be applied to the present purprovements in locks used for fastening and poses of steam navigation, in aid of and in security. Six months; December 20. . substitution for the motive power,

hitherto David Rowland, of 68, Crawford Street, and at present obtained and afforded by the Marylebone, mechanic, for an improvement application of steam. Six months; Dein the manufacture of sextants, quadrants,

cember 21. circles, and other instruments used in taking George Dickinson, of Buckland, near observations and surveys. Two months; Dover, paper maker, for an improvement December 20.

or improvements applicable to making of paper. Six months; December 28.

CONTENTS of the Six Numbers of The Journal of Elemental Locomotion,to

which this Number is supplementary.

CONTENTS OF No. I. 1. Chapter Prospective. 2. Cursory Outline of the general Practical Results of Steam. 3. The Substitution of Inanimate for Animate Power considered, as it will affect the

Agricultural Interest. 4. The best mode of Locomotion considered. 5. Estimate of the Advantages to arise to the Metropolis from the Introduction of

Elemental Locomotion. 6. Opinions of the Committee of the House of Commons, and Public Press, upon the

Practicability of running Steam Carriages upon Common Roads—and Hints for

the formation of a Company. 7. Extracts from Gordon's Treatise upon Elemental Locomotion-general advantages.) 8. Important Inventions and List of New Patents.

Accompanied with a Plate of Thirteen Views of Steam Carriages.

CONTENTS OF No. II. 1. The introduction of Inanimate Locomotion considered, as it will supersede the

Corn Laws. 2. The substitution of Inanimate for Animate Power further considered, as it will

affect the Agricultural Interest. 3. The substitution of Inanimate for Animate Power further considered, as it will affect

Coach-Proprietors and Inn-keepers. 4. Journey to Brighton— With a Plate. 5. The Edinburgh and Foreign Quarterly Reviews, Reviewed. 6. Discoveries of General Utility. 7. Patents for the Month.

CONTENTS OF No. III. 1. Canals and Railways compared. 2. Steam Cultivation and Transport considered, as they will Improve the Condition of

the Working Classes. 3. Digest of the Evidence, on the East India and China Question, before the Com

mittee of the House of Commons. 4. Advantages of Steam Culture and Inland Transport to the Manufacturing Classes,

as regards Free Trade. 5. Review of Reviewers. 6. Miscellanies. 7. Patents for the Month.


CONTENTS OF THIS No. 1. Review of the Report of the Agricultural Committee; and exposé of the danger that

will arise to the Agricultural Interest, if Steam Transport and Husbandry are not

itroduced simultaneously. 2. Rail-Road impositions detected : or Facts and Arguments to prove that Rail-Roads

never can compete effectually with Canals, Steam Carriages on common roads, or even Stage Coaches. Comprising a critical and statistical Review of all the Estimates now before the Public, both for construction and revenue; with comparative Tables of the actual and the estimated cost and profit, &c.; thus presenting the only safe guide yet published for future Investments: with summary of the

Birmingham Railway Case, &c. 3. General Review of Steam Carriages during the last six months, and calculations as

to the expense of working them : with Report of the trip upon the Holyhead line,

by a Committee of Engineers. 4. Proposal for appropriating, for the use of the Public Purse, the vast Revenue that

will arise annually from Inland Elemental Transit: with copy of Memorial sub

mitted to Earl Grey for that object. 5. Proceedings of the Institution of Locomotion : with Prospectus of the Quarterly

Journal of Steam Transport and Husbandry. 6. Canal Navigation: and Review of Macneill “ On the resistance of Water to the passage of Boats upon

Canals." 7. Steam Communication with India. 8. Chapter Retrospective. 9. List of Patents.

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