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“Will you take a walk with me,

My little wife, to-day?
There's barley in the barley-fields,

And hay-seed in the bay.”

“ Thank you," said the clocking hen;

“I've something else to do; I'm busy sitting on my eggs,

I cannot walk with you.”

“ Clock, clock, clock, clock,

Said the clocking hen; . My little chicks will soon be hatch’d, I'll think about it then.”

The clocking hen sat on her nest,

She made it in the hay; And warm and


beneath her breast A dozen white eggs lay.

Crack, crack, went all the eggs,

Out dropp'd the chickens small ! “ Clock," said the clocking hen, “ Now I have



“ Come along, ny little chicks,

I'll take a walk with you." “ Hallo!” said the barn-door cock, “Cock-a-doodle-doo."



I THANK Thee, Lord, for quiet rest,

And for Thy care of me;
Oh ! let me through the day be blest,

And kept from barm by Thee.
Oh! let me love Thee! kind Thou art

To children such as I;
Give me a gentle, holy heart,
Be Thou my friend on high.



WINTER. Tue wind is blowing cold,

And the snow is driving fast; The Autumn day has pass'd away,

And Winter's come at last. The cattle are in shed,

The flocks are in the fold, Around the hearth are joy and mirth,

Without is bitter cold. Is there a single child

That is not blithe and gay, With heart so light and eye so bright,

On happy Christmas-day ? Yes, there are some, alas !

To whom it brings no joyThe widow and the fatherless,

The mother and her boy.

You're warm beside the hearth,

They're cold outside the door. Forget not now, 'mid frost and snow, Dear child, to “Help the poor."


Look, you little thoughtless Mary,
You've forgotten poor canary ;
I will tell you, as a warning,
How I found your bird this morning.
He'd no water for his need
He had not a single seed.
Ere by you he had been fed,
He might have been cold and dead;
You and Jane play'd ball, my dear,
While your bird was starving here.

Let my words not be in vain,
For I will not speak again :
Next time dickey's found, my daughter,
Without seed, or without water,
I shall-mark, now, what I say-
I shall take him quite away,
For I do not wish that he
Thus should die through cruelty.


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On, what can little bands do

To please the King of Heaven ? The little hands some work may try To help the poor in misery

Such grace to mine be given.

Oh, what can little lips do

To please the King of Heaven ? The little lips can praise and pray, And gentle words of kindness say“

Such grace to mine be given.

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