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A GRAIN of corn an infant's hand
May plant upon an inch of land,
Whence twenty stalks may spring and yield
Enough to stock a little field.
The barvest of that field might then
Be multiplied to ten times ten,
Which sown thrice more, would furnish bread,
Wherewith an army might be fed.

A penny is a little thing,
Which e'en the poor man's child may fling
Into the treasury of Heaven,
And make it worth as much as seyen.

As seven ! nay, worth its weight in gold,
And that increased a million fold;
For lo! a penny tract, if well
Applied, may save a soul from hell.
That soul can scarce be saved alone;
It must, it will, its bliss make known.
“Come," it will cry, "and you shall see
What great things God has done for me!
Hundreds that joyful sound may hear-
Hear with the heart as well as ear;
And these to thousands more proclaim
Salvation to the “Only Name;"

every tongue and tribe shall call On Jesus as the Lord of all.



The sky is bright above,

The lake is bright below,
The boatmen sail on merrily,

All singing as they go.

The corn is ripening in the field,

The fruit upon the bough,
The spring time gay has pass'd away,

And it is Summer now.

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'Tis merry in the cornfield

When harvest waggons stand, When to and fro the reapers go,

The sickle in their hand.

Then we give thanks to God,

At even and at morn,
Who sent the spring and summer sun

To ripen Autumn's corn.




BABY, baby Charlie,

Naughty in his play, Slapping little sister,

Pusbing her away.

Patting with his soft hands,

Laughing in his fun ; Slapping with such good-will,

That the tear-drops run.

Do not cry, dear sister,

Wipe away the tear; Keep away from Charlie,

Do not come so near.

Or his little hands will

Pull your curly hair ; Peep at baby, sister

Peep behind the chair.

Kiss the baby, darling

Kiss the little one;
He is only playing
In his baby fun.


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I LOVE little Pussy, her coat is so warm,
And if I don't hurt her, she'll do me no harm;
So, I'll ne'er pull her tail, nor drive her away,
But Pussy and I together will play;
She shall sit by my side, and I'll give her some

food, And she'll love me because I am gentle and good.


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