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KNOWEST thou how many stars

There are shining in the sky ? Knowest thou how


clouds Every day go floating by ? God, the Lord, has counted all ; He would miss one, should it fall.

Knowest thou how many

flies Play about in the warm sun ? Or of fishes in the water ?

God has counted every one. Every one He call’d by name, When into the world it came.

Knowest thou how many children

Go to little beds at night? That without a care or trouble,

Wake up with the morning light? God in Heaven each name can tell ; Knows thee, too, and loves thee well!



THE God of Heaven is pleased to see
A little family agree ;
And will not slight the praise they bring
When loving children join to sing.
For love and kindness please Him more
Than if we gave Him all our store ;
And children here, who dwell in love,
Are like His happy ones above.
The gentle child that tries to please,
That hates to quarrel, fret, and tease,
And would not say an

angry word That child is pleasing to the Lord.

Great God! forgive, whenever we
Forget Thy will, and disagree;
And grant that each of us may

find The sweet delight of being kind.


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“ No one will see me,” said little John Day. For his father and mother were out of the way,

And he was at home all alone; “No one will see;" so he climb'd on a chair, And peep'd in a cupboard to spy what was there,

Which, of course, he ought not to have done.

There stood in the cupboard, so sweet and so nice, A plate of plum-cake in full many a slice,

And apples so ripe and so fine. “Now no one will see me,"said John to himself, As he stretch'd out his arm to reach up to the

shelf, « This apple, at least, shall be mine."

John paused, and put back the nice apple so red, For he thought of the words his kind mother

had said, When she left all these things in his care ; “ And no one will see me," thought he, “is not


For I've read that God sees us in all that we do,

And is with us everywhere."

Well done, John; your father and mother obey, Try ever to please them, and mind what they say

Even when they are absent from you ; And never forget, that, though no one be nigh, You cannot be hid from the glance of God's eye, Who notices all that




The sun is shining bright,

The bud is on the tree,
The primrose and the violet

Are blooming on the lea-
The little birds sing “ Spring is come;

Dear child, come out and see."

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How doth the little busy bee

Improve each shining hour! And gather honey all the day

From every opening flower.

How skilfully she builds her cell !

How neat sbe spreads the wax ! And labours hard to store it well

With the sweet food she makes.

In works of labour or of skill

I would be busy too ; For Satan finds some mischief still

For idle hands to do.

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