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I WALK'd in a field of fresh clover this morn,

Where lambs play'd so merrily under the trees, Or rubb’d their soft coats on a naked old thorn,

Or nibbled the clover, or rested at ease.

And under the edge ran a clear water-brook,

To drink from when thirsty or weary with play; So gay did the daisies and buttercups look, That I thought little lambs must be hapry all day.

And when I remember the beautiful psalm,
That tells about Christ and His pastures so

green ;
I know He is willing to make me His lamb,

And happier far than the lambs I have seen.

If I drink of the waters, so peaceful and still,

That flow in His field, I for ever shall live ; If I love Him, and seek His commands to fulfil,

A place in His sheepfold to me will He give.

The lambs are at peace in the fields when they

play, The long summer's day in contentment they

spend ; But happier I, if in God's holy way, I try to walk always, with Christ for my friend.


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COME, supper is ready,

Come, boys and girls, now; For here is fresh milk

From the good moolly cow.

Have done with


fife And your row-de-dow-dow, And take this good milk

From the good moolly cow.

Whoever is fretting

Must clear up his brow, Or he'll have no milk

From the good moolly cow. And here is Miss Pussy,

She means by "mee-ow," Give me, too, some milk

From the good moolly cow.

When children are hungry,

Oh, who can tell how They love the fresh milk

From the good moolly cow !

So when you meet moolly,

Please say, with a bow, " Thank you for your milk, Mrs. Good Moolly Cow."



the sky;

In the sun, the moon,
In the mountain wild and high ;
In the thunder, in the rain,
In the winds, the woods, the plain ;
In the little birds that sing,-
God is seen in everything.


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MOTHER, now tell,
Why do you love your baby so well?

The mother said, “ Oh!
And you not know?
Sweet and happy it lies,
It frets not, nor cries;
And is full of its glee
As the bird on the tree ;
It smiles on my

As it goes to its nest;
And it wakes in its bliss

With a smile and a kiss; And that is the reason I love it so well; How dearly, how dearly, I never can tell !”

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