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My merry little fly, play here,

And let me look at you; I will not touch you, though you're near,

As naughty children do.

I see you spread your pretty wings,

That sparkle in the sun;
I see your legs-what tiny things;

And yet how fast they run!

You walk along the ceiling now,

And down the upright wall: I'll ask mamma to tell me how You walk and do not fall:

'Twas God that taught you, little fly,

To walk above the ground,
And mount above my head so high,

And frolic round and round.

I'll near you stand, to see you play ;

But do not be afraid : I would not lift


little hand To hurt what God has made.



JESUS CHRIST, my Lord and Saviour,

Once became a child like me! Oh! that in my whole behaviour,

He my pattern still may be.

All my nature is unholy,

Pride and passion dwell within ; But the Lord was meek and lowly,

And was never known to sin.

Lord, assist a feeble creature,

Guide me by Thy word of truth; Condescend to be my teacher,

Through my childhood and my youth.

INFANT'S MAGAZINE. God is in heaven! Can He hear

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A little prayer like mine? Yes, thoughtful child, thou need'st not fear,

He listens unto thine.

God is in heaven! Can He see

When I am doing wrong?
Yes, that He can; He looks at thee

All day and all night long.

God is in heaven! Would He know

If I should tell a lie ?
Yes, though thou saidst it very low,

He'd hear it in the sky,

God is in heaven! Does He care,

Or is He good to me?
Yes, all thou hast to eat or wear

'Tis God that gives it thee.

God is in heaven! Can I go

To thank Him for His care?
Not yet; but love Him here below,

And He will see it there.

God is in heaven! May I pray

To go there when I die ?
Yes, seek His grace, and then, one day,
He'll call thee to the sky.



Get up, little boy, you are sleeping too long,
Your brother is dress’d, and is singing a song,

And you must be waken'd, -oh! fie!

Come, open the curtains, and let in the light,
For children should only be sleepy at night,

When stars may be seen in the sky.


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“Have you seen my darling nestlings ? "

A mother-robin cried, “I cannot, cannot find them,

Though I've sought them far and wide.

“I left them well this morning,

When I went to seek for food; But I found upon returning,

I'd a nest without a brood.

“Oh, have you nought to tell me,

, That will ease my aching breast, About my tender offspring

That I left within my nest ?

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