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could tear the skin away. It nearly sets her crazy. She says that the only relief she has is to sit or lie down, and when she gets rested it passes away. But, when she over-exerts herself, it comes on again.

Will the Editor, and as many of the BRIEF readers as can, be so kind as to give me diagnosis and treatment of this


I have been a reader of the grand old BRIEF for a good many years, and it grows better and better.

J. H. CURNALIA, M. D. Roscommon, Mich.

[The circulation in legs is sluggish. Bathing them in a very hot solution of borax, or with a carbolized lotion (two per cent), will give relief. The wearing of elastic stockings might prevent the occurrence of this trouble. The thighs should be well rubbed, night and morning, with alcohol and Pineoline.

Keep the bowels open with small doses of epsom salts. If the womb is prolapsed, apply tampons of absorbent cotton, wet with Kennedy's Dark Pinus Canadensis, retained by a menstrual napkin. A loaded rectum, or prolapsed uterus, interferes materially with the circulation in the extremities.

R Spts. Ammoniæ Aromat,.
Vini Ipecac-



.112 ounces.




Elixir Aurantii ....... q. 8. ad.........8

drachms. drachms. ounces. ounces.

M. Sig.: Teaspoonful one hour after meals, and at bedtime.


Help Wanted.

Case 1.-E. M., aged twenty-eight or thirty, mother of four children; five months in gestation, has been bothered since second month with a discharge from uterus, of a dark or copper color. She has had four or five spells; at first, every three weeks, and lasting only a day or two, now weekly, and last spell continued a week, at which time I was called. She claims to suffer no pain in bowels, but is bothered with headache previous to attacks, and a puffing up of bowels. Kidneys have spells, when they act unusually free. Urine clear.

Case 2.-M. L., twenty-seven, mother of six children. Symptoms same as case one, but suffers with back and bowels, pains in uterus, etc.

I forgot to say that there is occasionally a little blood (clear), only a small amount, and also that Dr. S. had been treating case one until I was called, and was requested to take charge of the case, but case two I have treated from beginning. Have given all kinds of uterine tonics, bromides and vaginal injections with little if any benefit.

Now, will the kind Editor and brethren of the good old BRIEF give me diagnosis and treatment of the above cases. Also the prognosis.

I had a case, not long ago, of puerperal convulsions. Used veratrum viride, bromide, and chloral without any benefit to patient. Resorted to blood-letting, and saved her. I am but a young physician, but will do what I can for the profession. E. F. LEWIS, M. D.

Kingston, I. T.

[Uterine hemorrhage during pregnancy usually means placenta previa, hydatidiform mole, a co-existing tumor or polypus. It may, however, be due to simple ulceration. Make a thorough specular examination, and try to trace the source of hemorrhage. A hemorrhage due to placenta previa is a very serious thing; a sudden, unexpected flux may exsanguinate a patient, while the venous oozing of an ulceration is comparatively trivial.

In a case of hydatidiform mole, some of the cysts should be found in the discharge.

From the inception of pregnancy, there are constant rhythmical contractions of the uterus. In the healthy organ they pass unnoticed, but where there is any previous inflammation, these contractions are exaggerated and cause some pain, hemorrhage, and often miscarriage.

Would give these patients Aletris Cordial in teaspoonful doses three or four times a day, and apply to the os tampons of absorbent cotton wet in Kennedy's Dark Pinus Canadensis. If the condition is inflammatory, this treatment will relieve. ED.]

Spider Bite.

On November 4th, 1897, I was called to treat an interesting case, which has brought to my mind a question which I (Continued on page 94.)

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Samples of above, each sufficient to test for a week to ten days on one case, with full formulæ, literature, testimonials, price lists, etc., mailed to any physician upon application.



106 & 108 Fulton Street,


would like some of the many BRIEF readers to give me some information concerning.

The case in question was a little boy of nine or ten years, strong and healthy, and of apparently healthy parentage. He was taken suddenly, as if by an epileptic fit, falling to the ground, and passing almost into a comatose state.

Being on the ground, I was soon by his side, and lost no time in reviving him. Symptoms. His pulse was scarcely perceptible, breathing very slow; no fever; no pain; no history of previous attacks.

I diagnosed a heart trouble, caused from a spider bite, and, after careful inquiry, learned a spider had bitten him two or three days previously. Now, it is not clear to my mind why some of these cases go so long before the poison manifests itself.

I gave this little fellow ten drops each of tincture belladonna and tincture digitalis. Made free use of the camphor bottle. Gave acetanilide when fever began to rise. The results were perfectly satisfactory.

I appreciate the stand taken by the BRIEF against antitoxin fads. I hope the time is near at hand when they will lose their sway, because I believe they are detrimental to the profession.

The MEDICAL BRIEF is always a welcome visitor to my library, and I hope it will ever be. Success to it and its dear old Editor. J. W. THARP, M. D. Hico, Tex.

Tape Worm.

Dr. T. Morris, Onaga, Kan., desires a safe and sure remedy for tape worm in young children.

Will some of our readers kindly give their experience with this parasite. We refer the writer to articles on this subject, by Drs. Ogilvie and Smoot, in December BRIEF, 1897.

Help Wanted.

A correspondent sends us the following picture of the uric acid cachexia, and desires treatment for the same.

Patient, a male, aged twenty-six, five feet, seven inches high; weight, one hundred and ten pounds; fair complexion, hazel eyes. Nervous tempera

ment, quick, wiry, incessantly active. Hands unsteady. Always catching cold, perspires with the least exertion (not at night). Grinds his teeth and talks in sleep. Awakes at four A. M., and is restless until he arises. Knees are stone cold to the touch. Is better in winter than in summer. During the warm season suffers from dysenteric attacks, pains all over the body, with extreme weakness.

Had scarlet fever when four years old, leaving him with catarrh, and there is obstruction of one side of nose.

Patient can not digest starchy food. Is at times constipated, at others has diarrheal attacks, with headache. On such occasions the temple veins stand out like cords.

Frequent .colds affect the discharge from nose and throat, but the chest is seldom sore, and there is never any cough.

[This is a classic picture. An overdeveloped nervous system, an underdeveloped muscular system, excessive sensitiveness to impressions, little resisting power, yet considerable vitality, unstable, nutritive, and functional activity.

He should train for an hour, daily, in a gymnasium, resting freely between exercises.

He should begin with cold sponge baths, and gradually accustom himself to a plunge. He should train his mind to think. Thinking slows down the bodily activities, inhibits too rapid waste. The legs should be warmly clothed in woolen drawers and socks. So much for hygiene.

For the catarrhal condition of mucous membranes, give him Sanmetto, teaspoonful three times daily. As a wash to nose and throat:

R Kennedy's Dark Pinus Can.....

Aquæ Dest.....q. s. ad.

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12 ounce. 1 ounce. .20 grains. 12 ounce. .... 8 ounces.

M. Sig. Use in Bermingham douche and gargle. The uric acid crises must be met as they develop, according to indications. These patients, as they grow older, have a tendency to take on flesh (fat), and become more sluggish. Hygiene is of the utmost importance in such cases. -ED.]

(Continued on page 96.)

A Vitalizing Tonic to the Reproductive System.




A Scientific Blending of True Santal and Saw Palmetto in a Pleasant Aromatic Vehicle.


Prostatic Troubles of Old Men-Pre-Senility,

Difficult Micturition-Urethral Inflammation,
Ovarian Pains-Irritable Bladder.


DOSE:-One teaspoonful four times a day.




or premature old age, is a too early decline of the virile and physical powers, manifested by a commencing decadence of the reproductive glands-such as a wasting or atrophy of either the Prostate, Testes, Mammæ or Ovaries— caused by masturbation, sexual excesses or sedentary habits. is the indicated remedy, as it is unexcelled as a vitalizing tonic to the withered glands of the reproductive system, promoting their normal secretory activity. Its continued and regular use for some weeks produces results which are satisfactory to both physician and patient.



is a true TONIC, not a stimulant, to the reproductive organs and mucous surfaces, hence its use for a sufficient period re

stores their normal functions.


See Pages 97, 99 and 101.

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Thou art doomed to die, for, according to Dr. Cwerdinski, and accepted authorities, thy usefulness in this life is not known. Whilst acknowledged by thine enemies to be harmless in thyself, thou art accused by them of being the cause of more misery and death than would be expected from one so small, so innocent as thou.

Thine accusers bring many complaints against thee, thou innocent thing! Thou art accused of stealing. Thou art called a thief. For when a disease germ (and there are millions of them according to the stories of thine enemies) is introduced into the stomach, if remedies which are applied to destroy it fail, it then passes on into the intestines, where it comes into contact with various medicines and juices, which also try to kill it, and if they fail, it ought then to be evacuated; but thou, thou harmless little thing in thyself, art accused by thine enemies of being on the alert for such bugs or germs, and (like the harlots of our cities) of standing in thy blind, dark alley to invite them into thy home; and, once within thy grasp, thou then not only destroy thyself, but the other members of the human body.

When the truth is known, thine enemies say that thou wilt also be proved guilty of killing lots of people

by such diseases as are known to the profession by the following names: Diarrhea, cholera morbus, typhoid fever, cholera, and many other diseases too numerous to mention; and were it not for thy presence (thou little innocent one) in the human system, all these diseases could be easily mastered, and fatal results need never attend them, for thou art their rock and their fortress.

Many other diseases of minor importance, and of a less troublesome nature, have their seat in thee, thou innocent one; thou little thing! Microbes, grape seeds, raisin seeds, and everything else that the rest of the digestive tract does not want, finds lodgement within thy gates, and in thy embrace, and thou art accused of polluting them. From that pollution symptoms arise, which are diagnosed by thine enemies as dyspepsia, indigestion, malaria, and other stubborn ailments, whose names are known only to the profession. Thine accusers claim that it would be well for the rest of the body, of which thou art only a single member, if thou wast to be removed in early life. They say that they are going to tear thee from everyone, even in thy infancy, before thou hast arrived at maturity, and, by so doing, they would save an untold amount of suffering and death, of which thou, thou little harmless thing, art the cause.

But do not despair, nor be terrified at their threats, thou little member of our human body, for thou hast many friends, who, though they do not know what thy duty is here below, believe that the Creator, who made this body of ours, put thee there to fulfill a certain mission, and we do not propose to mutilate thee (wholesale), but shall fight to save thee from the surgeon's knife, when we think that it is unnecessary to cut thee. So rest content, little one, that thy life will soon be out of danger, for thine enemies have had many fads in the past which are no more, and this one, in which they propose to disfranchise thee, will, like the rest, soon be a thing of the past.

Hepatic Disorders.

Dr. J. S. Brunner, Brooksville, Fla., says that in jaundice, constipation, torpid liver, etc., Chionia is the best remedy in the materia medica.

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