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Saved at Eleventh Hour

WHEATLAND, TEXAS, Sept. 29, 1891.

Paris Medicine Co., St. Louis, Mo.

GENTS: In the ten years that I have been actively engaged in the practice of medicine, I have never, until now, written a testimonial to the value of any medicine; but such is the debt of gratitude I owe to FEBRILINE, and the genius that formulated its composition, that I deem it a plain duty to say that the life of our only child-a girl two and one-half years of age-was doubtless saved by using, at the eleventh hour, LYON'S TASTELESS QUININE in breaking up an attack of Malarial Fever of so obstinate a type that it set at defiance every other preparation of Cinchona and its Alkaloids available to such cases.

Every dose of Cinchona Alkaloid, given or injected, in any and every combination, was immediately ejected, and the fever had obtained such a hold that a fatal condition seemed imminent. At last I thought of FEBRILINE, a dose which I had never prescribed. Not one dose was ejected by the stomach, and after the third dose of five-grain preparation, a profuse diaphoresis occurred coincident with a rapid decline of temperature to subnormal, the comatose condition vanished and convalescence was rapid. I have since used it in my practice constantly, and with unvarying good results. As a febrifuge, per se, as well as an anti-periodic, I consider it, for children, par excellence.

Yours truly,

G. V. HALE, M. D., (Jeff.) LL. B.

Samples Sent free by Mail.

Orchitis, Ovaritis, and Cystitis. Pulsatilla is of value in orchitis, whether idiopathic, traumatic, specific, or metastatic. Give two drops of the tincture every two hours. I have found the best results by giving one-drop doses every fifteen minutes, for one or two hours, then every half hour for one or two hours longer, then every hour until a cure is effected. This is equally valuable in ovaritis. I have had considerable experience leading me to the belief that it is of especial value also in inflammatory affections of the kidneys, bladder, and urethra of both sexes.TUCKER, in Medical Standard.

Puerperal Infection.

Fere, in the Lancet, points out that the general notion of the sudden onset of marked symptoms of puerperal infection, after a longer and shorter period of silent incubation, is inexact. Even in the period of incubation important, although attenuated, symptoms may be present, and their recognition will greatly conduce to successful treatment. These

symptoms are: slight elevations of temperature occurring once (or twice) daily, and usually in the evening; a pulse rate of eighty, or more, especially if in the morning, when the temperature is not yet raised; relative or absolute insomnia, which is a very important indication of serious infection, and requires careful inquiry; headache, at first intermittent and slight, usually always in association with the other symptoms mentioned; sometimes diminution or suppression of the lochial discharge, although, as a rule, this is a later manifestation; and, finally, vague impressions of cold, but not usually a distinct rigor. The symptoms, such as marked rigors, high temperature, local pain, etc., are well known; it is to the recognition of the first symptoms that we must trust for the successful treatment of such cases.


Dr. Alexander Neil, Columbus, O., says: Suffering myself with indigestion I gave Seng a careful trial, and am infinitely pleased with the results.



An Alkaline, Antiseptic, Non-Irritating, Cleansing Solution for the treatment of Diseased Mucous Membrane, particularly


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SPECIAL OFFER physician who will pay express charges.

A full-size bottle of Glyco-Thymoline (Kress) will be sent to any

K&O Douche to Physicians 15 Cents. $1.50 Per Dozen. Retail 25 Cents. Remit Stamps.

KRESS & OWEN COMPANY, Mfg. Chemists.





I use at present McArthur's and none other. I hold fast that which is good. A patient just gone out of my office is taking McArthur's. I find it an excellent tissue builder.

T. A. CAPEN, M. D.

CHELSEA, MASS., Feb. 26, 1897.

I cheerfully add my testimony to the good effects of your most excellent Syrup. I consider it the best preparation I have ever seen, and I shall take every opportunity to recommend it to my patients, as I deem it a remedy of great value. G. W. BABCOCK, M. D.

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THORNTON, ARK., July 28, 1897. The sample so kindly sent us tried on a case of marasmus in a child just one year old, and though the bottle was small, it produced a wonderful effect on this little patient. He showed evidence of malnutrition to a very marked degree, which condition was greatly improved, so much so that we ordered more of our druggist. We have recently prescribed it in cases of debility following fevers, also in a case of chronic bronchitis. These cases are likewise improving. We consider it a nice, palatable, and quite efficient preparation, and when an occasion or indication presents we will continue to prescribe it.


THOMPSON, PA., Dec. 18, 1888.

I have prescribed your Hypophosphites for the past eleven years, in preference to all other preparations, because I can always rely upon their being exactly as represented.

A. O. STIMPSON, M. D., C. M.

EL DORADO, KAN., Jan. 13, 1887. Used bottle of your Syr. Hypophos. Comp. McArthur in case of incipient phthisis with magnificent result. Ordered my druggist to send for a supply at once. Shall use it freely.


STANTON, MICH., Feb. 10, 1885. Your pamphlet just received, for which accept thanks. I know that your Syr. Hypophos. Comp. is one of the best, if not the very best, for treatment of that dread monster, consumption. Had it not been for your Syr. Hypophos. Comp. my wife would not have been alive today. J. B. SULLIVAN, M. D.

HYDE PARK, MASS, Sept. 13, 1885. I thank you cordially and sincerely for your courtesy in sending me your circular, which I have read with interest and benefit, and as one who is especially interested in the treatment of "Children's Diseases." I shall always be glad to hear from you, as I have learned by experience to value your Syrup Hypophosphites in the treatment of that class of cases. A reliable, trustworthy preparation of that character is a valuable adjunct to remedial treatment and in no class of cases more so than among the children. If I can be of service to you in any way, please command my best efforts.


DURANGO, COL., May 12, 1893. I have used your Hypophosphites, and always found them excellent.


L. C. HURD, M. D.



Intestinal Catarrh.

1. During the heated season, keep the body cool, but avoid extremes. 2. Regulate diet properly. 3. Impress on the mother the importance of the fact that the doctor, not the neighbor, should be called to treat the very first variation from normal digestion. 4. Also, the fact that the opinion of the doctor as regards food is quite as important as in regard to medicine. 5. See that less, but more digestible, food is given. 6. Use plenty of pure water, internally and externally. 7. Cleanliness must be insisted upon.-DR. R. BEATIE, in Med. Age.

Drugs which Should not be Dispensed in Capsule Form.

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Salicylate of sodium causes gastric disorders, with nausea and vomiting, and should, therefore, be administered diluted with plenty of water. Ulceration of the gastric mucosa has been observed after its use in capsule form. Antipyrin often irritates the digestive tract, and is best given in vichy or sodawater. The following drugs are hygro

scopic and, therefore, cause the capsule to become softened: acid phosphates and glycero-phosphates, sodium bromide, crystallized calcium chlorate, strontium chloride, piperazin, lysidin, chloral, the dry extracts of plants, and, in general, those preparations produced by evaporation in vacuum. Some solid drugs when mixed, tend to deliquescemixtures of antipyrine and sodium salicylate, for example. Certain substances, when exposed to the air, become altered, or, at least, discolored by the contained oxygen. The chief representatives of this group are the salts of iodine, the alkalies and the alkaline earths; also aristol. Free iodine combines with the starch of the capsule, producing a bluish-black discoloration. -Med. Rec.

Nervous Diseases.

Dr. J. A. Nevins, Purdin, Ill., reports that he has had great success with Peacock's Bromides in epilepsy, insomnia, hysteria, and other nervous dis







Given with Antipyretics TO PREVENT Cardiac Depression.

Specially indicated for the cardiac nervousness caused by the use of alcohol, coffee, tea or tobacco.

Each Pillet represents one one-hundredth of a grain of Cactinathe active proximate principle of Cactus Mexicana.

DOSE.-One Pillet every hour, or less often, as indicated.



Artificial Arms and Legs


MARKS' Improved Rubber Hands and Feet are Natural in Action,
Noiseless in Motion, and the Most Durable in Construction.

It is not unusual to see a farmer working in the fields with an artificial leg, or an engineer, conductor, brakeman, carpenter, mason, miner, in fact, men of every vocation, wearing one or two artificial legs, of MARKS' Patent, performing as much as men in possession of all their natural members, and experiencing little or no inconvenience.

Over 19,000 in use, scattered in all parts of the world. Eminent surgeons and competent judges commend the Rubber Foot and Hand for their many advantages.

At the WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION they received the highest award. They are indorsed and purchased by the United States and foreign Governments. A treatise containing 544 pages, with 800 illustrations, sent FREE; also a formula for taking Measurements by which limbs can be made and sent to all parts of the world, with fit guaranteed.





IF your dyspeptic patient is "out of sorts" with loss of appetite, give him two or more teaspoonfuls of SENG before each meal-an appetite will soon succeed his heretofore indifference to food.



An Invaluable Discovery in the Preparation of Opium.

It contains all the valuable medicinal properties of Opium in natural combination, to the exclusion of all its noxious, deleterious, useless principles upon which its bad effects depend. It possesses all the sedative, anodyne and antispasmodic powers of Opium: To produce sleep and composure; to relieve pain and irritation, nervous excitement and morbid irritability of body and mind; to allay convulsive and spasmodic actions, etc.; and being purified from all the noxious and deleterious elements, its operation is attended by no sickness of the stomach, no vomiting, no costiveness, no headache, nor any derangement of the constitution or general health. Hence its high superiority over Laudanum, Paregorin Black Drop, Denarcotized Laudanum, and every other Opiate preparation.


On account of its large sale, spurious articles are offered in bulk. The genuine is sold only in vials of about seven drachms, with yellow wrappers and signature of Jno. B. McMunn.

E. FERRETT, Agent, 372 Pearl Street, New York.

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