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and accidents, and as the FIRST FOOD to be given after the antidote in poisoning cases, being

SOOTHING and HEALING in its action while


The great importance of such a nutritive is best appreciated when it is needed.

Literature and SAMPLES for clinical test, supplied ONLY to PHYSICIANS and trained nurses. Sent FREE, charges pre-paid, on request. CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED.


Philadelphia is noted for eminent Physicians and Surgeons-men who have attained celebrity and position.

Its young men especially have achieved success early in life. They have won laurels in the treatment of nervous diseases, are called all over the country for the quick application of the scalpel or to correctly diagnose obscure cases. They have written prize essays in the world's competitions. That which has often taken years to win, these men have accomplished early in life.

While they are renowned for skill in their profession, they are also known as good dressers-men who know what good clothes are and how to wear them. Clothes don't make success. Study, application and ability does. Good clothes help. Poor clothes may greatly hamper. First judgment is always influenced by appearance.

For two-score years our store has stood on the block next to a medical college whose fame is world-wide.

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Hundreds of its faculty and graduates have been clothed by us. For years we numbered as our friends and customers Dr. D. Hayes Agnew and Dr. S. W. Gross.

Perhaps our knowledge about how doctors should dress can be of service to you-we may help you economize. We supply just such clothes as the best doctors want, at moderate, sensible prices. Such clothes cost no more than the ordinary kind; they may be worth to you vastly more.

Our Doctor's Walking (cut-away coat) Suit costs $20.50; Doctor's Sack Suit, $18.00; and Doctor's Overcoat, $20.00. All made individually to measure, and delivered free to your door wherever you live; and money back again for the asking, if it does not exactly please.

Let us send you instructions for self measurement, samples and illustrations of fashion. Free if you cut this off and write here your name...

Post office..........



Mail to

region of uterus. Menses have never appeared yet. Baby has been dead a month or more. She is losing in flesh, strength, and appetite. Let me hear from the brethren through the valuable BRIEF.


Cleveland, Ark.

[Case first looks much like uterine cancer, and a specialist should be consulted at once. Tonics, massage, and nourishing food should be used to build up the strength. As a palliative, tampons saturated with Kennedy's Pure Dark Pinus Canadensis applied to the cervix, and retained by a menstrual napkin, are very beneficial.

Case two is suffering from septic poisoning. The uterus should be dilated, curetted with a dull curette, flooded with a hot carbolized solution, and a piece of antiseptic gauze wet with glycerine left in the uterine cavity. Then give her:

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Will the Editor and many readers of the BRIEF, please advise me in the following case:

A gentleman, sixty-five years of age, is troubled with itching (intense), of the skin on body-worse on back, also worse in winter time. No eruption or discoloration of skin whatever. Apparently enjoying good health otherwise. What is it, what is the cause, and what treatment is necessary?

St. John, Kan. D. S. SPARKS, M. D. [Pruritus is due to many causes, such as uric acid, bile, and other abnormal substances in the blood, to sluggish capillary circulation, to digestive disturbances, neurotic conditions, etc. Get a good tincture gelsemium and give him five drops, three times a day, until physiological symptoms appear. As the

kidneys are probably not doing their work properly, he should also have a teaspoonful of Sanmetto morning, noon, and night. Have him get a flesh brush and use it thoroughly every morning, after which he should sponge himself off in warm water containing one per cent of carbolic acid, and let it dry on.ED.]

Uterine Cancer.

In last BRIEF you quote approvingly from Medical Council, advocating the use of alcohol in cancer. There is here a woman, mother of six or seven children, who, some two months ago, called my attention to a small lump on margin of the os uteri-as large as a green peasituated on a somewhat dense base of the size of a small hickory nut.

We deemed it best to bring away a three months' fetus, which was beyond doubt there, to permit of some operative procedure, as the woman's mother had died of cancer of the womb, and she, herself, has had albuminuria. I am strongly averse to the use of the knife, as in fifty years' practice and observation, I have seen so many recurrences. We recognize that this may not be malignant, and that time is important; but if you will let me know what you think of the case, I will be under great obligations. JAS. H. CRAIN, M. D. Beechwood, Ill.

[We have had no personal experience with the injection of alcohol in malignant tumors, but the theory upon which the practice is based is sound. The injection of alcohol into the diseased mass provokes inflammation, and the formation of connective tissue. This connective tissue contracts down upon the diseased tissue, gradually forming a dense scar. At the same time, we want to say that many healthy uteri of women who have borne children, will present vegetations and excrescences which are perfectly harmless. As long as the parts can have a reasonable amount of rest, be kept clean and free from discharges, and the tone of the nervous system preserved, such women have nothing to fear. It is the engorged, relaxed, succulent, leucorrheal uterus which has borne many children that is (Continued on page 730.)

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Stout Silk-Each.

Fine Silk-Each. Thread








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Directions for Measurement.-Give exact circumference

length in all cases. We allow for expansion.

Goods sent by Mail upon receipt of price.

G. W. FLAVELL & BRO., Manufacturers,

1005 Spring Garden Street,


In Writing to Advertisers, Mention Medical Brief.

in danger. Innervation is impaired, and any harmless little nodule may become the focus of inflammation, abnormal cell action, and proliferation.

Operation cuts off the results of this action, but it does not build up the nervous system, or remove the causes. These uteri should be drained with glycerine tampons, and toned up by the application of astringents. An abdominal supporter should be worn, and nerve tonics given.

Injections of alcohol act best on those rapid, soft, ulcerating growths, attended by much pain and discharge. In the case described, such treatment might provoke rapid extension of the growth. Would first try absorbent treatment. Apply a piece of absorbent cotton wet in equal parts tincture iodine and glycerine, protecting the vagina with a packing of unabsorbent cotton. In twenty-four hours remove and irrigate with a solution of Kennedy's White Pinus Canadensis, two ounces to the pint of water. It is wonderful how uterine fiber becomes firm and healthy under this treatment. Tonic tampons wet in Kennedy's Dark Pinus Canadensis (undiluted), are excellent to alternate with the iodine-glycerine tampons.

Of course, if operative treatment is to be resorted to at all, now is the time. Watch carefully the rate of growth. This woman should not become pregnant again, and should have entire sexual rest for a time.-ED.]

A Case Extraordinary.

I desire to report an extraordinary case in practice, and I do not remember having read of or heard of a like one. This is a mother of three children, healthy in appearance, bearing at full term vigorous children, which seem to do well up to the ninth day, when umbilical hemorrhage sets in, destroying them. The best styptics, compresses, and means of arresting hemorrhage, failed in every case.

The one I saw had an eruption over the body, somewhat elevated, vesiculous in appearance. It is a strange case, and I will be pleased to hear from the Editor and some of the readers of the

BRIEF as to their views. The father denies ever having blood poison, and both parents seem to be healthy. L. V. WEATHERS, M. D.

Bracken, Tex.

[There are other cases on record of death from uncontrollable umbilical hemorrhage, but they usually occur in the families of those who have a history of being bleeders. Did you inquire as to the existence of such a diathesis? In

these cases the blood is exceedingly thin, and seems to lack the power of coagulating. ED.]

La Grippe.

We again have an epidemic in the form of la grippe in our country. It seems to be somewhat different from the

grippe as seen here for the past two years. The prevailing type is both epidemic and contagious. The attacks are usually very sudden. The patient is often struck with severe abdominal pain, with chilly sensations, dizziness; is sometimes unconscious for a brief time, with uncontrollable restlessness, and general pain throughout the body and limbs. As the patient expresses it, he aches all over. There is general prostration, and in severe cases nausea and vomiting. Temperature sometimes runs down to 94° F. In a few days the fever runs up to 100° or 102° F., and continues for several days, with severe and persistent vomiting.

Is this a true type of la grippe, or is it complicated? Also, what is the best treatment? J. H. MORRIS, M. D.

Newport, La.

[We should call it a very severe form of grippe. This disease is a congestion of the cerebro-spinal system, followed by partial paralysis of its function. The regulating power of this system of nerves being in abeyance, the sympathetic system has it all its own way, and so we find engorgement of the viscera and irregularity of function. In the first stage of depression, which is really one of stimulation to the cerebro-spinal system, when the pneumogastric nerve takes hold of the circulatory system with iron hand, and nearly throttles it, we should give a (Continued on page 732.)

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Suppose we find the patient a little giddy upon rising in the morning. This means that the nerves do not have perfect control of the muscular system. As a test for this, direct the patient to stand with his feet close together, shut his eyes, and if the tendency is to reel it is another evidence of lowered nerve tone. Or stand with the arms extended, shut the eyes, and then try to bring the tips of his forefingers together in front of him. If they pass by or meet imperfectly, it shows the same thing. Or, the person may not be able to think as quickly as he should. To test this ask the patient three simple questions in rapid succession, as, "Where were you just before you came into this room?" "What were you doing?" "How long did you remain?" The rapidity with which the answers are given indicates the rapidity of brain action. All these things show that it is of the utmost importance that the nervous system should be kept in tone; otherwise, every part of the body languishes. This condition indicates the use of CELERINA (Rio) in teaspoonful doses four times a day, TO INCREASE THE NERVE CAPITAL OF YOUR PATIENT. AA SAMPLE BOTTLE OF CELERINA WILL BE SENT FREE TO ANY PHYSICIAN WHO WISHES TO TEST IT IF HE WILL PAY THE EXPRESS CHARGES.



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