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As we are now visited by small-pox in many places in our State, I would be glad to have your treatment in the next issue, as it is something that we seldom have in our midst, and have consequently a limited experience in its treatment. G. W. EARLE, M. D.

Pickens, S. C. [We believe that the new succedaneum for antitoxin-Octol (one-eighth of one per cent solution of carbolic acid)— would be beneficial in this disease. It can be prepared easily by either physician or druggist.

The bowels must be kept open by repeated enemas, and an abundance of water given. The body should be thoroughly anointed with carbolized oil. Each vesicle should be ruptured as soon as it forms, and painted with pure Listerine. This will often prevent the formation of pus.

For the sleeplessness, delirium, etc., give Bromidia in teaspoonful doses. As soon as the more acute symptoms are overcome, begin and give five or ten drops of tincture nux vomica, with ten drops of diluted hydrochloric acid, in water, three times a day.

The diet must be exceedingly light until the stage of excitement abates. It is probable the gastro-enteric mucous membrane is broken out similarly to the skin, and, therefore, unable to functionate. The Octol is particularly useful in the incipiency of the disease, because it is used hypodermically.-ED.]


I will report a case that I have, and the Editor will please give diagnosis and treatment, on account of disagreement in the case, and for my own information, and the benefit of others.

Mr. T. T. called at my office January 1st, 1898, with the following history: Male, aged about twenty-six years, weight about one hundred and fifty pounds, height about five feet seven inches, complexion dark, general appearance good. His look does not indicate anything wrong with digestion or nutrition. The history of the case is as follows, according to his own language: About one year ago, after a hard day's

work ate a hearty supper, went to bed feeling very well, woke on following morning with headache, and back and legs aching, with some fever. Called in a doctor who, he says, gave him a course of medicine for his liver and spleen, but he got no relief, continuing on for some days with no improvement. Called in another doctor, who treated him for same trouble with no improvement. He finally fell into the hands of an advertising doctor, who sent a question blank to be filled out. He filled the blank and received treatment, with same results.

When he came to my office I examined his urine, with following results: Normal in color and quantity, no albumen, no sugar, but he says he is annoyed with priapism at night. Tongue very large, flat, and red. Skin looks healthy and soft. Good color. His liver is somewhat enlarged, spleen enlarged, bowels a little distended, no tympanitis, bowels act every morning, stools white, contain mucus and pus. No pain. Complains of headache all the time, aching in lumbar region and legs, with jerking of the muscles in different parts of the body. He says he has not slept before midnight in nearly a year. Some nights does not sleep any. Please give diag. nosis and treatment.

My diagnosis is membranous enteritis, or catarrhal enteritis, following a case of catarrhal fever. I think he has a genuine case of melancholia, with priapism.

Please let me hear from the Editor, through the BRIEF, or by letter.

Success to the BRIEF and its readers. May the good Editor live long to battle for its readers against fads and frauds.

Roddy, Tex. J. W. JAMES, M. D.

[Your diagnosis is probably correct. Have the patient get a bottle of Chionia, and a bottle of Seng, mix them, and take one to two teaspoonfuls before meals. After meals he should take onetwentieth grain pill of arsenic iodide (Schieffelin & Co.).

Membranous enteritis is more often attended by constipation than diarrhea; therefore, the regularity of bowels, lumbar pain, headache, etc., and the presence of pus and blood, suggest the (Continued on page 420).

Sanmetto in Chronic Genito-Urinary


My experience with Sanmetto has been very successful-especially so in chronic cases. Am dispensing it in my office almost every day.


Keene, N. H.

Sanmetto in Genito-Urinary Diseases.

I have been using Sanmetto for some time in cystitis, nephritis, and other genito-urinary diseases, and have never been disappointed in results. I deem Sanmetto a great boon to the human family. WM. OWEN, M. D.

Jonesboro, Ala.

Prostatic Trouble with Irritation of Mouth of Bladder.

I used Sanmetto in my own case. I was suffering from a prostatic trouble, and had been for several days, also had a great deal of irritation about the mouth of the bladder. Sanmetto relieved me at once, before using all the contents of the bottle.

Comer, Ga. J. G. EBERHART, M. D.

Stricture in the Urethra with Irritability of Neck of Bladder.

I had a case of stricture in the urethra of fifteen years' standing, with intense irritability of neck of bladder. One half bottle of Sanmetto cured the bladder trouble, and did the stricture more good than anything ever done for it in the fifteen years. Patient got so much better that he has set the medicine aside. A. B. MOBLEY, M. D. Kennett, Mo.

Catarrh of the Bladder.

I have been using Sanmetto in my practice for two years or more. It is not excelled by any other medicine that I have used for the same purpose. About a year and a half ago, I had a case of a lady suffering from catarrh of the bladder. Her discharges were mostly mucus and blood. I kept her on Sanmetto about four months. The result was a perfect cure. No return of the trouble since.

Kittery, Me. A. W. JOHNSON, M. D.

Kidney and Bladder Troubles.

I gave a bottle of Sanmetto to a man who had been for a long time afflicted with kidney and bladder troubles. He had exhausted the patience of the local physicians. Since giving the Sanmetto he informed me that he is entirely well. His prostate gave him special trouble. "Man that is born of woman is of few days, and full of trouble" about his prostate gland, and I believe that Sanmetto will prove a god-send to all who are in the condition that my fellow townsman was before he used Sanmetto. Centre, Ala. A. M. PRATT, M. D. Incontinence of Urine-Pre-Senility.

I began to test the powers of Sanmetto in a case of incontinence of urine in a child six years of age, in which medicines given hitherto were unavailing. From the first day with Sanmetto improvement began, and in two weeks the cure was complete. I also gave Sanmetto to a gentleman who is more than sixty years of age, with atrophy of the right testicle and impotence. The result was astonishing in the increase of sexual power, and the enlarged state of the testicle in four weeks' time. Sanmetto is at the head, and justly so. J. T. CRANDELL, M. D.

Sacramento, Ky.

Enlarged Prostate with Pile Tumor.

On September 16th Mr. C., seventysix years of age, sent for me. I found, on examination, enlargement of the prostate, and a pile tumor, with complete inability to pass a drop of urine. There was difficulty in passing a flexible catheter. I used various remedies without much benefit until October 7th, when I put him on Sanmetto alone. He soon began to improve. I sent to Jackson, Mich., for more. He is still using same, and has no trouble in passing his water, and we do not have any further use for a catheter. The Sanmetto has also disposed of the pile tumor, so that the old man feels able to do considerable work on his farm. I feel that Sanmetto has done good work in his case, and will give it further trial the first opportunity. C. H. CUNNINGHAM, M. D. Paulding, O.

possibility of an ulcer. If possible, locate this ulcer by illumination, or the soft rubber bougie. At any rate, wash out the colon with high enemas of silver nitrate solution, followed by a common salt solution. Apply a capcine plaster to the lumbar region, and have patient wear a knit woolen bandage over the abdomen.-ED.]

Information Wanted.

I wish the Editor of the BRIEF, or some of its contributors, would explain through the MEDICAL BRIEF the cause of labor being hastened or terminated quicker by turning the lady on her left side in the second stage of those slow tedious cases of parturition, especially when the head is in the right occipitopubal position.

Would also like to know if inflammation ever existed without being preceded by a destruction of tissue, either en masse, or molecular, or cell destruction? W. D. WHITE, M. D.

Strawberry, Ark.

morning. If it makes the mucous membrane uncomfortably dry, its use should be followed by a spray of benzoinol, containing two grains of menthol to the ounce.

Internally, give her half teaspoonful of Iodia, in water, after each meal.

The reason catarrh is so difficult to cure is that patients will not pursue treatment conscientiously a sufficient length of time. In an old catarrh, there has been a passive congestion for years, causing a more or less extensive formation of connective tissue. All this new tissue must be absorbed, and the mucous membrane made soft and velvety again, so air can circulate freely in the postnasal space, eustachian tubes and middle ears. If we use strong remedies, we make the condition worse by increasing congestion. We must use mild remedies, and let time do the rest. Little by little all great things are accomplished. Nine out of ten patients will not understand this, and will not cooperate with the Doctor in his efforts to cure them.-ED.]

Aural Catarrh.

I would like to hear from the Editor and others, who are disposed to help me in the following case: A young lady, aged twenty-two, has been troubled with chronic aural catarrh for several years. There is no purulent discharge from the ear, but she often complains of a "thick feeling" in the head, and very often she is troubled with dizzy attacks. She has been slightly deaf for six years.

I have used several methods of treatment, but with little success. Any information or aid as to the above will be highly appreciated.


Washington, D. C.

[The instillation of a drop or two of oil of mullen into the external meatus is highly recommended by some. If there is catarrh of the nose and throat this must be cured before the deafness can be relieved. A solution of Listerine and warm water, adding a liberal pinch of bicarbonate of soda, is as good as any wash. The nose and throat should be well sprayed with this night and

[Written for the MEDICAL BRIEF.] Chronic Chills.

BY BEN H. BRODNAX, M. D., Brodnax, La.

WILLIAMSBURG, VA., February 2d, 1898. DR. BRODNAX - Dear Sir: Seeing in February BRIEF, page 282, your prescription for chronic chills, "tincture iodine," I will suggest to you to try tincture iodine compound, as it dissolves in water better than the simple tincture. I have used it in combination with Fowler's solution, for chronic chills, for the last sixteen or eighteen years, and find it very efficient. GEO. A. HAWKINS, M. D.

Since penning the article referred to, I have used the simple tincture of iodine in three cases of chronic chills, with the acid tonic, before meals, with complete


I am indebted to my friend, Dr. J. S. Leachman, for the idea. He tells me he found it in a work-"Dr. Gunn's Family Practice," first edition.

I am pleased to know that Dr. Hawkins has found the compound tincture of iodine equally good, and will use it in preference hereafter. Also, should be pleased to hear in BRIEF, or by letter, of cases in which it may prove a success.

troubles, chronic irritations of neck of bladder, and diabetes, there is nothing at the present day that can take its place. Sanmetto is par de excellensie. Drifton, Fla. J. J. GRANT, M. D.

Irritability of Bladder-Enlarged Prostate with Chronic Cystitis - Frequent Micturition and Senility.

I have prescribed Sanmetto for a young man who was suffering from irritability of the bladder, with frequent, painful and burning micturition, with complete and ready relief; again in the case of a man seventy-six years of age, with enlarged prostate and chronic cystitis, with very frequent calls to urinate, and had a very good result; and again in the case of a man over seventy years of age, who, a few years ago, had an acute cystitis, and who, since that time, has been troubled with frequent micturition and loss of sexual tone. The patient expressed himself as eminently satisfied with the result.

P. MCLAUGHLIN, M. D. Winchester, Ont., Can.

Enuresis-Prostatic Troubles. Having an aggravated case of enuresis in a girl ten years of age, which had resisted all the known remedies used in such cases, I determined to give Sanmetto a fair trial. I put her on teaspoonful doses three to four times a day, and her improvement was very marked from the first dose, and she is now practically cured. This trouble had followed her from her infancy, and nothing her parents had done for her had ever given her half the relief that four ounces of Sanmetto gave her. I regard Sanmetto as almost a specific in all genito-urinary troubles. Have found it very beneficial in prostatic troubles of the aged. I desire to keep a supply of Sanmetto on hand, as there is nothing that I have ever found that will fill its JOHN C GRIFFINS M D


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Cystitis with Enlarged Pros Enuresis Nocturna.

I gave Sanmetto to an old .rie patient who had been suffering fo years from cystitis, and an enor enlarged prostate. Had not be to urinate without the catheter years. The last year he has be fined to bed most of the time, us catheter on an average of eve hours, and suffering greatly wit About three months ago castrat performed, but he did not get lief from pain, and an almost c desire to micturate until he was Sanmetto, about two weeks ago. also a rheumatic, I prescribed:

[blocks in formation]

A very perceptible improveme place almost immediately, and time he goes from three to fiv without the catheter, eats and well, and is able to walk out eve and by the continuation of the treatment we hope to cast as catheter in a very short time. used Sanmetto in a case of e nocturna, due to vulvitis, with recovery in less than a wee mother of this little girl, w formerly my enemy, now meets a very friendly "how do you d much, then, for Sanmetto, in wh faith is well founded. I will c to employ it in my practice.


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