The Retrospect of Practical Medicine and Surgery: Being a Half-yearly Journal Containing a Retrospective View of Every Discovery and Practical Improvement in the Medical Sciences ..., Bind 58–59

W. A. Townsend Publishing Company, 1869

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Side 73 - ... on the contrary, if the pulse be feeble or intermitting, the countenance pale, the lips livid, the skin cold, the swollen belly soft and fluctuating, or the anasarcous limbs readily pitting under the pressure of the finger, we may expect the diuretic effects to follow in a kindly manner.
Side 16 - The hunted deer will outrun the leopard in a fair and open chase, because the work supplied to its muscles by the vegetable food is capable of being given out continuously for a long period of time ; but in a sudden rush at a near distance, the leopard will infallibly overtake the deer, because its flesh food stores up in the blood a reserve of force capable of being given out instantaneously in the form of exceedingly rapid muscular action.
Side 219 - SHOE: Your lordship may please to feel what you think fit, but that shoe does not hurt you. I think I understand my trade!
Side 279 - Wythe's Dose and Symptom Book. Containing the Doses and Uses of all the principal Articles of the Materia Medica, etc.
Side 16 - ... roots in our equation of life increases the difficulty of solving it, but by no means permits the acceptance of the lazy assumption that it is altogether insoluble, or reduces a sagacious guess to the level of the prophecy of a quack. Lavoisier supposed in his earlier investigations that animal heat was developed by the combustion of carbon and hydrogen in the lungs ; just as in earlier times it was supposed to be produced spontaneously in the heart, which was imagined to be so hot as even to...
Side 218 - The usual effect is soon to remove all local irritation, and especially the itching or smarting so distressing to the patient ; to keep the surface clean, and prevent the accumulation of those scabs and crusts, which in themselves often tend to keep up the disease. After a time, even the indurated parts begin to soften, the margins of the eruption lose their fiery red colour, and merge into that of the healthy skin, and, finally, the whole surface assumes its normal character. In private practice,...
Side 17 - Thus chamois hunters setting out for several days' chase provide themselves with bacon fat and sugar ; the Lancashire labourers use flour and fat, in the form of apple dumplings ; while the Red Indian of North America almost transforms himself into a carnivore, by the exclusive use of flesh food ; he sleeps as long, and can fast as long, as the puma or jaguar, and possesses stored up in his blood a reserve of force which enables him, like a cat, to hold his muscles for hours in a rigid posture, or...
Side 16 - ... portion of the force employed in muscular work. The truth, as is usual, lies between the two extreme hypotheses, and we are now compelled to admit that a given development of force, expressed in animal heat, muscular work, and mental exertion, may be the effect of several, perhaps many, supposable supplies of digested food, farinaceous, saccharine, fatty, and albuminous. Just as a given algebraical function may be equated to a given constant, by the use of a certain definite number of values...
Side 277 - The CLIMATE of the SOUTH of FRANCE as SUITED to INVALIDS; with Notices of Mediterranean and other Winter Stations. By CT WILLIAMS, MAMD Oxon.
Side 16 - No two classes of animals can well differ more from each other than the cats and ruminants, one of which is intended by nature to eat the other. They differ in all respects as to food, the cats requiring a supply of fresh meat and blood for their health, and the ruminants being exclusively vegetable feeders; yet in both classes we find a great development of muscular power and of rapid action of the muscles, qualities alike necessary to the pursuer and to the pursued.

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