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dijp, (if this letter thould live t
inform them) that it was written
in Ireland, under your Grace's go-
vernment,and honoured with your





Age 46. 1. 15. for of that, r. in that ; p. 63. 1. 12. for

refuge, r. refuse ; p. 87. 1. 15. for Iluples llargeretesala, r. llúpos Trapplegadesalou ; p. 211. in the Note, 1. 7. dele to violate ; p. 275. 1. 24. for river Egypt, r. river of Egypt.

The Dedication of this Vol. (p. xviii) should have been dated July 22. 1740.

Vol. III. p. 12. 1. 1. for that sat, r. that ever sat ; p. 32. 1. 12. for one day, r. in one day ; p. 208. I. 9. for attend, r. attended ; p. 229. in the Note, for Tuverine, r. Tavernier ; p. 240. l. 1. for touch me, r. touch them ; p. 244. 1. 23. for in, r. into; p. 258. l. 1. for was, r. is; p. 278. 1. 7. for roof with gold; r.roof it with gold ; p. 294. in the Note, l. ult. for be the same, r. be by the same ; p. 296. in the Note, 1. 6. for the twelfth verse, r. tbe ad pfalm at the twelfth verse.

Dublin, July 22. 1742.


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To his GRACE

W 1 L L I AM

Duke of Devonshire,

Lord Lieutenant of IRELAND.

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F this work shall find as much

favour with posterity, as the preceding part of it hath done with the present age, let it be no dishonour to the name of Cavendis, (if this letteţ should live to inform them) that it was written in Ireland, under your Grace's government,and honoured with your


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