Possible Selves: Theory, Research and Applications

Nova Publishers, 2006 - 236 sider
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The concept of possible selves, first brought to life only a short time ago by Hazel Markus and Paula Nurious (1986) has grown into an exciting stream of research. Scholars have examined possible selves with regard to a host of adolescent outcomes, including academic achievement, school persistence, career expectations, self-esteem, delinquency, identity development and altruistic behaviours. Adults' possible selves have been associated with parenthood, physical and mental health, self-esteem, motivation, professional roles, coping and ageing. In addition, gender and ethnicity have been addressed in a number of possible selves studies. Educationally, what has been learned about possible selves offers a unique and viable approach to helping adolescents learn ways to identify and work toward attainable self-goals in the academic and career domains. "Possible Selves: Theory, Research and Application" represents a sample of the current research being conducted in the area of possible selves. The contributors to the book were chosen to represent a variety of perspectives, and to collectively illustrate some of the different ways that possible selves are being conceptualised, empirically examined and used in interventions.

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Temporal Comparisons Identity and Motivation The Relation Between Past Present and Possible Future Selves
The Possible Selves of Diverse Adolescents Content and Function Across Gender Race and National Origin
Possible Selves in Adult Development Linking Theory and Research
Gender and Possible Selves
Possible Selves Fantasy Distortion and the Anticipated Life History Exploring the Role of the Imagination in Social Cognition
Identity Health Stress and Support Profiles of Transition to Motherhood Among High Risk Adolescent Girls
Possible Selves in the Lives of Adult Women A ShortTerm Longitudinal Study
Possible Selves as Joint Projects
Using Q Methodology to Study Possible Selves
Possible Selves as Mechanisms of Change in Therapy
Enhancing Student Motivation through the pursuit of possible selves

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