Hamlet (Annotated)

Independently Published, 3. jan. 2020 - 123 sider
Differentiated book- It has a historical context with research of the timeThis play revolves around the tribulations of Hamlet, whose father, the King of Denmark, has died. After his ghost reveals that he has been murdered by Claudio, his brother and current king (who has also married Hamlet's mother, Gertrudis), urges him to take revenge. Doubting the ghost version, Hamlet takes advantage of the presence of a traveling theater company to present a play that evokes the murder of his father. When Claudio abruptly leaves the representation, Hamlet confirms the truth of the facts and concludes that he must kill his stepfather. At the same time, before the prince's erratic and melancholy attitude, the kings decide to send him to England. Before Hamlet mistakenly murders Polonio, Chamberlain of the kingdom and father of Ophelia, of whom he is in love. During the trip, the ship is attacked by pirates and Hamlet manages to return to Elsinor, the Danish royal castle.Claudio convinces Laertes, son of Polonius and Ophelia's brother, that he must in turn avenge his father's death. Ophelia, who has gone mad, commits suicide by drowning in a river. They make a duel in which Laertes uses a poisoned sword; he hurts Hamlet and in turn suffers a cut with his own sword, so he is also poisoned.At the same time, Gertrudis has a glass of poisoned wine designed for Hamlet. This forces Claudio to take it too. Before dying, Hamlet asks his friend Horacio to tell what happened and to recognize Fontimbr s, the Norwegian king, as successor to the Danish throne.

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