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GERMAN GRAMMARS AND READERS. Nix's Erstes deutsches Schulbuch. For primary classes. Boards. Illustrated.

202 pages. 35 cts. Joynes-Meissner German Grammar. A working Grammar, elementary,

yet complete. Half leather. $1.12. Alternative Exercises. Can be used, for the sake of change, instead of those in

the Foynes-Meissner itself. 54 pages. 15 cts. Joynes's Shorter German Grammar. Part I of the above. Half leather. 80 cts. Harris's German Lessons. Elementary Grammar and Exercises for a short

course, or as introductory to advanced grammar. Cloth. 60 cts. Sheldon's Short German Grammar. For those who want to begin reading as

soon as possible, and have had training in some other languages. Cloth. 60 cts. Babbitt's German at Sight. A syllabus of elementary grammar, with sugges

tions and practice work for reading at sight. Paper. Io cts. Faulhaber's One Year Course in German. A brief synopsis of elementary

grammar, with exercises for translation, Cloth, 60 cts. Meissner's German Conversation. Not a phrase book nor a method book, but

a scheme of rational conversation. Cloth. 65 cts. Harris's German Composition. Elementary, progressive, and varied selections,

with full notes and vocabulary. Cloth. 50 cts. Hatfield's Materials for German Composition. Based on Immenset and on

Höher als die Kirche. Paper. 33 pages. Each 12 cts. Horning's Materials for German Composition. Based on Der Schwiegersohn.

32 pages. 15 cents. Stüven's Praktische Anfangsgründe. A conversational beginning book with

vocabulary and grammatical appendix. Cloth. 203 pages. 70 cts. Foster's Geschichten und Märchen. The easiest reading for young children.

Cloth 40 cts. Guerber's Märchen und Erzählungen, I. With vocabulary and questions in

German on the text. Cloth. 162 pages. 60 cts. Guerber's Märchen und Erzählungen, II. With vocabulary. Follows the

above or serves as independent reader. Cloth. 202 pages. 65 cts. Joyhes's German Reader. Progressive, both in text and notes, has a complete

vocabulary, also English Exercises. Half leather, 90 cts. Cloth, 75 cts. Deutsch's Colloquial German Reader. Anecdotes, tables of phrases and idioms,

and selections in prose and verse, with notes and vocabulary. Cloth. go cts. Boisen's German Prose Reader. Easy and interesting selections of graded prose,

with notes, and an Index which serves as a vocabulary. Cloth. 90 cts. Huss's German Reader. Easy and slowly progressive selections in prose and

With especial attention to cognates. Cloth. 233 pages. 70 cents. Spanhoofd's Lehrbuch der deutschen Sprache. Grammar, conversation and

exercises, with vocabulary for beginners. Cloth. 312 pages. $1.00. Heath's German-English and English-German Dictionary. Fully adequate

for the ordinary wants of the student. Cloth Retail price, $1.50. Complete Catalogue of Modern Language Texts sent on request.


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