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What must be understood of the person of Christ


The ends of redemption to be understood ...,


The demonstrations of the glory of God in Christ, and to whom 108

What are the works of redemption that Christ hath done .... 113

The benefits by Christ procured :

The general benefits .


The benefits proper to believers


The several terms on which the several benefits are conveyed 128

The certainty of all this ...


How Christ must be received heartily and with the will


Christ must be entirely received, and how


Direct. 6. See that the flesh be thoroughly mortified, and your

hearts taken off the pleasures, profits, and honours of the

world, and think not of reconciling God and the world, as

if you might secure your interest in both ..


Direct. 7. Be sure that you inake an absolute resignation of

yourselves, and all that you have to God


Direct. 8. See that you mistake not a mere change of your

opinions, and profession, and behaviour for a saving change 155

The marks by which a sound conversion may be known from

a mere opinionative change.


Directions to get beyond an opinionative change.


Direct. 9. Acquaint yourselves by faith with the glory of the

everlasting kingdom, and see that you take it for your por-

tion and your end, and from thence let the rest of your ac-

tions be animated ..


Wherein this blessedness doth consist


Direct. 10. Rest not, and count not yourselves converted, till

God and holiness have your very love, desire, and delight :

and take it not for a saving change, when you had rather

live a worldly and ungodly life, if it were not for the fears of



Direct. 11. If you would not have the work miscarry, turn

then this present day and hour without any more delays :

where fifty considerations are given to shame men out of

their delays


Direct. 12. Stop not in weak and wavering purposes, and

faint attempts ; but see that you be groundedly, unreser-

vedly, and firmly or habitually resolved


What resolution is, and by what deliberations it is caused.

The preparatory common acts, and the special acts : illu-

mination, and the will's determinations, how wrought ibid.

The unresolved are unconverted


What resolution it is that is necessary


Twenty Motives to resolution


Hindrances to resolution


Two Directions for prosecuting resolution, that it may hold 243

The Conclusion


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7. He taketh this love and its expressions, for the heart and

height of all his religion ..


8. He hath absolutely put his soul, and all his hopes into the

hand of Christ, and liveth by faith upon him as his Saviour 393

9. He taketh Christ as the Teacher sent from God, and his

doctrine for the truest wisdom, and learneth of none but in

subordination to him


10. His repentance is universal and effectual, and hath gone

to the root of




11. He loveth the light, as it sheweth him his sin and duty;

and is willing to know the worst of sin, and the most of duty 397

12. He desireth the highest degree of holiness, and hath no

sin which he had not rather leave than keep, and had ra-

ther be the best, though in poverty, than the greatest in



13. He liveth upon God and heaven as the end, reward, and

motive of his life


14. He counteth no cost or pains too great for the obtaining

it, and hath nothing so dear which he cannot part with forit 402

15. He is daily exercised in the practice of self-denial, as

(next to the love of God) the second half of his religion • 405

16. He hath mortified his fleshly desires, and so far mastereth

his senses and appetite, that they make not his obedience

very uneasy or uneven .


17. He preferreth the means of his holiness and happiness,

incomparably before all provisions and pleasures of the flesh 410

18. He is crucified to the world, and the world to him by the

cross of Christ, and contemneth it through the belief of the
greater things of the life to come


19. He foreseeth the end in all his ways, and judgeth of all

things as they will appear at last


20. He liveth upon God alone, and is content with his favour

and approbation, without the approbation and favour of men 415

21. He hath absolutely devoted himself, and all that he hath

to God, to be used according to his will


22. He hath a readiness to obey, and a quick and pleasant

compliance of his will to the will of God


23. He delighteth himself more in God, and heaven, and

Christ, and holiness, than in all the world : religion is not

tedious and grievous to him . .


24. He is conscious of his own sincerity, and assured of his

justification, and title to everlasting joys


25. This assurance doth not make him more careless and re-

miss, but increaseth his love and holy diligence


26. Yet he abhorreth pride as the firstborn of the devil, and is

very low and vile in his own eyes, and can easily endure to

be low and vile in the eyes of others ,


27. Being acquainted with the deceitfulness of the heart,

and the methods of temptation, he liveth as among snares,

and enemies, and dangers, in a constant watch; and can

conquer many and subtle, and great temptations (through



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