A Political Index to the Histories of Great Britain & Ireland, Or, a Complete Register of the Hereditary Honours, Public Offices, and Persons in Office: From the Earliest Periods to the Present Time, Bind 3

Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1806

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Side 442 - Report of the Lords of the Committee of Council, appointed for the consideration of all matters relating to trade and foreign plantations...
Side 248 - Lismore is a famous and holy city, half of which is an asylum, into which no woman dare enter ; but it is full of cells and holy monasteries, and religious men in great numbers abide there ; and thither holy men flock together from all parts of Ireland ; and not only from Ireland, but also from England and Britain, being desirous to remove from thence to Christ.
Side 370 - Take this robe of crimson, to the increase of your honour, and in token or sign of the most noble order you have received, •wherewith you, being defended, may be bold, not only strong to fight, but also to offer yourself to shed your blood for Christ's faith, the liberties of the church, and the just and necessary defence of them that are oppressed and needy.
Side 395 - Anne, with the addition of several more, among which was that of adding rays of glory to surround the figure of St. Andrew which hangs at the collar : and though from the reformation to George VOL.
Side 405 - Master entered into the Stall of the Knight Companion next in height to his own, and having there given the Proxy of the Duke of Richmond the transcript of the Statutes, attested under the Seal of the Order, the Dean administered unto hin...
Side 400 - The apparel of a Knight of the Bath, is a red surcoat, lined and edged with white, girded about with a white girdle, without any ornament thereon -, the mantle is of the same colour and lining, made fast about the neck with a lace of white silk, having a- pair of white gloves tied therein, with tassels of silk and gold at the end ; which mantles...
Side 407 - Sir, you know what great oath you have taken, which if you keep, it will be great honour to you ; but if you break it I shall be compelled by my office to hack off your spurs from your heels...
Side 369 - To the honour of God omnipotent, and in memorial of the blessed martyr St. George, tie about thy leg, for thy renown, this noble garter; wear it as the symbol of the most illustrious order, never to be forgotten, or laid aside ; that thereby thou inayest be admonished to be courageous, and having undertaken a just •war in which thou shall be engaged, thou inayest stand firm, valiantly fight, and successively conquer.
Side 35 - Apostle's knees, which he should carefully preserve, and carry with him to a region towards the west, situated in the utmost parts of the world. — Regulus, at first troubled with the strangeness of the vision, after a little time, resolved to obey. So putting the relics in a little box, he went to sea...
Side 430 - Mafter with the proper badge, and received from his Excellency's hands the purfe containing the feals. The Dean of...

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