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T A T L E R.

Stereotype Edition.



Embe'lished with fine Engravings on Steel, from the Great Mastera. The beautiful Typography, Correctness, and 'nmense saring, (not less than two-thirds in price and binding,

peculiar to this compact and elegant Library Series of the best English Authors, have obtained for ihem a decided preference over other Editions,

Series of BRITISH HISTORIANS, in Octavo. HUME and SMOLLETT'S HISTORY of ENGLAND, the 13 Vols. published at £5,

complete in Two beautiful Octavo Vols. with copious Indexes, and fine

Engravings from SMIRKE, WEST, TRESHAM, BROMLEY, &c. extra boards.. £i 90 MILLER'S REIGN of GEORGE III. uniform, and as a continuation to the above,

010 0 PERGUSON'S HISTORY of the ROMAN REPUBLIC; the whole Five Vols. 8vo. complete in One, boards

086 GIBBON'S DECLINE and Fall of the ROMAN EMPIRE, the whole Twelve Vols. complete in Four, with naps and platcs, boards

1 15 0 GILLIES HISTORY of GREECE, the 4 Vols. 8vo. complete in one Vol. boards .. 096 ROBERTSON'S HISTORICAL WORKS; the whole Twelve Vols. complete in Two Vols. plates, &c. boards

1 5 0 viz. HISTORY of AMERICA

086 CHARLES 5th.


070 RUSSELL'S HISTORY of MODERN EUROPE: with Continuation, complete in Two Vols. plates, &c. (ir che press.)

DRAMATIC SERIES. SHAKSPEARE, complete in One elegant Octavo Vol. with Notes, and Life, boards 0 16 0 BRITISH DRAMA:

comprising the best Pieces in the English Language, uniform with the above, 2 Vols. Octavo boards..

1 10 0 Series of BRITISH CLASSICS, or Essayists.

The Forty-five Volumes complete in Five Vols. Octavo, viz. SPECTATOR; the 8 Vols. complete in One beautiful 3vo. Vol. fine Engravings, bds. 0 10 9 TATLER and GUARDIAN ; complete in One Vol. ditto

0 14 0 RAMBLER and IDLER; complete in One Vol. ditto

090 MIRROR and LOUNGER; complete in One Vol. ditto

0 7 6 OBSERVER ; complete in One Vol. ditto

0 6 0 ADVENTURER; complete in One Vol. ditto, sewed

0 5 0 WORLD; complete in One Vol. ditto ..

066 CONNOISSEUR; complete in One Vol. ditto

04 6 KNOX'S ESSAYS; complete in One Vol.

0 60 OLLA PODRIDA and MICROCOSM; by CANNING and OTHERS, (in the press.) The whole of the Essayists to be completed in Five elegant

Library Volumes, samo as the 45 Volumes of other Editions, presenting vast saving both in Price and Binding.

Series of MODERN POETS, &c. Octavo. BURNS WORKS, and LIFE, by DR. CURRIE; complete in One Vol boards 0 90 DARWIN'S POETICAL WORKS; complete in One Volume ..

07 KIRK WHITE'S REMAINS; complete in One Volume

0 4 0 COW PER'S POETICAL WORKS; complete in One Volume

0 3 6 POPE'S WORKS, and HOMER; complete in One Volume



0 5 0 JOHNSON'S LIVES of the POETS, complete in One Volunie

0 6 6 COMPLETE WORKS, and LIFE, by MURPHY; the Thirteen Vols..complete in Two

1 11 6 BOSWELL'S LIFE of JOHNSON; the Four Vols. complete in One, boards 0 10 6 O MEARAS NAPOLEON in EXILE; New and Improved Baltion, Two Vols. plates, boards ..


8 0 WORKS in Duodecimo. LELAND'S DEMOSTHENES; comricte in ane Volume, 1200. Donius

04 0 JARVIS'S DON QUIXOTE: Two Vois. 12mo. with 24 humorous Illustration by Crui'kshank, boards

0 10 LE SAGE'S ASMODEUS; 12mo, with 4 Iustrations by Crulkshank, boards


8 CABINET EDITION of the British Poets, Comprising, in 4 Vols. Duodecimo, nearly as much as the sixty Vols. of Johnson's Edition, and

including many recent Authors, in lieu of those of inferior merit. 4 Vols, price L2 : 20. op 108 6d. each Volume.

CABINET EDITION of Classic Tales, Complete in one Volume: containing the best Works of Imagination in the English language,

price 108. Ed. boards.

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