Stories in Verse

G. Routledge & Company, 1855 - 356 sider
The final section (pp. [294]-356) consist of Leigh Hunt's translations of classical poetry chiefly from Greek and Latin.

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Side 225 - The names of those who love the Lord." "And is mine one ?" said Abou. " Nay, not so,
Side 225 - Exceeding peace had made Ben Adhem bold, And to the Presence in the room he said, "What writest thou?" The Vision raised its head, And, with a look made of all sweet accord Answered, " The names of those who love the Lord !
Side 40 - Till you, the best Vitruvius, come at length, Our beauties equal, but excel our strength. Firm Doric pillars found your solid base, The fair Corinthian crowns the higher space; Thus all below is strength, and all above is grace.
Side 48 - Full little knowest thou, that hast not tried, What hell it is in suing long to bide: To lose good days, that might be better spent; To waste long nights in pensive discontent; To speed to-day, to be put back to-morrow; To feed on hope, to pine with fear and sorrow; To have thy prince's grace, yet want her peers...
Side 52 - Eternal HOPE ! when yonder spheres sublime Peal'd their first notes to sound the march of Time, Thy joyous youth began — but not to fade. — When all the sister planets have...
Side 270 - Or call up him that left half told « The story of Cambuscan bold, Of Camball, and of Algarsife, And who had Canace to wife, That own'd the virtuous ring and glass; And of the wondrous horse of brass, On which the Tartar king did ride...
Side 39 - Lost in the wood, and all on love intent : The day already half his race had run, > And summon'd him to due repast at noon, >But love could feel no hunger but his own.
Side 167 - The man went in. There was a cry, and hark . A table falls, the window is struck dark : Forth rush the breathless women ; and behind ' With curses comes the fiend in desperate mind. In vain : the sabres soon cut short the strife, And chop the shrieking wretch, and drink his bloody life. " Now light the light,
Side 328 - Such forces met not, nor so wide a camp, When Agrican, with all his northern powers, Besieged Albracca, as romances tell, The city...

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