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of duty, swelling of the face, frequent yawning, dimness of sight, frequent eructations, attended with a bitterness of taste, (in the mouth,) this bitterness occasioning cardialgia, which extending to the body and limbs, occasions a dislike for food. HOW TO ACT AT GETTING FROM BED, AND SUBSEQUENTLY DURING THE DAY, WITH OTHER HYGENIC MATTERS.


§ 186. When rising from bed, walk a while, stretch your limbs, contracting your head and neck. This will strengthen your limbs, and the contracting of the head will cause the (animal) spirits to rush from the stomach to the head, and from the head, when you sleep, it will fall to the stomach again. In the summer, bathe in cold water, for this will keep warmth in the head, which will occasion a desire for food. Then array yourself in fair garments, for a man's mind delights in fair things, and his heart is rendered lighter. Then clean the teeth with the dry bark of the hazel, as they will become all the fairer in consequence.* speech will be also most distinct, and breath sweeter. The standing posture should be at times practised, as it will do you much good, relieving the dura matter (membrane of the brain,) clothing your neck with power, investing your countenance with greater beauty, giving strength to the arms, improving your sight, preserving you from paleness, and adding power to your memory. Conversation, walking in company, and eating and drinking according to your usual habit, should be done in moderation. Use moderate exercise in walking or riding, as this will invigorate the body, and remove cardialgic pains, so that a man will be more hearty, strong, and the stomach will be warmer as well as your nerves more elastic.

* Giraldus Cambrensis assures us that the Welsh, in the 12th century, paid great attention to their teeth, rubbing them with either the leaves or the bark of the hazel, and refraining from hot meats and drinks, so that they were of dazzling whiteness.


§ 187. When you eat, take that for which you have the greatest relish if you can, particularly leavened bread. If you eat simple food it will be more easy for the stomach to digest it. If (when unused thereto) you should nevertheless eat two kinds of food, plain and strong food, eat the strong first, for the inferior portion of the stomach is hotter than the superior, as the lime is nearer, from whence more heat will be derived.


$188. When you eat, do not eat away all your appetite, but let some desire for food remain. Drink no water with your food, as it will cool your stomach, preventing its digesting the food, and quenching the warmth thereof. But when you drink water, drink it sparingly, choosing the coldest water you can get. When you have done eating, take a walk in some well sheltered level piece of ground. When you feel inclined to sleep, do not sleep too much. Rest on your right side, then turn on the left, and double yourself. If you should feel pain in your stomach (cardialgia) and heaviness, put on extra clothing, in order to withdraw the heat from the stomach, drinking warm water, as this by producing vomiting will remove the unhealthy matter from your stomach. Walking much before food will heat the stomach. Much walking after food will injure the stomach, because undigested (in consequence of the labour) the food will fall to the inferior part of the stomach, and there generate many diseases. Sleeping before food will make a man thin, but sleeping after food will make a man fat. The night is colder than the day, and consequently the stomach will digest sooner by night than by day, because the colder the

weather, the better will the stomach digest, as the heat falls from the extremities, and concentrates itself about the stomach. If a man who is in the habit of eating twice a day, should do so once only, it will injure the stomach. If a man in the habit of eating once only daily, should do so twice, it will be hurtful to the stomach. If from eating at one period of the day, we change to another, it will do harm to the stomach. At all times, if necessity should arise, obliging one to make a change in ones habit, let it be done gradually. Also do not eat, till the stomach has become. empty, and this you may know from the sense of hunger and the thinness of your saliva. If you eat without hunger, the animal heat will freeze. If you eat when hungry, your animal spirits will be as hot as fire, and whosoever does not then take food, his stomach will fill up with insalubrity, which will produce headache.

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