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minal Conditions they may Cause, G. P.
Newbolt-66, Oct. 28.

Mesentery, Fibromatous Tumors of, W. J.
Greer-66, Oct. 28.

Muscle Grafting for Gun-shot. Wounds of
Shoulder, B. B. Cates-29, Nov.
Narcosis, Surgical Requirements of and the
Available Methods, D. W. Buxton-66, Nov.


Obesity and Its Surgical Treatment by
Lipectomy, H. E. Castle-29, Nov.
Omentum, Cysts of, C. N. Dowd-29, Nov.
Omentum, Functions and Surgical Uses of,
D. P. D. Wilkie-66, Oct. 28.
Omentum, Torsion of; Case Resembling
Ovarian Cyst with Twisted Pedicle, J. P.
Hedley-66, Nov. II.

Operating Table, the Evolution of, W. S.
Bainbridge-232, Nov. 4.
Osteomyelitis, Chronic, Operative Treatment
of, C. Beck-300, Nov.

Parotiditis, Symptomatic, P. W. T. Moxam
-232, Nov. II.

Peritonitis, Acute, Physiological Principles in
Treatment of, J. L. Yates-300, Nov.
Peritonitis, Biologic Treatment of, Klotz-227,
Oct. 31.

Peritonitis, Diffuse Septic from Appendicitis,
194 Cases, R. S. Fowler-147, Nov. 4.
Peritonitis, General Septic, Treatment of, R.
Morison-66, Oct. 28.

Phlegmon, Woody, of Reclus-147, Nov. 25.
Phlegmonous Inflammation of Waldeyer's
Ring, Treatment of, Winckler-101, Nov.


Popliteal Artery and Vein, Rupture of; Dif-
fuse Hematoma, D. Drew-184, Nov. 18.
Post-operative Dangers. Report on Diminution
of, Goldstein-101, Nov. 2.
Post-operative Drowning, A. S. and H. G.
Grünbaum-66, Nov. II.

Rectal Diseases, Fatalities of in Diagnosis
and Treatment of, J. P. Tuttle-232, Nov.


Rectum, Prophylaxis of Cancer of, Penning-
ton-5, Nov.
Roentgenograms, Simple Method of Viewing
in 3 Dimensions, M. Girsdansky-232, Nov.

Ruptured Quadriceps Extensor Tendon, with
Case, N. Winslow-193, Nov.

Blood Coagulability, Method of Estimation of
with Special Reference to Pregnancy, La-
bor and the Post-partum State, Neu and
Kreis-227, Nov. 14.
Cervical Polypi Exhibiting Decidual Changes,
Ferguson and Young-165, xx, 3.

Sarcoma, Two Cases, Treated by Radium,
Ryerson and Wickham-66, Oct. 28.

Scalp, Treatment of Total Avulsion of. Wil-
isch-227, Oct. 31.

Sigmoidoscopy, A. Bassler-232, Nov. 18.
Spinal Cord, Operability of Intramedullary
Tumors of, 2 operations with Remarks on
Extrusion of Spinal Tumors, Elsberg and
Beer-8, Nov.

Spine, Stiffness of, T. Toepel-298, Nov.
Spleen, Prolapsed, with Acute Torsion; Sple-
nectomy, F. H. Lahey-29, Nov.
Splenectomy for Rupture of Spleen, J. C.
McCoy-29, Nov.

Stomach, Actinomycosis of, A. W. Mayo-
Robson-300, Nov.

Stomach, Acute Dilatation of Following Her-
niotomy under Local Anesthesia, H. H. M.
Lyle-232, Nov. 4.

Surgery, Modern, Tendency of, J. M. Inge-
304, Nov.

Surgical Drainage, Experimental Demonstra-
tions in, J. N. Rhoads-12, Nov.
Surgical Essentials, F. E. Neef-12, Nov.
Thymus, two Cases of Sarcoma of, Sheen,
Griffiths and Schölberg-184, Nov. 4.
Thyroid, a Sarcomatous Hemangioendothe-
lioma of, Usui-57, Oct. 30.

Thyroid, Diseases of in the Female, Porter
-9, Nov.

Thyroid Gland Diseases, Diagnosis and Treat-
ment of, G. E. Beilby-2, Nov.
Thyroiditis, Idiopathic, non-purulent Acute;
Case with Recovery, H. V. Dutrow-147,
Nov. 25.

Tropical Infections of the Derivatives of the
Primitive Gut; Complications and Treat-
ment, J. R. McDill-300, Nov.
Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Surgical Treatment
of, A. S. MacNalty-261, Nov.
Tuberculosis, Surgical, Especially Glandular,
Treatment of with X-rays, Baisch-57, Oct.


Venesection, Cases Illustrating Use of, R. F.
Fox-184, Nov. 4.

Alexander-Adam's Operation, Is it Justifiable
at Present Time? Dührssen-57, Nov. 6.
Appendicitis in Relation to Diseases of Fe-
male Pelvic Organs, C. B. Lockwood-261,

Wound Treatment, Technic of, A. Thomson
-66, Oct. 28.


Cesarean Sections, Multiple, Both High and
Low Operations, Humiston-9, Nov.
Cholecystitis and Cholelethiasis in their Re-
lation to Pregnancy, L. H. Branson-147,
Nov. 18.
Clitoris, Carcinoma of, C. D. Lockwood-147,
Nov. II.

Cyst of Gaertner's Duct, C. Georg, Jr.-161,

Cystitis in Women, Causes, Diagnosis and
Treatment, J. D. Whitall-6, Nov.

Dysmenorrhea and Sterility, 73 Cases of Dud-
ley's Operation for, S. M. Brickner-300,

Eclampsia, Wolff-Eisner-57, Nov. 6.
Eclampsia, Blood Pressure in, W. E. Welz-
161, Nov.

Eclampsia, Blood Pressure Index of, H. C.
Bailey-300, Nov.
Ectopic Gestation, Full erm, E. McDonald-
-232, Nov. 25.

Fibroid, Strangulated, Complicating Preg-
nancy at 4 mos: Operation; Recovery;
Delivery at Term, F. M. Lazard-147, Nov.


Fibroids, Cervical, Smead-9, Nov.

General Practitioner as a Gynecologist, Cand-
ler-5, Nov.

Gonorrheal Cervicitis and Endometritis, Rec-
ognition and Treatment of, W. T. Dann-
reuther-202, Nov. 4.

Labor Complications, Mental State as a Fac-
tor in, M. L. Hunt-237, Nov.
Papillomata removed from Vaginal Vault af-
ter Hysterectomy for Cervical Cancer, Fer-
guson and Young-165, xx, 3.
Pelvic Infections, Proper Operative Period
and Method of Drainage in, L. G. Bowers-
147, Nov. 25.

Pelvic Inflammation, Diagnosis of, W. W.
Pennell-317, Nov. 10.
Perithelioma, Two Cases of (1) Uterus, (2)
Tube, Barbour and Watson-165, xx, 3.
Placenta Previa, Treatment of, G. T. Harri-
son-300, Nov.

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Pneumonia, Autenatal, Case, A. T. I. Mac-
donald-66, Nov. II.

Infant Feeding, Malt Sugar and High Per-
centages of Casein in, J. L. Morse-6a, Nov.

Pregnancy, Ectopic, Early Diagnosis of, Hug-
gins-9, Nov.

Pregnancy, Interstitial, Scott-9, Nov.
Puerperal Infections, Surgical Treatment of,
P. Findley-141, Nov.

Puerperal Sepsis, Relations of Premature
Rupture of Amniotic Sac to, G. Kamper-
man-161, Nov.

Pus-tube, Ruptured, a Cause of Diffuse Peri-
tonitis, 2 Cases, A. P. Stoner-147, Nov. 18.
Pyelonephritis of Pregnancy, W. F. Metcalf
-161, Nov.

Pyosalpinx, Tuberculous, Barbour and Wat-
son-165, xx, 3.

Sexual Precocity, two Cases of, H. T. Machell
-75, Nov.

Torsion of Funis as Cause of Death of

Twins, H. A. Lediard—184, Oct. 28.
Tubal Sterilization as a Prophylactic Measure,
M. A. Werner-232, Nov. 4.

Uterine Muscle, Origin of in Relation to
Blood Vessels, H. R. Clarke-165, xx, 3.
Uterosclerosis and Sclerosis of Recto-utero-
vesical Fascia, J. Oliver-107, Nov.
Uterus, Bladder and Broad Ligament, An-
gioma of, Operation and Cure, Pantzer-9,
Vaccines in Pelvic Infections, 2 yrs' experi-
ence with, J. O. Polak-147, Nov. 25.
Vagina, Fibroid Tumors of, Case, A. H. Bark-
ley-300, Nov.

Vaginal Outlet, Relaxed, Repair of, W. W.
Babcock-319, Nov.

Infant Feeding, Use of whole milk and Fat
Diminished Milk in, E. A. Darling-61, Nov.

Infant Mortality, Influence of Milk-station
work on Reduction of, Pisek-9, Nov.
Infant Mortality, Principles of Reduction cf,
with Suggestions for Future Work, Baker
-9, Nov.

Infantile Paralysis, Present Knowledge of,
R. T. Taylor-12 Nov.

Intestinal Diseases in Infants, J. B. Bilder-
back-238, Nov.

Intestinal Worms in Examination of 122 Chil-
dren, N. Evans-298, Nov.

Measles, Infectivity of Secretions and Des-
quamations of, Anderson and Goldberger--
147, Nov. II.

Mikulicz' Disease, with Case of Lymphatic
Leucemia in a Child with Enlargement of
Salivary Glands, W. Tileston-6a, Nov.
Milk, Woman's, Role of the Salts in in the
Nourishment of Infants in Early Childhood,
Friedenthal-227, Nov. 7.

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Epilepsy. Idiopathic, Deviation of Comple-

ment in Cases of, G. H. Garnett-60, lvii,


Epilepsy, Reflex, a Rare Case of, Alexander
-57, Nov. 13.

Epileptics, Diagnosis and Treatment of Some
Special Conditions in, W. T. Shanahan-
158, Nov.

Finger Phenomenon; a New Sign of Organic
Hemiplegia, A. Gordon-147, Nov. 11.
Fourth Ventricle, Obscure Symptomatology
with Tumors of, G. R. Lafora-232, Nov.

General Paralysis, Wassermann Reaction in,
J. P. Candler-184, Nov. II.
Imperative Pains, F. B. Fry-164, Nov.
Infantilism, Intestinal, of Herter, R. G. Free-
man-6a, Nov.

Myoclonus, Case with Unilateral Epileptoid

Convulsions, Putnam and Sharp-67, Nov.

Nervous and Psychic Disorders after Catas-

trophies, Stierlin-101, Nov. 2.

Nervous Disease, Studies of the Blood in,

Collins and Kaplan-8, Nov.

Paralysis, Acute Focalizing; Epidemic and

Pandemic, J. Van V. Manning—39, Oct.
Parkinson's Disease, Symptomatology of,
Schultz-101, Nov. 2.

Poliomyelitis, Acute, Epidemic of in Corn-
wall, Gregor and Hopper-66, Nov. 4.
Poliomyelitis, Acute, with Special Reference
to the Outbreak at Plymouth, Stonehouse
and Devonport, A. B. Soltan-66, Nov. 4.
Poliomyelitis, Epidemic Anterior in Hunting-
donshire, C. B. Moss-Blundell-66, Nov. 4.
Poliomyelitis, Epidemic, Relation of Virus to
Tonsils, Blood and Cerebrospinal Fluid,
Flexner and Clark-147, Nov. 18.
Psychiatry, Modern Trend of, J. V. May—
141, Nov.

Psychotherapy in Mental Disorders, W. Gra-
ham-160, lvii, 239.

Psychotherapy in Care of Psychasthenia Pre-
disposing to Inebriety, T. A. Williams-202,
Nov. 4.

Rabies, Observations on, A. M. Stimson-136,

Sciatica, Deep Perineural Injections of B.
Eucaine in, A. J. Caffrey-147, Nov. 4.
Sciatica, Etiology and Treatment, M. H.
Rogers 61, Nov. 16.

Sciatica, Treatment of, Heidenhain-57, Nov.

Sense of Pressure in Face, Eye and Tongue,
Maloney and Kennedy-62, xxxiv, 1.


Acne, Treatment of by, Vaccines, Morris and
Dore-65, Oct.


Acne Vulgaris, High Frequency Electricity in
Treatment of, W. G. Lewi-6, Nov.
Acne Vulgaris and Pruritus Hiemalis, A. R.
Gunn-261, Nov.
Anti-Syphilitic Treatments, Comparative
Value of as Estimated by Wassermann Re-
action, H. W. Bayly-184, Nov. II.
B. Coli Infecion of Urinary Passages, Franke
-57, Oct. 30.

B. Leprae, Factors Determining Cure in In-
dividuals Infected with, Dwal, Gurd and
Hopkins-155, Nov.

Bladder, Intraperitoneal Operation for Ex-
tensive Carcinoma of, with New Method of
Treating Divided Ureter, P. M. Pilcher-
29, Nov.

Bladder, Polyp of in a Child of 13 mos., I.
S. Koll-29, Nov.
Cystoscopic and Ureteral Diagnosis, with Spe-
cial Reference to Tuberculosis and Calcu-
lus, G. J. Thomas-162, Nov. 1.
Eczema, Diagnosis and Treatment of, H. G.
Parker-238 Nov.
Epididymitis, Surgical Measures vs. Palliation
in, F. C. Walsh-232, Nov. 4.
Epithelioma, A. Record Showing Factor of
Irritation as Cause, J. A. Honeij—61, Nov.


Erythema Nodosum Syphiliticum, F. J. Levi-
seur-150, Nov.

Frambesia Tropica, Treatment of 700 cases
and of 4 cases of Pian Bois with Salvarsan,
Flu-227, Nov. 7.

Furunculosis as a Cause of Death, L. I.
Harris-232, Nov. II.

Genito-Urinary Tract, Radiography of, G. M.

McKee-39, Oct.

Syphilis and Parasyphilis of Nervous Sys-
tem, Differential Diagnosis of, F. W. Mott
-184, Nov. 18.

Syphilis, Brain, Defective Memory as sole
Residial Symptom in, C. W. Burr-232,
Nov. 25.

Syphilis in Its Relationship to Nervous Sys-
tem, Diller and Denner-252, Nov.
Syphilis, Treatment of with Salvarsan and
Syphilitic Nervous Affections before the
Introduction of Salvarsan, V. Zeissl-57,
Nov. 6.

Gonorrhea, Acute and Chronic, Causal Treat-
ment of, Menzer-227, Nov. 14.
Gonorrhea, Chronic Relapsing, C. M. Whit-
ney-141, Nov.

Tabetic Bone and Joint Conditions, Zoepffel
57, Nov. 6; Nov. 13.

Tonic Cramps of Legs, Functional Basis of,
Jacobsohn-57, Oct. 30.

Gonorrhea, Subacute and Complications,
Treatment of, C. W. Bethune-67, Nov.
Hemoglobinuria, Paroxysmal, Grafe-101,
Nov. 2.

Herpes, Recurrent of Buttock, H. G. Adam-
son-65, Oct.
Hyperidrosis Universalis, Case with Continu-
ous Fever, H. Herbert-147, Nov. II.
Hypertrichosis and Its Treatment, A. C. Gey-
ser-6, Nov.

Ichthyosis Hystrix, G. Pernet-65, Oct.
Kala Azar and Tropical Sore, W. B. Leish-
man-181, v. 17.

Kidney, Acute Hematoganous Infection of, F.
J. Cotton-29, Nov.

Kidney Diagnosis, Functional, Schmidt and
Kretschmer-6, Nov.

Kidney, Malignant Primary Adenoma of, J.
B. Squier-29, Nov.

Kidneys and Ureter, X-ray in Examination
of, A. B. Moore-162, Nov. I.
Kidneys, Both, Exploration of in Tuber-
culosis, Paschkis-227, Nov. 7.
Kidneys, Neoplasms of, G. B. Eusterman-162,

Kidneys, Tuberculosis of, D. A. Balfour-
162, Nov. I.

Lichen Planus, Unusual Case in a Negro, J.
L. Kirby-Smith-232, Nov. 18.
Lupus, Intra-nasal, Treatment of by Sodium
Iodide and Hydrogen Peroxide, J. H.
Sequeira-65, Oct.

Mental Element of Skin Diseases, W. M.
Donald-6, Nov.
Pneumohypoderma, Scleredema Neonatorum,
H. B. Sheffield-202, Nov. 25.
Prostatic Carcinoma and Its Surgical Treat-
ment, Posner-57, Oct. 30.

Prostate, Perithelioma of; a Resumé of this
Class of Tumors, H. Shoemaker-6, Nov.
Prostate, Surgical Pathology of, 468 Cases,
Wilson and McGrath-147, Nov. II.

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Eye and Nasal Sinuses, Diagnosis of Asso-

ciated Diseases of, F. Brawley-185, Oct.

Eye, What the General Practitioner Should
Know About the, E. C. Spitze-136, Nov.
Eyeball, Removal of, a Quick and Easy
Method, W. Robinson-66, Nov. 11.

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