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Post-Graduate. New York. M.. $1-20c.
Practical Medicine. Delhi, India. M.,

London, Eng.

M., $6.50-

Prager Medicinische
Prague. $5-20c.
Presse Médicale. Paris.

Semi-w., $5—

Presse Médicale. Belgium. W., $4-25c.
Proctologist. St. Louis. Q., $2-50c.
Progres Médical. Paris. W., $3.50-25c.
Progress. Denver, Col. M., $2-20c.
Providence Medical Journal. R. I. M.,


269 Psychological Review. New York. Bim., $4-75c.

Railway Surgical Journal. Chicago. M., $5-50c. 271 Rassegna d'Ostetricia e Ginecologia. Naples. M., $2.75-40c.



Revista Medica Cubana. Havana.
m., $3-20c.

Rivista Española de Sifilografia y Derma-
tologia. Madrid. M., $5-50c.
Rivista Critica di Clinica Medica. Flor-
ence. W., $4.50-25c.

Rivista Italiana di Neuropatologia, Psichi-
atria ed Elettroterapia. Catania, Italy.




264 265

266 267 268











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Pennsylvania Medical Journal. Athens, Pa. M.. $2-25c.

Pester Medicin-Chirurgische Presse. Budapest. W., $3.75-20c.

Philippine Journal of Science. Manila. M., $3-50c.

Physician and Surgeon.

Ann Arbor,

M., $2-20c.

Poitou Médical. Poitiers. M., $150-20c. Policlinico. Rome. W., $4-25c. Policlinique. Brussels. Semi-m., $2.50-. 20c.

Revue de Chirurgie. Paris. M., $8-75c.
Revue de l'Hypnotisme. Paris. $3.75-


Revue Médicale de Normandie.



Revue de la Tuberculose. Paris. Q., $4 $1.

Revue de Gynecologie et Chirurgie Abdominale. Paris. Bi-m., $6-$1. 289 Richmond Jour. of Practice. Va. M., $1 -10c.




Riforma Medica. Rome. W., $8.50-25c. Russky Vratch. St. Petersburg. W., $6.50. St. Louis Medical Review. M., $2-20c. St. Paul Medical Journal. M., $2.50-25c. 294 St. Petersburger Medicinische Wochenschrift. Russia. $6-25c.


295 296

$1.50-30c. Practitioner.


M., $2.50-25c.

Rivista de Medicina y Cirurgia. Havana. Semi-m., $4.50-25c.

Revue de Psychiatrie. Paris. M., $4.5050c.

Paris. Semi

Revue de Thérapeutique. m., $4-25c.

Revue Hebdomadaire de Laryngologie, d'Otologie et de Rhinologie. Paris. $5 -25c.

Revue de Médicine. Paris. M., $6.5060c.

Revue d'Orthopédie. Paris. Bi-m., $4.50 -60c.

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Worth. M., $1.50-15c.

The Antiseptic. Madras, India. M., 5 rs. Therapeutic Gazette. Detroit, Mich. M., $2-20c.

Therapeutic Medicine. New York. M., $1.50-20c.


Therapie der Gegenwart. Berlin. M.. $3 -40c.



Toledo Medical and Surgical Reporter. Ohio. M., $2-25c.


Vermont Medical Monthly. $1-15c. Virchows Archiv. $1.50. Virginia mond. Western Medical Review. Lincoln, Neb. M., $2-20c.

West Virginia Medical Journal. Wheeling. M.. $1-15c.

Wiener Klinische Rundschau. Vienna. W., $6-25c.

Wiener Klinisch-Therapeutische Wochenschrift. Vienna. $4-20c. Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift. Vienna. $6-25c.

Wiener Medizinische Blätter. Vienna. W., $6-30c.

Wiener Medizinische Presse. Vienna. W., $7-25c.

Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift. Vienna. $7-25c.

Wisconsin Medical Recorder.


M., $14.50

Medical Semi-Monthly. $2-10c.





M., $1-10c.

Wisconsin Medical Journal.
M., $2-20c.
Woman's Medical Journal.

Ohio. M., $2-20c.

Yale Medical Journal. New Haven, Conn. M., $2-20c.

Zeitschrift für Geburtshülfe und Gynäkologie. Stuttgart.

Zeitschrift für Klinische Medicin. Berlin. 6 vols. $4.80 per vol.; single copy, $1.25. Zeitschrift für Ohrenheilkunde. Wiesbaden. $4.50-$1.25 each. Zeitschrift für Augenheilkunde.


M., $8.75-$1. Zeitschrift für Hygiene und Infectionskrankheiten. Leipsic. M. Price varies. Zeitschrift für Physikalische und Diätetische Therapie. Leipsic. M., $4.25-50c. Zeitschrift für Medizinalbeamte. Berlin. Semi-m., $3.60-30c.

Zeitschrift für Orthopädische Chirurgie. Stuttgart. Price varies.

Zeitschrift für Tuberculose und Heilstättenwesen. Leipsic. 6 vols. $1 each. Zeitschrift für Urologie. Berlin und Leipsic. M., $6-50c.

The number following the title refers to the name of the Journal containing the article,

in the Key to Periodicals.

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Banti's Disease, Case, Splenectomy followed by Typhoid Fever and Appendicitis, J. Fuhs -8, Nov.

Banti's Symptom Complex, with Case, J. F. Hultgen-147, Nov. 4.

Bilharziosis, Blood Changes in, with Special Reference to Egyptian Anemfa, H. B. Day -184, Nov. II.

Blackwater Fever, Mechanism of Suppression
of Urine in, W. Yorke-66, Nov. 11.
Blood Pressure, Arterial, Factors Involved in
Production of, W. B. Cannon-61, Nov. 2.
Blood Pressure, Atmospheric Changes and

their Effect on, E. D. Rudderow-237, Nov. Blood Pressure in Medicine and in Life Insurance, J. S. Lankfort-304, Nov. Blood Pressure in Prognosis, H. W. Cook— 202, Nov. 9.

Blood Pressure, Systolic and Diastolic, Sphygmographic Method for Estimation of, J. D. Windle-184, Nov. 18.

Bronchial Diseases, Chronic Inflammatory, Basis and Results of Treatment of, Ephraim-101, Nov. 9.

Cardiac Hypertrophy and Myocarditis, Pathogenesis of, Loeb and Fleisher-147, Nov. 4. Cardiac Irregularities, Relation of to Treatment, A. W. Hewlett-147, Nov. 4.


Cardiac Murmurs During an Attack of Biliary Colic, D. Riesman-8 Nov.

Cholera at Palermo; Treatment by Injections of Hypertonic Salines and Permanganates, L. Rogers-66, Nov. 18. Circulation, Failing, Relative Value of Physical and Functional Signs in Management of, E. Schmoll-147, Nov. 4. Circulatory Disease, Its Prevalence in New England, Mass., and Boston, E. W. Dwight -61, Nov. 2.

Circulatory Disorders, Treatment in, H. D. Arnold-61, Nov. 2.

Colitis, W. H. Stauffer-304, Nov.
Constipation, Chronic, S. H. McCoy-76, Nov.
Constipation, Habitual and the Urinary Or-
gans, Asch-227, Nov. 7.
Consumptives, an Economic Study of 500,
Treated in Boston Consumptives' Hospital,
Locke and Floyd-61, Nov. 23.
Diabetes, Bronzed, G. Blumer-232, Nov. 4.
Diabetes Insipidus, Metabolism Studies in a
Case of, H. W. Goodall-61, Nov. 23.
Diabetes Mellitus, Treatment of, E. I. Spriggs
-184, Oct. 28, Nov. 4.

Duodenal Diagnosis, X-ray Considerations, E.
H. Skinner---40, Nov.

Dysentery, Amebic, A. F. R. Andresen-202, Nov. 18.

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Inspection, M. I. Knapp-232, Nov. 18. Intestinal Parasites in the Northwest, W. E. Sistrunk-147, Nov. 4.

Jaundice, Catarrhal, Series of Cases Occurring in Epidemic form, W. J. H. Pinniger-66, Nov. 18.

Kidney Diagnosis, Functional, Schmidt and Kretschmer-136, Nov.

Liver Atrophy, Subacute, L. S. Milne—40, Nov.

Liver, Cirrhosis and Primary Carcinoma of, E. Glynn-66, Nov. 4.

Liver, Effect of Occlusion of Various Hepatic Vessels upon, M. C. Wintermitz-70, Nov.

Lung, Remarks on Modern Methods of Diagnosis as Illustrated by Case of Tumor of, N. Dalton-184, Nov. II.

Mitral Disease and Tuberculosis, J. T. Ullom-252, Nov.

Myocardial Lesions, Factors in Treatment of, W. W. Kerr-147, Nov. 4.

Malaria, Is it Cured by Quinine? Price—5, Nov.

Malaria, Pernicious, Method for Preventing

Development of, W. M. James-170, Nov. I. Malaria, Practical Value of "Ross' Thick Film" Method in Diagnosis of, W. M. James-298, Nov.

Nephritis, Exophthalmos in; Its Etiology, L. A. Levison-232, Nov. 18. Osteopsathyrosis, Idiopathic, Metabolism in a Case of, A. Bookman-40, Nov. Palpation and a New Method for Its Execution, M. I. Knapp-232, Nov. 25. Pancreatic Activity, Review of Recent Attempts to Judge by Clinical Tests, E. B. Leech-261, Nov. Pancreatitis, Chronic, Nitrogen and Fat Metabolism and Other Tests in, H. G. Barbour -40, Nov.

Pellagra, Diet and, G. A. Zeller-147, Nov. 18.

Pellagra, Etiology of, K. H. Beall-147, Nov.
Pellagra, Etiology, Nosology and Treatment
of, Mizell-5, Nov.

Pellagra Treated with Salvarsan, 19 Cases,
King and Crowell-147, Nov. 18.
Pellagra, Treatment of, Bowling-5, Nov.
Pellagra; Treatment of by Direct Transfusion
of Blood; 31 Cases, H. P. Cole-66, Nov.


Pericolitis, Membranous, E. A. Hall-75, Nov. Plague, Bubonic, Prevention of by Immediate Incision of the Glands, V. B. Nesfield-18, Nov. 4.

Pleural Effusion, Massive left-sided, Mechanical Effects of, N. C. Rutherford-66, Oct. 28. Pneumonia,

Considered as a Secondary Malady, Bearing of on Treatment, H. A. Hare-252, Nov.

Pneumonia, Considered as a Terminal Infection, Bearing of on Treatment, H. A. Hare --306, Nov.

Pneumonia, Delayed Resolution in, J. C. McLeod-298, Nov.

Pneumonia, Jaundice in, F. McPhedran-70, Nov.

Purpura, Elliott and Martland-232, Nov. 18. Purpura, Henoch's, with Report of Case, J. L. Bendell-202, Nov. II.

Respiration, Disturbances of, Due to Nuclear and Infranuclear Diseases, C. F. Hoover147, Nov. 25.

Rheumatism, Further Contribution to Study of; Experimental Production of Appendicitis, by Inoculation of the Diplococcus, Poynton and Payne-184, Oct. 28. Rheumatism, Metabolism in; Food in Rheumatism; Management of Valvular lesions, Winters-9, Nov. Rheumatoid Arthritis, F. H. Parker-66, Nov. 18.

Salvarsan Treatment, Results of in a Case of Malaria, Hartwich-227, Oct. 31.

Spitting Blood, On, A. J. Jex-Blake-261, Nov.

Splenohepatomegaly, Primary in Brother and Sister, H. B. Sheffield-202, Nov. 4. Stomach and Intestines, Ulcer of, Reed-5, Nov.

Stomach, Hour-glass, H. J. Patterson-261, Nov.

Stomach, Practical Diagnosis of Uncompli-
cated Ulcer of, J. T. Pilcher-161, Nov.
Tachycardia, Paroxysmal, Recent Work on,
C. E. Lea-261, Nov.

Tachycardia, Paroxysmal, Accompanied by
Ventricular form of Venous Pulse, Lewis
and Silberberg-181, v, 17.
Thymus, Persistent or Enlarged, Percussion
Signs of, T. R. Boggs-40, Nov.

Tricuspid Stenosis; with 5 cases, T. B. Futcher
-8, Nov.

Trypanosomiasis, Human, Case with Special
Reference to Treatment, C. N. B. Camac-
8. Nov.

Tubercular Dispositions, Prenatal and Infan-
tile, J. B. Huber-8, Nov.

Tuberculin Reactions, Cutaneous, Urticaria
Edematosa from, J. L. Kirby-Smith-298,

Tuberculin, Value of in Diagnosis and Treat-
ment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, H. Val-
low-261, Nov.

Tuberculinum Purum, Use of in Pulmonary
Tuberculosis, C. Rayevsky-232, Nov. II.
Tuberculosis, Care of Advanced Cases of, W.
F. Willcox-252, Nov.
Tuberculosis, Environment and-232, Nov.
Tuberculosis, Heredity and, G. B. Sweeny—
232, Nov. 4.

Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Chronic Mixed In-
fection in, Kögel-101, Nov. 9.


Typhoid Fever, Sources of Infection of, E.
G. Williams-317, Nov. 10.

Typhoid Fever, Symptoms of, J. J. McCor-
mick-317, Nov. 10.

Typhoid Fever, Treatment of, G. K. Vander-
slice-317, Nov. 10.

Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Early Diagnosis of, Typhoid Fever, Use of Ipecac to Abort, W.
I. E. Charlesworth-158, Nov.
L. Frazier-202, Nov. 4.
Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Experience with,
During the past year, S. G. Bonney-8,

Typhoid Fever with Relapse and Multiple
Complications, A. A. Eshner-202, Nov. 18.
Urinalysis Polarimetry as Applied to, H. F.
Lichtenberg-67, Nov.

Urine, Englobulin Reaction in, A. R. Elliott
-136, Nov.

Vaccine Therapy, Combined in Pulmonary Tu-
berculosis, G. Sanders-232, Nov. 11.
Visceral Syphilis, F. Billings-147, Nov. 18.

Tuberculosis, Pulmonary. Clinical Study of
292 Cases of, Karl and Silvio von Ruck-
306, Nov.

Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Leucocytic Picture
in, Solis-Cohen and Strickler-8, Nov.
Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Prevention and
Treatment of, J. B. Huber-214, Nov.
Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Secondary Infec-
tion in, Recovery of Streptococcus and

Anesthesia by Intratracheal Insufflation, Ad-
vances in Technic-Nitrous Oxide as the
Anesthetic, Cotton and Boothby-300, Nov.
Anesthesia Don'ts, J. E. Lumbard-202, Nov.


Pneumococcus from the Blood, R. T. Pettit
-155, Nov.
Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Treatment of, F. S.
Meara-298, Nov.

Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Treatment of by
Artificial Pneumothorax, M. E. Lapham-
298, Nov.
Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Treatment of by
Artificial Pneumothorax, H. Rhodes-66,
Oct. 28.
Tuberculous lesion, Healed, from a Life In-
surance Standpoint, G. W. Parker-202,
Nov. 4.

Typhoid Bacillus Carrier, Recovery of a Dur-
ing Vaccine Treatment, Brem and Watson
-40, Nov.


Anesthesia, Ether, Value of Posture in Avoid-

ing Vomiting after, G. Chandler-300, Nov.
Anesthesia, Nitrous Oxide in Adenoid and
Tonsil Operations, C. A. Gundelach-141,

Anesthesia, with Special Referrence to Nitrous
Oxide and Its Sequences, W. H. Allen-
147, Nov. II.

Typhoid Fever, Rapid Method of Inoculation
Against, Method of Administration in 35,-
000 Injections, Nelson and Hall-147, Nov.

Anesthetics, Rebreathing in Administration of,
W. D. Gatch-147, Nov. 11.
Anesthetist, The, as a member of the Surgi-
cal Team, T. W. Gillespie-136, Nov.
Aneurysm, Abdominal Operation for, with 2
Cases, W. I. deC. Wheeler-66, Oct. 28.
Aneurysm of Subclavian Artery, Surgical
Treatment of, Rubritius-56, lxxvi, 1.

Appendicitis, Bacteriologic and Experimental
Research into Etiology of, Heyde-56, 1xxvi,


Appendicitis, Factors in Present Mortality of,
J. M. Wainwright—300, Nov.
Appendicitis without Physical Signs, H. J.
Paterson-66, Oct. 28.

Appendix, Absence of, G. F. Shiels-147, Nov.


Appendix Diverticula and Perityphlitis, Zon-
dek--57, Oct. 30.

Arthroplasty, a Report on, Hinz-101, Nov.

Bile-ducts, Congenital Obliteration of, How-
ard and Wolbach-40, Nov.

Bismuth Vaselin Paste in Treatment of
Chronic Sinuses, DeF. P. Willard-306,

Blastomycosis, Fatal Case of, Shepherd and
Rhea-150, Nov.

Blood Vessels, End-to-End Anastomosis of,
G. J. Winthrop-248, Nov.

Brain Abscess, Surgery of, Butzengeiger-227,
Nov. 14.

Brain Surgery, Technic in, R. Earl-293, Nov.
Breast, Infarct of, Gruber-227, Oct. 31.
Cancer, Factor of Commonness in Diagnosis
of, W. Gordon-66, Nov. II.

Cancer, Gilman Coca Vaccine Emulsion
Treatment of, E. H. Risley-61, Nov. 23.
Cancer, Hemolytic Skin Test for, L. M. War-
field-40, Nov.

Cancer, Neoformans Vaccine in Treatment of,
A. Potter-202, Nov. 25.
Cancer, Routine Post-operative Roentgeniza-
tion in, C. E. Skinner-232, Nov. 4.

Cancer, Treatment of, Czerny-101, Nov. 2.
Cancerous Growths, How Traumatisms Cause,
L. B. Couch-233, Nov.

Catgut Sterilization, W. H. Hutchings-29,

Cholangitis, Naunyn-101, Nov. 2.
Cleft Palate, 81 Cases of Treated by Opera-
tion: with Results, J. Berry-66, Oct. 28.
Cleft Palate, Operation for, After Infancy,
L. Emerson-158, Nov.
Colotomy and Misconceptions of Its Results,
P. Daniel--184, Nov. 18.

Common Duct, Surgery of, J. B. Deaver—
202, Nov. 4.

Copenhagen Institution for Cripples; Its His-
tory, Work and Results-D. C. McMurtrie
-61, Nov. 23.

Destrophia Adeposo-genitalis in new growths
of the Hypophysical Region from practical
Standpoint, Pick-101, Nov. 2; Nov. 9.
Enterospasm, Case Cured by Enterostomy,
Kieselbach-56, lxxvi, 1.

Ether, Drop Method of Administering, H. A.
Lucas-202, Nov. 25.

Fistula in Ano, Cure of without Injury to the
Sphincters-K. A. J. Mackenzie-238, Nov.
Foreign Bodies in the Extremities, Transil-
lumination to Locate, M. H. Kahn-202,
Nov. 4.

Fracture Dislocation of Axis, F. L. Carson-
29, Nov.

Fracture of Carpal Scaphoid, Treatment for
Operation, A. MacLennan-66, Oct. 28.
Fracture, Subperiosteal Irreducible of Fore-
arm, Müller-56, lxxvi, I.

Fractures, Badly United, Operative Treatment
of, W. A. Lane-184, Nov. 4.
Fractures, Impacted through and Near Femo-

ral Neck, V. Z. Cope-29, Nov.
Fractures, Natural Repair of as Seen in Skele-
tons of Anthropoid Apes, W. L. H. Duck-
worth-148, xlvi, 1.
Fractures of Pelvis, Surgical Treatment of,
D. A. K. Steele-300, Nov.

[blocks in formation]

Intestinal Obstruction Caused by Gall-stones,
E. Owen-184, Nov. 11.
Intestine, Extensive Removals of, D. Whitall
--29, Nov.

Intestine, Large, Roentgen Examination of
Stenosis of; Early Diagnosis of Intestinal
Carcinoma, Haenisch-227, Nov. 7.
Intestine, Small, Congenital Mucoid Multi-
cystic Tumor of, Longyear-9, Nov.
Intestine, Unusual Foreign Body in, E. H.
Moss-147, Nov. 25.

Intestines, Perforation of Due to Tuberculous
Ulceration, J. M. Cruice-8, Nov.
Intestines, Treatment of Certain Obstructive
bends in due to Abnormal Mesenteric At-
tachment and Inadequate Parietal Support,
F. H. Martin-147, Nov. II.
Intratracheal Insufflation, Continuous in Intra-
thoracic Operations, with Description of an
Apparatus, H. Fischer-300, Nov.
Intussusception, Ileocolic, due to Adenoma in
a Child of 5, Resection; Recovery, M. S.
Kakals-12, Nov.

Iodine, Inquiry into Sterilization of Skin by,
C. Leedham-Green—66, Oct. 28.
Knee-joint, Bone Plates and Clamps in Ex-
cisions of, L. A. O. Goddu-61, Nov. 16.
Linitis Plastica, H. M. Lyle-29, Nov.
Lipectomy, Abdominal, 2 cases, W. F. Shal-
lenberger-70, Nov.

Lymphadenoma with Relapsing Pyrexia, A.
S. MacNalty-181, v. 17.

Mammary Glands, Adiposity of, Guthrie and
Albert-147, Nov. II.

Mesenteric Glands, Tuberculous, and Abdo-

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