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Gonococcus Infection, General, Case, Chol-
zow-339, v, 12.
Gonorrheal Rheumatism, W. Murrell-261,

Graves' Disease, Surgical Aspects of, G. W.
Crile-12, Jan.

Hare Lip and Cleft Palate; 3 Cases in One
Family, A. T. Hawes-232, Jan. 27.
Hare Lip, Treatment of, T. W. Brophy-
300, Jan.

Heart, Wounds of, Ranzi-322, Dec. 14.
Hernia, Epigastric, A Cause of Chronic
Diarrhea, F. Cobb-29, Jan.
Hernia, Inguinal, Management of in Child-
hood, W. F. Campbell-202, Jan. 20.
Hernia Properitonealis Vesicalis, Hanasie-
wicz-322, Dec. 14.

Hernia, Richter's, C. S. White-300, Jan. Hernia, Strangulated Femoral, J. Douglas -147, Jan. 20.

Hodgkin's Disease and Sarcoma of Cervical Glands, Surgical Pathology of 43 Cases, J. M. Blackford-300, Jan. Intestine, small, X-ray Diagnosis of, Stenosis of, Novac, 322, Dec. 28. Intussusception, Case Complicated by Volvulus, C. S. Lawrence-147, Jan. 6. Iodine Methods of Skin Sterilization, History of, J. E. Cannaday-9, Jan. Jejunal and Gastro-jejunal Ulcers, A. W. Mayo-Robson-66, Jan. 6.

Joint Disease, Tuberculous in Children, Surgical Interference in, A. H. Tubby184, Jan. 6.

Joint Contractures, Polyarticular, Muscles as Cause of, Jansen-34, xevi, 3. Joints, Loose, Intra-articular Silk Ligaments for Fixation of in Residual Paralysis or Anterior Poliomyelitis, Bartow and Plummer-67, Jan. Knee Affections, Tubercular, Operative Measures for, H. W. Marshall-61, Jan. II.

Madelung's Deformity of the Corpus,
Springer-337, xxix, 1 and 2.
Nail Extension, the History of, Steinmann
-337, xxix, I and 2.
Operative Technic, Failures in which make
for Success or Failure, W. B. Chase-
9, Jan.

Osteitis Deformans, Paget's, R. Lyons-
141, Jan.
Osteoarthritis Coxae Juvenilis Duplex,
Wolfsohn and Brandenstein-34, xcvi, 3.
Pancreatitis, Acute, Surgical Treatment of,

W. Körte-29, Jan.

Pericolitis, Membranous, Surgical Aspects of, L. S. Pilcher-29, Jan. Peritonitis, General Suppurative, Post-Op. erative Treatment of, A. Judd-202, Jan. 6.

Phenol Gangrene, Case, F. Buckmaster147, Jan. 13. Post-operative Complications, Causes of and Early Voluntary Movements with Avoidance of Usual Confinement to Bed as a Means of Combating Them, W. F. Burrows-158, Jan.

Pylorus, Infantile Hypertrophic Stenosis of Based on 7 Operated Cases, F. E. Bunts-8, Jan.

Railway Injuries and their Treatment, C. W. Doughtie-317, Jan. 1. Septicemia, Sporotrichosic, Case, Hodara and Fuad Bey-31, cx, 3. Sigmoid, Acute Angulation and Flexure of, a Causative Factor in Epilepsy, with Special Reference to Treatment, W. H. Axtell-12, Jan. Sphygmomanometer, test of During Surgical Operations, H. K. Thoms-300, Jan. Sprain-fracture, a Study of, Ross and Stewart-29, Jan.

Stomach, Surgical Treatment of Benign Diseases of, Burk-56, lxxvi, 3.

Struma, Epithelial, Further Reports on, Langhans-316, Dec. 7.

Surgeons of North America, Clinical Progress of, Lanphear-5, Jan.

Surgery, Relation of to Medicine, F. B. Tibbals-161, Jan.

Surgical Knife, A, on the Safety Razor Principle, F. H. Lahey-300, Jan. Surgical Progress, Recent, S. M. Mason319, Jan.

Syndactyly, Rare Case of, Miyata-337, xxix, I and 2.

Talus Operations, Late Results of, Especially Ogston's Operation in Congenital Clubfoot, Zander-337, xxix, I and 2. Tendons and Ligaments, Artificial, of Silk in Surgical Treatment of Paralyses, H. Allison-12, Jan.

Tendons, Retracted, Rolling down of, Following Accidental Division, A. C. Strachauer-162, Jan. 1.

Thigh, Deep Penetration of by a Crochet
Needle, F. Griffith-232, Jan. 13.
Thorax, Treatment of Stab Wounds of,
Lawrow-56, lxxvi, 3.

Thymus, Enlargement of-A Remarkable Thyroid, Diseases of, C. H. Mayo-161, Case, A. M. Kennedy-126, Jan.


Torticollis or Wry-neck, A. H. Tubby-
261, Jan.
Tuberculosis, Surgical, General Considera-
tions in Treatment of with Tuberculin,
N. K. Macleod-234, Jan.
Tuberculosis, Surgical, Treatment of, J. A.
Macleod-234, Jan.
Tuberculosis, Surgical, Treatment of in
Children, Leg. Kerr-203, Jan.

Tuberculosis Adenitis, Treatment of, 56
Cases from the Tuberculin Department
of Mass. General Hospital and Private
Practice, J. B. Hawes 2d-61, Jan. 18.
Ulcers, A New Cell Proliferant in Treat-
ment of, C. J. Macalister-66, Jan. 6.
Upper Extremity, Universal Extension for,
Haun-337, xxix, 1 and 2.
Varicocele, Lymphatic, F. C. Madden-184,
Jan. 6.


Abdominal Incision, An Ideal for Pelvic
Surgery in the Female, C. G. Child, Jr.
147, Jan. 13.

Aseptic or Antiseptic Hands in Obstetric
Practice? which and why? D. H. Stewart
-9, Jan.

Cervix, Acute Edema of in Pregnancy, with
Case, C. E. Paddock-300, Jan.
Cesarean Section, Indications and Technic,
29 Cases, T. M. Burns-147, Jan. 13.
Cesarean Section, Technic, with Report of
II Cases, E. M. Prince-300, Jan.
Dudley's Operation for Dysmenorrhea and
Sterility, 73 Cases of, Brickner-9, Jan.
Ectopic Gestation, Significance of De-
layed Operation in, E. Marvel-9, Jan.
Endometritis, Pathology of, Albrecht-223,
xxxiv, 4.

Esthiomène After Carcinoma of Rectum,
Muller-330, Ixix, 3.
Gastrocolic Displacements, Relation of to
Intrapelvic Conditions in Women, Reed
-9, Jan.

Gynecologist, General Practitioner as a.
Candler-5, Jan.

Hematoma, Post Partal, of Anterior Lip
of os Uteri, Koch-330, lxix, 3.
Hydrops Foetalis Universalis, Etiology of,
Fischer-330, lxix, 3.

Kraurosis Vulvae, C. F. Kivlin—232, Jan.


[blocks in formation]

Varicose Ulcers, Treatment of, Fischer-
97, Dec.
Wounds, Treatment of, with Reference to
Tetanus Prophylaxis, Berghausen and
Howard-147, Jan. 13.

Wrist Drop and Allied Conditions, Opera-
tion for, Relief of, Davis and Finley-
300, Jan.

X-ray Localization of Foreign Bodies;
New Method Based on Displacement of
Shadows, J. E. Blake—234, Jan.

[blocks in formation]

Puerperal Fever, Study of and Deductions
from, 50 Cases of, H. M. Stowe-300,
Puerperal Infection, T. J. Walkins-300,

Puerperal Septicemia, Treatment of with
Vaccines, A. Hawkyard-66, Jan. 6.
Roentgenologic Examination of Pregnant
Uterus, P. M. Hickey-161, Jan.
Tentorium, Tearing of the During Labor,
Pott-330, Ixix, 3.

Toxemias of Pregnancy, S. H. Blodgett
202, Jan. 13.

Tubes, Pregnant, Cause of Rupture of,
Kiutsi-32, xcv, 2.

Umbilical Cord, Alterations in Syphilis,
Dominici-316, Dec. 7.
Urethroscope, Female, Modification
Skene's, E. Garceau-300, Jan.
Urinary Toxicity in Pregnancy, Franz-
322, Dec. 21.

Uterine Cancer, Its Early Recognition by
General Practitioner, J. C. Murphy-12,

Uterine Cancer, Thermocautery and Rad-
ium as Palliative Measures in, W. B.
Chase-234, Jan.
Uterine Myomata, Two Unusual Cases of,
A. Stein-232, Jan. 20.
Uterine Segment, The Inferior, Report on,
Gräsel-330, lxix, 3.

Uterus and Adnexa, Recognition and Treat-
ment of Gonorrheal Infection of, W. E.
Ashton-306, Jan.

Uterus, Cancer of, Practical Aspects of Di-
agnosis and Treatment, A. W. Russell
-126, Jan.

Uterine Musculature,


Experimental Re-
search on Electric Irritability of, Rüb-
samen and Danziger-330, lxix, 3.

Uterus Musculature, Report on Fat-tissue
Changes in, Ehrmann-330, lxix, 3.
Uterus, Prolapse of, Knipe-9, Jan.
Uterus, Rupture of, 8 Cases, with 3 Treated
Successfully by Operation, G. Blacker-
184, Jan. 13.

Uterus, Significance of Creatin in the

Anaphylaxis in its Relation to Pediatric Practice, Pisek and Pease-61, Jan. 25. Atypical Boys, Physical Activities in Treatment of, G. Meylan-9, Jan. Backward vs. Feeble-minded Child, M. P. E. Groszmann-9, Jan.




Dec. 4. Cerebral Hemorrhage, 2 Cases in Newborn Relieved by Operation, C. C. Simmons-61, Jan. 11. Cretinism, Contact Infection in, Flinker322, Dec. 21.

Cystitis in Infant Boys, Etiology of, Rach
and von Reuss-143, Dec. 4.
Diarrheas of Children, Albumin Milk in,
H. Heimann-42, Dec.
Diarrheas, Summer, in Infants and Young
Children, M. J. Synnott-42, Dec.
Digestion of Infancy, Status of Carbohy-
drates in, D. J. Levy-161, Jan.
Diphtheria, W. W. Harper-298, Jan.
Diphtheria, Nasal, C. F. Burrows-234,


Diphtheria, Phlegmonous and its Treatment, Blumenau-86, Dec.

Diphtheria, Practical Points in Diagnosis and Treatment of, Based on 400 Cases, A. Levinson-202, Jan. 6.

Empyema, Acute Pleural in Children, Drainage of, S. W. Kelley-12, Jan. Etiological Factors in Exceptional Children and Their Prevention, M. Neustaedter-9, Jan.

Exceptional Children, Clinical Studies of, E. B. McCready-9, Jan.

Hygiene and Diseases of the Nursing In-
fant, Education of the Physician and
Post-graduate Study in, H. Koplik—147,
Jan. 13.

Infant Feeding Au Naturel, S. Delano—
61, Jan. 11.
Infant Feeding, Modern Problems in, .
H. L. K. Shaw-2, Jan.

Metabolism of the, Gusikoff-32, xcv, 2.

Adiposis, Pituitary Syndrome of Lannois with Narcoleptic Fits without Genitourinary Symptoms, Williams and Dunlop-147, Jan. 13.

Anemia, Pernicious, Causing Spinal Cord Conditions and a Mental State Resem


Uterus, Subinvolution of, J. A. Caldwell214, Jan.

Vagina, Adenocarcinoma of, Hirsch-330, lxix, 3.

Vagina, Primary Cancer of, with Case, J. T. Moore-304, Jan.


Infant Feeding, Practical Points in, H. W. Burnet-203, Jan.

Juvenile Delinquency, Progressive Methods of Dealing with, N. E. Neelen-9, Jan. Laryngitis, Catarrhal, Requiring Intubation, J. T. Allom-42, Dec.

Leucemia in Childhood, N. F. Cheney-8, Jan.


Metabolism, The, of an Artificially Fed
Child, Niemann-143, Dec. 4.
Myelo-cystocele, Spina Bifida


H. B. Sheffield-202, Jan. 6. Nose, Throat and Ear as a Factor in Exceptional Development, O. Glogau-9, Jan.

Pleural Cavity, Drainage Tube in, F. Huber-42, Dec.

Poisoning, Belladonna, Case in Child of 7 Years, R. E. Coughlin-232, Jan. 27. Pyloric Obstruction, Congenital, Diagnosis and Treatment of, H. Lowenburg—232, Jan. 20.

Pyloric Obstruction in Infants with Muscular Hypertrophy at the Pylorus, Lewitt and Porter-147, Jan. 27. Rheumatism in Children, A. M. Gossage

[blocks in formation]

bling Paresis, C. D. Camp-202, Jan. 27. Central Nervous System, A Positive Was

sermann Reaction in 2 Cases of Nonspecific Tumor of, L. Newmark-147, Jan. 6.

Cerebellar Abscess, Case with Isolation of
Micrococcus Cereus Albus, H. T. Kars-
ner-157, Dec.

Cerebellar Diseases, Congenital, with Re-
port on Cerebellar Development, Vogt-
37. xlix, 1.

Cerebellar Tumors, Bregman and Krukow-
ski-103, xlii, 5 and 6.

Cerebral Paralysis with Intact Pyramidal
Tracts, Hoestermann-37, xlix, I.
Children with Spinal and Cerebral Palsies,
The Future of, Stern-144, xxxii, 3.
Chordoma, Malignant, Involving Brain and
Cord, Jelliffe and Larkin-164, Jan.
Constitutional Inferiority and its Psy-
choses, C. P. Oberndorff-147, Jan. 27.
Convulsive Movements of Face, Their Dif-
ferential Diagnosis, Effect of Alcoholic
Injections, A. Gordon-147, Jan. 13.
Criminality and Morphinism, T. D. Croth-
ers-232, Jan. 27.
Dreams, Freud's Theory of, H. W. Frink
-14, Dec.

Epilepsy, Idiopathic, Curability of, with
Report of 29 Cures, L. P. Clark-40, Jan.
Freud's Apprehension Neurosis, S. Tan-
nenbaum-14, Dec.

Freud's Psychoanalytic Method and its
Evolution, J. J. Putnam-61, Jan. 25.
Freud's Theory of Compulsion Neurosis,

A. A. Brill-14, Dec.
Functional Neuroses,

Training Camp
Method in Treatment of, T. J. Orbison
-147, Jan. 13.

Genius-Is it a Sport, a Neurosis or a
Child Potentiality Developed? J. G.
Kiernan-3, Nov.
Hematomyelia, Gerhardt-103, xlii, 5 and


Heredity, Studies in-Inbreeding, F. H.
Wines-3, Nov.

Infantilism in Pituitary Disease, A. W.
Hewlett-40, Jan.

Insanity, Value of Early Diagnosis of,
J. R. Bloss—319, Jan.

Juvenile Delinquency, Neurotic Bases of,
with a Study of Cases, P. K. Brown—
147, Jan. 20.

Leptomeningis, two Cases of Malignant
Metastases in, Löhe-316, Dec. 7.
Manic-depressive Psychosis and Dementia
Precox, Differential Diagnosis Between,
A. Gordon-164, Jan.

Migraine, Uric Acid Excretion in, A. C.
Croftan-141, Jan.

Moral Imbecile, The Career of a, M. W.
Barr-3, Nov.

Musical Memory, The and its Derange-
ments, J. L. Corning-202, Jan. 13.
Neuralgia, Trifacial, Technic and Results

of Deep Injections of Alcohol for, H. T.
Patrick-147, Jan. 20.

Paresis, J. W. Stevens-298, Jan.
Pellagra, Kozowsky-37, xlix, I.
Pellagra and the Psychoses, A. Gregor-
3, Nov.

Pineal Body, Tumors of, Bailey and Jel-
liffe-40, Dec.

Poliomyelitis, Acute, in California, F. F.
Gundrum-147, Jan. 27.

Poliomyelitis, Acute in Iowa, W. L. Bier-
ring-141, Jan.

Pons Tumors, Dissociated Paralyses in; the
Central Tracts of the Sensory Trige-
minus, Economo-144, xxxii, 3.
Posterior Spinal Nerve-roots, Section of
for Gastric Crises and Athetoid and
Choreiform Movements, 2 Cases, Win-
slow and Spear-147, Jan. 27.
Phycho-analysis and Related Subjects,
Routine Practice of, B. Rosenbluth-14,

Psychiatric Disorders, Statistics and Symp-
tomatology of Especially Katatonia and
Imbecility and their Forensic Signifi-
cance, Auer-37, xlix, 1.

Psychoses and Brain Weight, Scharpff—
37, xlix, 1.

Psychoses, Postoperative


Prevention of, H. P. Cole-147, Jan. 13.
Pyramidal Tract, Primary Degeneration of,
A. Gordon-232, Jan. 6.
Rabies, Hysterical, T. A. Williams-232,
Jan. 20.
Rheumatism, Cerebral, C. Coombs-261,

Sciatica, Treatment of by Intraneural In-
jections of Saline Solution, A. G. Hay-
261, Jan.

Scoliosis, Hysteric, Atrophy in Cerebral
Hemiplegia; Median Nerve Injury,

Fuchs-144, xxxii, 3.

Sensory Disturbances from Cerebral Le-
sions, H. Head-184, Jan. 6, Jan. 13.
Sexual Perversion, Psychiatric Causation
of, Raecke-37, xlix, 1.

Spastic Paraplegia, Report on the 7th Case
of in a Family, with the 3d Autopsy,
Newmark-103, xlii, 5 and 6.

Spinal Cord, Observations on Myelin in
Fascicles of Columns of, A. Breglia—3.

Tetanus, E. W. Hill-40, Dec.
Torticollis, Origin of; a Case Showing
Professional Dyskinesia, T. A. Williams
-231, Jan.

Tumor Involving Base and Substance of
Left Temporal Lobe, F. X. Dercum-
164, Jan.

Tumors of 4th Ventricle, Diagnosis of and
of Idiopathic Hydrocephalus.
xlix, I.




[blocks in formation]


Dermatitis Nodularis Necrotica, Klingmüller-32, xcv, 2.

Erythema Multiforme, Cacodylate of Soda in Treatment of, with Case, W. Cuthbertson-147, Jan. 6. Erythema Nodosum, Etiology of, Brian104, civ, 3 and 4.

Erythema Nodosum in Secondary Syphilis, Janson-97, Dec.

Foreign Body in Bladder, D. A. Sinclair -13, Jan.

Gonococcus Infection, Present Status of,
R. M. Rawls-232, Jan. 13.
Gonorrheal Complications, Treatment of
with Gonorrheal Vaccine Combined,
J. L. Boehm-306, Jan.

Hands, Acute Infections About, W. C.
Cramp-6, Jan.

Hypernephroma Latent with Solitary Me-
tastasis in the Spine, Garrow and
Keenan-202, Jan. 27.
Hypertrichosis, Its Treatment by X-ray,
S. Stern-232, Jan. 6.
Hypospadias, Treatment of, F. W. Par-
ham-231, Jan.

Kidney Diagnosis, Colloidal Silver in,
L. T. Price—6, Jan.
Kidney, Incision for Lumbar Exposure of,
W. J. Mayo-29, Jan.

Kidney, New Operation for Fixation of, F. McK. Bell-232, Jan. 20.

Kidney, Traumatic Rupture of, Michelsson-34, xcvi, 3.

Leprosy, Statistics on, Lie-32, xcv, 2. Locomotor Ataxia as it Concerns the Urologist, H. Klussman-6, Jan. Lymphogranuloma Papulosum Dissemina

tum, Nobl-32, xcv, 2.

Nevus, Vascular, Treatment of with Carbonic Acid Snow, Friedlander-97, Dec. Nephrectomy, Acidosis Following, J. B. Squier-202, Jan. 6. Nephrectomy and Ureteral Ligation, Bilateral, Study of Blood and Feces Before

and After, and of the Urine Secreted after Reimplantation of the Ureters, Jackson and Saiki—40, Jan. Nephropexy, Necessity and Technic, J. H. Carstens-12, Jan. Nephroptosis, Personal, Experiences of, W. Billington-136, Jan. Pemphigus, Joseph-31, cx, 3.

Pemphigus Vegetans, Case Treated by Vaccines, G. Pernet-32, xcv, 2. Phosphaturia and Oxaluria, F. E. Sondern --13, Jan.

Prostate, Hypertrophied, Case, F. R. Charlton-13, Jan.

Prostatectomy, Indications for and Advantages of Suprapubic Method, J. A. Gardner-232, Jan. 20.

Prostatectomy, Suprapubic, Technic and Results of, Cholzow-113, Dec. Prostatectomy, Suprapubic, with Method of Control of Post-operative Hemorrhage, L. Freeman-300, Jan.

Prostatic Dysuria, Choice of Operation for Relief of, P. M. Pilcher-161, Jan. Prostatic Obstruction, Treatment of, E. O. Smith-12, Jan.

Renal and Ureteral Calculi, Sources of Er

ror in Diagnosis of, H. Cabot-13, Jan. Renal Colic, Its Causes, A. H. Levings-5, Jan.

Renal Tuberculosis, Early Diagnosis of and its Treatment, H. D. Lewis-6, Jan. Rheumatic Conditions, Cutaneous Affections in, J. Galloway-261, Jan. Ringworm, Eczematoid, of Extremities and Groin, Whitfield and Sabouraud—65,

Dec. Salvarsan, Action of on Syphilitic Infiltrates, Krzysztalowicz-32, xcv, 2. Salvarsan, Further Report of Cases Treated with, L. T. Price-317, Jan. 1. Salvarsan Injection, Case of Thrombosis after, Clingestein-97, Dec. Salvarsan in Yaws, H. Alston-66, Jan. 6. Salvarsan, Skin-reaction, Clinical Aspect and Histopathology of, Frieboes-97, Dec.

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