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very command to pray teaches us that He has
not fixed our destiny or doom.—He has ap-
pointed prayer as a means whereby we may ob-
tain faith and holiness unto salvation. The
earnest and presage of an everlasting reward. --
How we may obtain faith.—Upon what the
degree of our conviction especially depends.
- The sin which we must first part with.—What
is our consolation even in darkest sorrows.
Duty of looking even beyond this experience to
still greater deliverance.—Prayer for Thursday





God's gracious offer to us of a second and
holier nature, that we should not yield to the
desires which come of themselves, but those
which we have received by prayer.—The sin
unto death. The same sin followed by different
consequences. The danger of delaying our re-
pentance. The comfort of knowing that it is
not our Father's will that we should perish, but
come unto Him and be for ever blessed. The
tender remonstrance of his mercies.-Christ's
blessing of the cup of trouble to our souls.-
Supplication to God that we might be more sen-
sitive of offending Him, than we are in the

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