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good which He designs for us in time and in eternity

thee among

I said, how shall I

put the children, and give thee a goodly heritage. And I said, Thou shalt call me, my Father, and not turn away from me. Jer. ii. 19.



O most gracious and Almighty God, who hast watched over when I could neither watch nor pray, and brought me safely to the light of another day, I solemnly here again dedicate my soul and body to thy service, humbly intreating Thee that Thou wouldst take them into thy keeping, and preserve them unto everlasting life. Hear my prayer, O Lord, which cometh not out of feigned lips. Let this beginning of the week be also to me the beginning of a more serious and religious life: and whereinsoever I have offended Thee in word, or will, or deed, give me, I beseech Thee, thine especial grace, that I may most truly repent of the same; that I may acceptably serve Thee in those duties which I have before left undone, and amend all things which I have done amiss; and to this end give me those new and heavenly dispositions, which I require to help me in my great weakness and frailty. Bestow upon me

a tender and gentle spirit, to subdue all envy and resentments, and a knowledge of my own undeserving. Keep me from repining at any change or condition of my life, and vouchsafe me such a desire of thy favour and love, and

such an entire submission to thy wisdom, as may prevent me from discontented wishes. Grant that I may count nothing so dear unto me, as that thy providence may help me forward in the right way that leadeth unto everlasting salvation. Teach me this day to take heed unto myself, lest my heart be at any time overcharged with surfeiting, and the inordinate cares of this life. Help me to have my conversation without covetousness, and to be content with such things as I have.

Enable me to possess my body with sanctification and honour, and with a pure heart and mind, to keep myself unspotted from the world.

I know that Thou art a just God in all thy judgments, and none more worthy to receive punishment and affliction than myself: but for my


Saviour, Jesus Christ's sake, spare me, and be not angry with me for

Let not my past sins stand between me and thy grace


mercy. Make a way for me to escape,

O Lord, when I am tempted to fall into them again, and let me no more be accustomed to do


evil. Direct my heart and mind to bear patiently any trouble thou mayest so deservedly lay upon me, and meekly to receive thine innumerable blessings ; show me that Thou hast heard me; do with me what Thou wilt, and dispose all things that befall me for good, and for thy glory.

O Lord, who seest into my soul, and knowest my faith, yet being imperfect, I beseech Thee help my unbelief, increase my dependence upon my Saviour's merits, and my trust in the power of his grace unto


Grant that I may daily be more conformed to his image, in temper and disposition.

Give me a fervent thirst and desire after righteousness, and let that desire be fulfilled more and more every day. Thou hast given me a heart and a will, to order the same: Lord, I give it back again into thy hands, and pray Thee to direct and rule my heart all my

life. Keep me, if it be thy will, from accident, danger, sickness, and distress; draw me out of the world, that I may be enabled frequently to lift up my heart to Thee in the midst of my employments, and watch, that I may never wholly lose the

of thy presence, nor think that I am forgotten of Thee.

Have mercy on all whom Thou


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