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These are the words of “the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him." Deut. vii. 9.


to fulfil

I know that God's truth is engaged every

conditional promise to me, if I fulfil the condition as certainly as if that promise were made to me from all eternity ; and especially that He will give me his Holy Spirit in answer to my prayers.

May that blessed Spirit suggest to me such petitions as shall be acceptable, O Lord, to Thee. Teach me the confessions I should make before Thee, and supply in me the want of words by fervent and earnest desires of thy grace and succour, and quicken me to everlasting life in Christ Jesus. O God, send forth thy Spirit into my heart, that I may cry, Abba, Father. And as a tender and most merciful Father, be Thou always by me, that, beholding thy face, I may be changed from glory to glory. In my constant and daily converse with Thee here on earth, give me some likeness of thy spotless holiness.

Keep me from evil, O Lord, this night and evermore, for Jesus' sake. The


of God, which passeth all understanding, keep my

heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

PRAYER FOR SUNDAY NIGHT. O God, unto whom all hearts are open, who canst not be deceived by any words that I may speak unto Thee, I bless thy holy name for the rest Thou hast given me from all my cares, and for preserving me from those sins into which I have so often fallen in the temptations and employments of the world. I adore Thee that I have this day had time for prayer and meditation, and for hearing and reading thy blessed word. bless Thee for every precept and promise which I have been enabled to apply to my own soul, for the increase of my faith in thy dear Son Jesus Christ, and for the sincere purposes thy grace hath wrought in me of strict and true repentance for the time to come. O let not these holy resolutions fail through my vain confidence in myself, nor through a neglect of prayer for thy continual

Let me make haste, and prolong not the time to amend my past most sinful life. Make no long tarrying of thy gracious help and comfort. Haste Thee to help me, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.

I do indeed heartily thank Thee,


O God, for my election in Christ unto the knowledge of the truths of thy holy Gospel, and for the means of grace and salvation Thou hast provided for me, even from the foundation of the world. Grant that I may do thy will, O my Father which art in heaven, and embrace and ever hold fast this blessed hope of everlasting life, and make my calling and election sure. I adore Thee for my creation unto such infinite mercies as Thou hast already bestowed upon me, and for my redemption from sin, and all hurtful things, and from everlasting

ng death, by Jesus Christ, my Saviour. Make me duly thankful, Lord, that Thou callest me to thyself, by thy word and daily providence, and that Thou hast so faithfully and continually preserved me from the evils I have merited at

thy hand, and hast sanctified me to think of Thee, and love Thee, and pray to Thee from my heart.

Let the good seed of thy word bring forth in me abundantly; that not being a forgetful hearer, but a doer of thy work, I may be blessed in my deed; knowing that otherwise I shall not be blessed in my prayers ; that as I have received how I ought to walk and please Thee, so I may abound more and more.

Grant me sweet and refreshing sleep, that I may be renewed to all my heavenly and my earthly duties; and when I awake, awaken in my heart the fervent desire that I now have to thy glory, that the words of my Saviour


abide in me, and I in Him, daily and evermore. Keep me this night in safety, and grant, good Lord, that my body may sleep, and

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