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Blessed Jesus, who hast taught me that none came unto Thee except it be given him of the Father, I beseech Thee to pray the Father that He may send into my heart that Comforter which shall guide me into all truth, and bring me in my right mind to receive of thy grace, and obtain pardon, and mercy through thy holy intercession. Now and ever vouchsafe to hear me. Graciously hear me, O Lord Christ.


O God, who knowest that I would love Thee, and how much I fear thy just displeasure, sanctify me in spirit, soul, and body, that I may not be disquieted by vain thoughts when I lift up my hands in thy sanctuary, and come into thy courts with praise. Pour upon me the spirit of grace and supplication, and let me offer no more a vain oblation, but wash me in that fountain which is open for all sin, that I my learn to do well, and serve and glorify Thee all my life to come. Thou knowest that my sins are too strong for me: but they are in thy power; Thou canst say unto them, ye shall come no further. Oh that Thou wouldest rend the heavens and come down, and scatter every sinful remembrance and desire that is so hard to depart from me. Correct and chasten in me, O Lord, all that doth offend ; lift up my hands, and strengthen the feeble knees : teach me to take heed how I hear, in a full assurance of the truth of thy gracious promises, and an entire devotion to thy holy will; forget me not in thine anger, when I remember Thee and all thy goodness; and give me not up, O Lord, but surely have mercy upon me, and accept the prayer of my evening sacrifice, through my only Mediator and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.


O God, who best knowest all my wants and weakness, for thy dear Son's sake, accept my unworthy prayers. The lower I have fallen, make me the more truly penitent, and forgive me all my sins; and for thy mercy's sake lift up my soul to praise Thee, that the words of my mouth and the desire of my heart

may be acceptable in thy sight, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Merciful Father, forgive me every wandering of my heart, and my want of fervency in these my supplications and prayers.

Let thy wisdom and mercy supply that good which I have not asked ; and whatsoever


and comfort I have asked faithfully, to my eternal salvation, vouchsafe to give me, through the worthiness of thy Son, my Saviour, Jesus Christ.




If we seem to have sanctified the Sabbath, but without any delight, it will come to nothing; for the holy Scriptures lay as much stress upon our delight in God's service as upon our duty in serving Him; and it is impossible to enter devoutly upon our spiritual duties without some joy, as well as awe and trembling. How blessed is even that fear which flows from a sense of the holiness of God, and the feeling of a frame entirely devoted to his worship, when we bless Him for his great glory.


The holy apostle has taught us, that with the heart man believeth unto righteousness. Has my heart been affected with sorrow for my past sins, with joy in the hope that I may be forgiven for Christ's sake, and enabled to repent through the conviction that I have of God's mercy and love to all who will walk righteously in this present world?

Can I say that the Lord has this

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