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lives crucify Thee afresh, nor lose the benefit of thy death.

We thank Thee for the soothing consolation, that our Judge will be our Redeemer : one that is touched with the feeling of our infirmities, and who knowing the infirmity of our nature, will not be extreme to mark what is done amiss.

O Thou ! who art our Mediator, intercede for us with the Father, that we may obtain forgiveness of our sins, and at the end everlasting life.

Hear us, O our merciful High Priest, who hast given thyself as a spotless sacrifice, to make atonement for our sins ; and grant, О most merciful Redeemer, that through thy merits, and for thy sake, we may obtain those mercies which but for Thee we could not expect.

In all distresses and temptations, in the hour of death, and at the great day of judgment, remember, succour, assist, support, and deliver us, Al. mighty Saviour. Amen.



[From Willymott's Devotions.]

O Almighty and all-wise God, the Creator and Disposer of all things; from Thee I have my being, and of thy fulness I have all that I possess and enjoy. O God, grant that I may always adore and reverence Thee, as the supreme object of my love, my fear, my hope, and my trust; and that I


render Thee all those religious and devout affections, which are due to Thee, my Helper and my most compassionate Redeemer.

Whatever Thou pleasest, that Thou dost in heaven and earth; from Thee cometh every good and perfect gift, neither is there any evil that cometh that Thou hast not appointed: Thou makest poor and makest rich; Thou bringest low and liftest up; grant therefore that I


acknowledge and adore thy goodness and providence in every thing that befalls me, out of a firm persuasion of thy infinite wisdom and goodness.

Grant me full contentment of mind in that state wherein Thou hast been pleased to place me, and humility to acquiesce in thy disposal of me, and grace faithfully to discharge those duties it requires of

Grant me patience under all losses and disappointments, and re


move all repinings and envy

far from



O God, I am thy creature, reconciled unto Thee in Christ Jesus; my entire dependence is on Thee, and the atonement and means of

Thou hast provided for me. Grant, therefore, that my faith, my hope, my trust, may always be in Thee, and that I may always fear Thee and obey Thee; for then Thou hast promised Thou wilt never leave or forsake me. I will, therefore, take no anxious thought for my life, what I shall eat, or what I shall drink, or wherewithal I shall be clothed; seeing Thou knowest I have need of all these things, which shall be added unto me, out of thy great bounty. Nor will I be dismayed at any calamity Thou in



thy wise providence shalt order for me, seeing all things shall work together for good to them that love and fear Thee.

Take from me all sorrow that the love of worldly things may at any time raise in me, from

my unsuccessful hopes and designs in this world, or from

evil or calamity. Let me not wish for health and life, but with the prospect of spending them in Thee, with Thee, and for thy glory. I pray not that Thou wouldest give me either prosperity or adversity, health or sickness, life or death, but that Thou wouldest dispose of my prosperity and adversity, my health, my sickness, my life, and my death, for thy glory, and for my own eternal welfare. Thou alone knowest what is expedient for me; Thou art my Sovereign, Master, and Lord; guide


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